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This used to be an oxymoron, I know. But mom jewelry has come a long way from the multi-birthstone necklace or a cheesy "World's Greatest Mom" locket. There are many options for mom jewelry that are just plain cool. Here are my favorites:
Until....4 weeks after the little man was born, I found myself despairing because I had copious amounts of spit-up on my only good pair of sweat pants. The old me would have objected at the clear oxymoron: "good pair of sweatpants." But screw old me. I was sleep deprived, all other clothing rubbed painfully against my c-section scar, and at this point, walking outside was a lofty goal, with a daily shower a pipe dream. So I decided to embrace the workout-gear-as-outfit philosophy. It's comfortable, it's practical (getting out of the house is cause for celebration so one might as well go somewhere, even if it's Target), and with the vast array of cute workout clothes on the market, why not? Over a year later, I still find myself in workout gear well into the afternoon hours. I hope my husband finds uniboobs somewhat sexy. Here are my current pics for cute workout gear:
I have noticed that in the last couple of years high heel trends have shifted a bit. The bootie - which was just getting big when I was pregnant two years ago - is still here, and is influencing the stiletto. Stilettos are now serious, dominatrix looking things, straps and studs and craziness everywhere, and the resulting look is a little stronger - more sexy, less sweet. I predict that this shoe trend will continue well into fall....and this trend makes my tasteful (yet still sky high) strappy sandals look almost dowdy by comparison. Time for a seriously sexy shoe to sex up my old existing going-out outfits.
Banish all images of shapeless floral dresses and mumsy prints. The new spring florals are a little bit boho, a little bit watercolor, and are an easy way to add a little color to mom basics! Below are five great ways to wear the new spring florals.
Gwyneth Paltrow started a website called goop.com. It's pretty fantastic. Each week, she releases a new issue (you can sign up for the weekly updates here). She covers cooking, travel, workouts, what to watch, some thoughts on life, and, of course, fashion.
The question I'm struggling with...are the slouchy cropped trousers a good choice for moms? The higher waist is very mom friendly - no muffin-top potential, hides a slight pooch belly and won't irritate a c-section scar - and the bum is loose enough to high any sagginess problems. However, after careful consideration, my answer is...
Inspired, as I was, by my Victoria vacation, and the super cool rain boots I purchased for the little man....I started wondering if I too could pull off wearing rain boots.
So, I hate to admit it, but I am a total Banana Republic junkie.   But now that I am a SAHM, Banana's not always the look I am going for . . . Anyway, I just happened to find this shirt and couldn't resist.  It's the Dolman-sleeve jersey top, $59, in aubergine.  I was wearing it the other day and had to feed my little one and discovered...

Leggings? Yes!

When skinny jeans came back into style, I heard "the 80's are back!!" being trumpeted.  But for those of us who have actually LIVED through the 80's....the skinny jeans of today are a far cry from the actual 80's.  But when my little sister dragged me into Forever 21, I found myself surrounded by things like jelly bracelets, waaay too much neon, and...

Arm Warmers

I have a love-hate relationship with 3/4 length sleeves.   I love them because they are perfect for showing off an amazing cuff bracelet.  I hate them because it’s a warm day (and I would rather wear short or sleeveless) or it’s a cold day, and I’m wishing I put on a full sleeve.  But I love them again because...