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Date Night & Dressin' Up
Mad for Maxi Skirts

I’m mad for maxi skirts, mamas, and I’ll tell you why. What can possibly be kinder to varicose veins, lumpy knees, mummy tummies and chubby thighs (mine, not my babes’) than a crazy-long skirt? Is there a better skirt to wear to a playground? No. Is there an easier way to make your tired, frazzled person look polished while staying comfortable? Not likely. All this, and you’ll actually look current and on-trend. It really would be too much to ask for if it hadn’t just fallen in our laps.

Spring Bag Picks for Moms

Especially since having babies, I’ve become a bit of a handbag addict. Bags are the one fashion splurge I’ve always known would fit over the past four years as I’ve been pregnant, postpartum, nursing, pregnant again (whilst nursing!), postpartum, nursing, and yes, pregnant AGAIN (!).

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