Coated Denim: The Continual Search for the Best Pair


Well, welcome to fall here in the Northwest. It hit all of a sudden and now we’re full-on rain and 50 degree temps. Hallelujah (it’s putting out the forest fires) and queue all the layers and rain-appropriate gear. I learned long ago from Shana that coated denim is amazing in the rain. It pretty much repels the water. Win. It’s also amazing for adding a little badass/sexy/dressy vibe to your everyday black jeans. Double win.

I’ve forever had trouble finding the perfect pair of coated jeans though and I’ve tried on a ton. The knees always seem to bunch on me even when I find ankle lengths or cuff them under to solve the too-long issue. Does anyone else have that problem? It may just be the plight of being shorter, but alas, I’m trying some current pairs on here to see what’s out there right now.

The Try-Ons

AGOLDE Sophie Highrise Skinny Crop – These were cute and the length was good, but they were a bit shinier than I was looking for. If you want a faux leather pair though, they’re definitely worth a try. Great high rise and nice stretch to the fabric. Wearing one size up, size 28.

BLANKNYC Coated Skinny Jeans – I adore the wash/fabric on these, as well as the price point. They are so soft, high rise, super comfy and a cool washed leather look. The issue I had here was the major knee-bunching in front and back. I wish they offered a petite size because I think that would solve it, but wow, amazing, especially for $98. I’m wearing a size up here (size 28)

Hudson Nico Midrise Super Skinny Black Coated – These were good, but also a bit bunched in back. The fabric is soft and nice though and the rise was good– not too high not too low. These have faux front pockets which isn’t my favorite, but I can see it makes them more flattering in this fabric. I typically size up in Hudson jeans and did in these, too (wearing a 28).

DSTLD High Waisted Skinny Jeans in Black Coated – I think these are my favorites. They’re a pretty skinny fit, but a nice high rise and a soft fabric. They’re less shiny than some of the others but I like that. They are comfy and fit well and stretch with you. I’m wearing my normal size 27 here and they come in a few different lengths, which is nice. I have on the 28″ length. I’d still have to cuff them under for certain shoes, but I like that they give you options for inseam. They’re also a decent price point at $125.

AG Legging Ankle Jean – Super Black Wash – These are fabulously soft and super comfy and feel so well made. I sized up one size from normal (wearing a 28). They aren’t as high rise as I’d like and they are really shiny (I meant to order the vintage wash doh!) but they’re definitely worth a try. They seem like leather pants instead of jeans. My only complaint besides the rise is, again, how they bunch in the back. Arg! These are so good though otherwise…am I overly concerned about bunching? Like is it just part of leather pants? Hmm. I really wish they offered petite sizing.

Shoe Options

Since I was on the fence about the AG pair I wanted to try them on with a few different shoe options to see what I thought. I love them…from the front… Oh, and here’s the camo sweatshirt I’m wearing.

Converse Hi Tops | New Balance

JCrew Factory Leopard Flats | Dolce Vita Sonja Booties

Shop Coated Denim

I can’t wait to try out some more outfit combos with the coated denim. I think they’ll go with everything from sweatshirts and sneakers to sweaters and heels, but will add a bit of that rocker vibe I love to each outfit.

I tried looking for some petite options, but it seems they’re all sold out. Meh. I’ll keep the search going though and share anything I find for those of us who are more vertically challenged!

Have you tried any of these or another pair of coated denim jeans you love? Do you have that bunching issue, too? I’m glad to have found the DSTLD pair, but I’m still wishing the AG almost-leather-pants pair fit well. They’re so rad.

Until next time…


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