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It's taken me over two years as a mom to be able to say this...but I now think that one-piece swimsuits deserve a little love. The current crop of one-piece swimsuits are not only practical and flattering, they are downright hot. Hot in a wildly sexy way. And let's face it, for postpartum moms facing a looong summer, do they really have any other valid options? The postpartum jelly-belly is pretty frightening. And even if you've managed to tone down the jelly-belly, many of us just don't look like we used to. So if the thought of lounging pool-side in a bikini (while your flab hangs out with its best friend, Gravity) makes you want to run screaming....fear not.
M and I have often thought that a killer Ain't No Mom Jeans article would be a before-and-after series using real moms and swimwear. You know - get real moms to volunteer, then help them find a more flattering bathing suit. Any volunteers? See, that seems to be the problem. Not many of us (myself and M included) have any burning desire to be photographed in our swimwear, then uploaded to the web. Not even for "educational" purposes. (NOTE: If you are that brave and live in Denver, shoot us an email. We'd love to help.) Thankfully, Glamour magazine has found folks much braver than most.

How To Wear Swim Skirts

Us Moms, we love ourselves some swim skirts. I say this, because every time I'm at the pool, the moms in swim skirts are out in force. And I get the appeal. After baby, there's just a bit more cellulite, a bit of softening, a bit of droop. Yes. But swim skirts are tricky - they are hardly the panacea of mom-friendly swimwear.
Have you heard of Madewell? It's a new concept store launched by the same folks that brought us J. Crew, and is, in fact, referred to in the media as "J. Crew's sister store". From what I gather, the prices are roughly 20-30% less than J. Crew. What's the difference? Madewell is a very tightly edited collection of clothing that leans to bohemian, rather than preppy (the look J. Crew is so famous for). This tight editing makes it easy to shop (there's very little to weed through), and these forgiving bohemian silhouettes are perfect for camouflaging a multitude of post-baby body issues while remaining on-trend and hip. And the lower price point doesn't hurt, either.
My sister texted me, in a rage: "I just bought a swimsuit at Target. Size? XL!!! Who can possibly wear a small?????" My sister is not a big girl. In fact, she's pretty tiny. But places like Target (or Forever 21, or Old Navy) often end up making swimwear that is much better suited to a 23 year old body. Or for a 12 year old.
No pant has greater potential to turn totally croptacular (particularly for those of us with bums and thighs or who are vertically challenged) than the cropped pant. But done right, cropped pants are incredibly flattering and uber functional for moms.
Pre-babes, as a 5'4" (and 5/8ths!) chicky, 3-1/2"+ heels were a near-daily part of my wardrobe. I loved the colors, the patterns, the bows, the peep toes, the purposeful clickity clack of my gait and (of course) how they made my legs look, but most of all, they made me feel like I was the height I was actually born to be. . . But as a heavily pregnant soon-to-be mom, somewhere in the middle of an ice lake/parking lot in January, it occurred to me that my heel habit might in truth be a borderline form of child abuse. What if I slipped and fell on my cute round belly? What if I tripped whilst baby wearing? Or was unable to dash after my toddler due to a footwear malfunction? Thus began my slow acquiescence to flats and (gasp! so much worse!), mid-height footwear.
So. You are looking for a jean skirt that is (reasonably) mom-friendly, and less than $200. Got it. The "less than $200" part is easy - there are a million options. Finding something that's mom-friendly is a bit trickier -- I agree that running around the playground in a denim pencil skirt is...well...humph. Not even sure how to describe. Too fashion-victim? Just plain scary? I mean....you can't even climb the steps to help your kiddo down. So yeah - I think the pencil-skirt-at-playground scenario is out. Even if we rule out the denim pencil skirt, I think we have several other cool options. Here are my favorites:
Nude pumps are everywhere and we’re convinced this comely trend is here to stay for a while. We love nude pumps (and platforms and flats and sandals) because not only do they make your legs look miles long, they’re total mom-brainers (i.e., your exhausted, multitasking brain can rest assured, once you’ve selected the perfect pair, that they’ll compliment virtually anything you put on with them).
I really feel like we should be talking about summer. Writing about shorts, and flip-flops, and sunscreen. But instead, the weather in Denver has been breaking my heart. Rain, rain, and more rain (with the occasional sleet and snow thrown in) is our forecast for the next week or so. Ugh. If you've been feeling my pain, this post is for you. Here are my current favorite Spring jackets, to help you face the weather when really....we just all want Summer.