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We all know this: when it rains it pours. It wouldn't be a cliche if it weren't just so dang true. Indeed, it has been a bit of a deluge at my house. So I'm feeling like I just sort of want to keep my head down and sneak out of 2010 and into 2011 nice and slow, without. . . making. . . any. . . waves. I didn't realize my mood had permeated even my fashion sensibilities until I started clipping my picks for this post and I saw that everything was black, white and gray, hence my Christmas/Holiday 2010 wish list, a collection of drool-worthy if monochromatic gift ideas for mamas.
Gang, I'm back!! Sort of. Sleep deprived, yes. Living in a fog...um, yeah...that too. But the happy mum of two adorable boys. And if that weren't enough (although it is, really)...it's the holiday season! After nine long months or pregnancy, and after too many sleepless nights, I'm in the mood to be pampered. I'll bet many of you are too. So forward this on to your gentlemen or partners to help point them in the right direction, gift-wise.
Readers, allow me to introduce our newest contributor, Madeleine!  Madeleine Burka Hill is a writer, shoe-lover, and girly-girl raising two boys with her fabulous naval aviator husband. In her spare time, she indulges her online shopping habit and practices yoga. In Dec. 2010, her husband's Navy career will take this self-proclaimed east coast girl and her family to live...
This past summer was my maxi dress summer.  For some reason, despite the long run of popularity, I had yet to invest in a maxi dress.  So last June I took the plunge.  And I'm so happy I did.  Not only were they surprisingly mom-friendly (I could chase! Carry! Bend-down! Sit in the grass and sand! Go to...
This weekend is Gap's Give and Get...which means that not only do you get 30% off, but 5% of your purchase will go to charity.  The discount applies to Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy (online and in stores). 30% off at the beginning of the holiday season?  Without dealing with a picked-over sale rack?  Nice.  This discount makes...
However...Aerie has also branched out past dormwear, and rounded out their collection with some fabulous plaid flannel shirts & tunic-style henleys (see pic at left), a few floaty tops (pooch-hiding!!) and perfectly cozy-but-stylish winter sweaters.
However, I will acknowledge, fabulous as it is...it's not exactly mom-friendly. Most of us, while going through the whole morning routine with kiddos (feeding/changing/wiping noses & hands, wrestling toddlers into pants, etc.) don't typically reach for our $800 Chloe wedge boots, or our stunning beige capes. However, now that stores are finally stocking various versions of the trends pictured in the photo (capes, lace-up boots), this look can finally be translated into mom-friendly versions.

The Short Boot Dilemma

This season, there are, by my calculations, roughly 8 billion different takes on the "short boot". For example, in the category of "lace-up boot" alone there are several different iterations: desert boots, military boots, granny boots, sneaker inspired boots - just to name a few. And moto boots? Try tough moto boots, mod moto boots, cowboy moto boots, lace-up moto boot hybrids, etc. Instead of being inspired by choice, I'm drowning in it.
Um...yes. I am obsessed with this pairing of cozy wrap sweaters and little dresses, ever since coming across the pic at left while working on our last Mom Street Style article featuring the adorable Alexis. Hmmm...let's see...short mini dress, bare legs, red lipstick...but wait! Short furry boots! Ahhh...totally mom-friendly, right?? Yeah, yeah. We can do better. With the concept of cozy wrap-sweaters and dresses in mind...there are two ways I'd translate this look into something more mom-friendly: 1. A subtly sexy date-night look that can be used for either a fairly casual date night or a serious night on the town 2. An everyday look that converts those slightly boring cotton dresses (you know - the ones we ALL buy at Old Navy or Target for like $10) into something Fall-worthy and stylish. Ready??
PA135133 I ran into Alexis (pictured at right) at a mom's group outing to Luke's Family Farm - an adorable private farm that opens up to groups and parties from time-to-time. "I love your sweater!!" I yelled out, as she caught her little man barreling down the slide. "Oh good" she said. "I had hoped it was considered an interesting sweater"...and threw me a wink. Awwww...a reader.