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Swimsuits, towels and one seriously good cooler bag.
Halfdays came out with bib overalls (yayyyy!!) & an extra-warm puffer jacket. They also expanded their colors. But I've been meaning to talk about their baselayers — some of my absolute faves.
What's new with Halfdays, and a special discount code juuuust for us.
It's full steam ahead toward winter + holiday outfits, & we have the deals covered. Warm coats, cozy loungewear & soft sweaters on sale at Nordstrom, Gap & more.
When packing for a trip, sometimes I just need to get pointed in the right direction. And while most of my packing decisions for a ski weekend are obvious (skis, boots, helmet, goggles, etc.,), nailing that breezy, effortlessly chic après ski vibe (so prevalent in ski towns), does take some actual thought. I do realize, however, that there are different...
We've been getting some questions about the cutest (and most functional) ski or snowboard gear, so here's what I've been wearing for years, as well as some new (and very exciting) pieces that I recently tried (a few of these were recently tested on the slopes as well!). I tried to include notes on the varying lengths of snowpants...
The best way to keep hiking outfits easy & cute is by starting with a pair of leggings & a trusty pair of boots. Then I top it all off with a light tee & fleece jacket.
My husband and I love hiking year-round, whether at home on our favorite trails, or discovering new ones while traveling. But there’s something extra magical about heading into the woods during fall. Fall in Michigan means the air is cooler, the changing leaves make everything glowy and golden, and honestly, it’s just more fun to dress for.  The best way I...