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Slipper Roundup: Winter’s Hottest (and warmest) Slippers for Moms

Crackling fire: check. Hot cider and/or spiked eggnog: check. Good book to curl up with: check. Now, what’s keeping those tootsies cozy whilst you partake in all that wintery snow-day goodness? It’s time to update your slipper wardrobe, girl. You don’t want those little piggies getting caught out in the cold! Here are the seasons’ hottest slipper picks.

Post-Partum / Nursing
Dressing Your Post-Partum Pooch on The Cheap

Unless you’re Heidi Klum, in most cases, a postpartum body is a colossal disappointment. After nine long months of carrying the apple of your eye, you’re left with hips that have spread, back fat, muffin top, and usually a saggy pooch where your once-taunt belly used to be. It’s sooo unfair. With this kind of blow to your self image, the last thing you need is to be walking around in ill-fitting, unflattering garments to boot. Here are 10 budget-friendly options that can be dressed up for the office or down for play dates and will be kind to the après baby bod.

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