I’ve never been one to shy away from cheesy things like matching onesies or a homemade Christmas photobooth frame.  I mean, if there’s EVER a time to be cheese it up, it’s Christmas, am I right?? I pretty much adore any occasion that lets me embrace my inner cheeseball and, lucky for me, my husband begrudgingly goes along is usually game (I mean, within reason – he probably wouldn’t be caught dead in this onesie, but if any of YOU guys can get your hubby to wear it WE WANT PICTURES).

Depending on how much you want to commit to the cheesy matching family look, you could go all out with these matching Santa suit PJ’s for the family.  But.  If you’d rather dip your toe into the Christmas pj theme without going for the full-on matching Santa suits, then I’ve got you covered. (Not everyone looks thrilled in that photo, do they??)








Me: My sweatshirt (size small) is on sale and available in multiple colors.  I love that it’s like a hoodie without actually having the extra fabric of a hood.

My flannel pants (size medium) are still in stock and are available in lots of colors and sizes.  They’re super comfortable and wash and dry really well.

Greenlea: I loved these fair isle pjs but they’ve long sold out.  I found similar ones here and her bow is part of a set that comes with a ton of colors for about $10.

Zack: His reindeer pants (size large) are sold out, but they’re from Joe Fresh and there’s still lots of flannel pj pants in other patterns and colors in stock.  The best part?  They’re on sale for under $15.

He likes to pair the ridiculous pants with a plain t like this one . . . and likes the longer length.

Christmas Traditions

My mom bought an ornament to put in our stocking every year since my sister and I were born.  I love taking them out and revisiting all the memories they represent.  My mom would write down the year and the meaning of each ornament: a dog on a pillow for our childhood pet, Maggie, a guardian angel for my Grandma, a wolf howling at the moon for the year we went sled dog racing, a Peyton Manning figure for a dear friend we lost too soon.  She gave us our ornaments along with the cards explaining each of them when we got our own homes.  I’ve started doing this for Greenlea.  Each year we’ll open them up and talk about the fun memories they represent when we decorate our tree . . . and one day she’ll be decorating her own tree with them. (sob!)  It’s probably my favorite tradition of Christmas.  Well, that and dance parties to Jackson 5 Christmas album.  It’s a toss-up, really.













Me: These plaid flannel pj pants (size medium) are available in lots of prints and are under $20.

My v-neck tee (my favorite t-shirt ever) is also available in long sleeve or a loose crewneck.

Greenlea: Sold out, but these red bear fair isle pjs are very similar and on sale for under $15! The bow is part of a set that comes with a ton of colors for about $10.

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  1. Sienna has those Gap PJ’s that are similar to Greenlea’s and they are SO soft after washing. Some of our favorite PJ’s. This post is adorable of you all. I’m still coveting that glitter wall, too.

  2. Those Gap bear fair isle pjs are ADORABLE! And 45% off today with a code that pops up on the site- making them less than $9! Just ordered a pair for my little guy.

  3. This is a really cute post! And I love the idea of getting an ornament for the kids each year, but I have to find a place to do that. The Hallmark ones aren’t really my style. Where else can I go?

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