Classic to Boho: Gwen’s Style Challenge


Hi, all! Welcome to our week of fashion curve balls – the one where we all try out something not so typical of our everyday taste. When the team, Shana and I were on our weekly conference call talking about this upcoming project, I was taking notes and chiming in on the other challenges, assuming I was going to sit this one out. In the midst of this crazy call (where it’s not unusual for a bunch of small conversations to overlap) I hear “Hey, what about Gwen?” from Scotti. I played it quiet and cool….thinking no one really heard…..and then Shana’s all like: “Oh, right! Gwen’s next!!” …She heard.

“UM….not sure I have time guys!!” I say as I give Shana a deer-in-the-headlights look. The girls immediately blurted out ideas for me to try. “Trousers!.. Workwear! ..What don’t you wear, Gwen?” In response, I let them know there’s yet to be a cool trouser that I don’t like. As for workwear? Love it. I have a closet full of it (remember that period of excitement for your first “real” job where you and your mom go out and do some serious damage at J.Crew? Yeah, that happened). Soooo, now what?

“Boho.” Shana suggests. The team agreed. And boho it is.

Before we jump right into this, I should probably give you guys a background on my go-to style, since I’m usually behind-the-scenes of this whole operation (;

This is an outfit I love, love, love. I wore it to #NYFW and though it’s on the dressier side – these are some of my favorite pieces. If this picture has yet to sum it up, here’s the short and sweet breakdown of my style**: Timeless pieces and combinations (think: black and camel like you see above).

Very important disclaimer** my style when I’m not wearing my everyday workout gear and Uggs. 

So here’s how I navigated away from classic and tried something out of my comfort zone:

  1. Google, naturally. “What is boho?” I typed. (Shana and I spent a litttttle too long scrolling through ‘Boho fashion’ images that day.)
  2. Work with some pieces you already have and LOVE. This BLANKNYC Moto Jacket I just got has been so good over everything – I had a hunch it may work over a flowier top, too.
  3. Don’t overthink. If you put too much emphasis on cooking up the perfect outfit, you may just get stressed and give up. I probably would. Then I would proceed to put my camel coat and high waisted skinny jeans right back on, damnit.

My take on boho settled on proportions, layers and color. Like any trend or style, it’s all up for interpretation. Trust us, the goal of this team exercise is not to feel like we’re dressed in costume, just dressed in something different. Though Scotti and her anti-glam menswear challenge may disagree.

So now…*drum roll please* here’s boho Gwen:

Thoughts? I like it. I really do. Though my closet is majorly made up of black tops that are far from flowy, I could definitely see myself wearing this for a night out. Chokers, though I’ve always loved the trend, are far from my comfort zone. I tend to stick to my nicer jewelry that has some sentimental value to me. But the great thing about going boho? Layer it all up. Keep all of that jewelry on juuust like those Free People models because (mostly) it ends up WORKING. Wow, this is like a whole new world.

If I know our readers like I think I do, you guys definitely haven’t missed the cropped flares I snuck in there. Yup. They’re back….or maybe they never really even left. Muahaha! Ok, sorry. Touchy subject. If they’re still not your thing – try some skinnies or my personal fave…regular flares.

Regardless, I thought these would be a cool way to show off my fave booties (you probably have some too) and mess around with proportions. I remembered the long-short rule Shana tried out for our friend Linzi and it totally works. Tunic-length tops look good with cropped pants, you guys. AND AGAIN, this is like a whole new world.

Here’s what really made this outfit work:

  • The long-short rule. It just makes things more interesting and I definitely needed a does of that.
  • The structured jacket. If you’re going for a loose top like mine, the structured jacket on top brings it all together (plus, it’s something IN my comfort zone).
  • Fun jewelry, no rules. I stopped caring if my metals matched or if they were too trendy or trendy-enough. I just went for it.

Outfit Details

Jacket: BLANKNYC Morning Suede Moto Jacket – Available here in red. For those of you wondering about a good moto jacket if you’re taller: I’m 5’8″ and alllll torso. This one works great for me and hits right at my hips. Sleeves are plenty long enough, too.

Top: Free People Purple Haze Floral Tunic – A low-cut top is never my thing but this one can be pulled down or up depending on how much chest you really want to show. Another great trick? The tried and true Free People bralette layered underneath. Boom. FYI, this top has very wide open underarms so go for that bralette or a pretty bra because it’ll show once your jacket comes off.

Jeans: FRAME Le Crop Mini Boot (High Rise) – Available in black (+ more sizes) here. Check out the boutique below for a few more options likes these.

Booties: My own. The FP Cecile Booties that Shana swears by are very similar and truthfully? I like them even better. Available here, too.

Necklaces: Chevron Leather Choker and similar tassel necklace here.

Shop the Look

Scotti just did a round-up of moto jackets I LOVED. See them here.

Am I a total convert now? We’ll see about that. But I did have fun creating an outfit out of pieces I love, just wouldn’t necessarily wear together or buy regularly. Pushing yourself out of your style comfort zone definitely isn’t a bad thing and you may even be seeing a little more boho outta me in the future. But if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear my high-waisted skinny jeans and camel coat calling my name.

– Gwen

p.s. Here’s where you can find me on Instagram! Or see me on @TheMomEdit, too.


  1. Amazing! I’ll be honest I have been waiting for the cropped flares to die off, but this look I totally love! Well done G!

  2. Love the red jacket! How does the sizing run? I generally get a small or a 4 (Madewell, Gap, J Crew), but the sizing chart looks like it might run on the small side. Thoughts?

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