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Reader Q: What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party – Super Bowl XLVI Style

I love the idea of going in team colors. . . and this year we’re in luck, because the New York Giants and the New England Patriots have nearly identical color schemes of blue, red, white and gray. (Or if you’re a Patriots fan, Nautical Blue, New Century Silver–of course. Totally different. I’m sure that’s complete sacrilege. Sorry.)

Reader Question: What to Wear With Bespoke Olive Flats

Having been an English lit girl and lover of period piece cinema, I’ll just confess now that I’ve oft dreamed of hand selecting a bespoke wardrobe. . . so when ANMJ reader Valerie L. wrote in with the uncommon dilemma of styling her custom made olive green ballet flats, my ears perked right up.

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