Brought It Home: Megan’s Cold Shoulder Sweater


It’s reader style time! Cold shoulder sweater edition. We LIVE for the pictures you guys send in – keep ’em coming. Here’s what long-time reader, first-time emailer (we love that) Megan wrote in about her cold shoulder sweater find (+ more) at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale :

“What are your thoughts on the sweater?  It is a splurge for me so I’m trying to figure out how often I’d wear it.  Not exactly an every day sweater and I don’t really own any cold shoulder things.  I also ordered the Equipment navy and oxblood stripe sweater so not sure yet how that’ll work out but I’m obsessed with those colors together.  I can’t keep both sweaters…can I??!!  Also took a pic of this funky Rebecca Minkoff bag I got just cuz it looked cute with the outfit”


Thoughts on this sweater? SO. GOOD. Did you end up keeping both sweaters? We won’t tell. If you’re curious about the Equipment sweater she mentioned, you can find it in limited sizes and colors here. See how Megan styled her finds from the Anniversary Sale right here:

cold shoulder sweatercold shoulder sweater

fall accessories cold shoulder sweater

guitar strap handbag

Megan, as much we love your finds and how you styled them, we really love how they obviously make you feel! Keep rocking it, chick. Thanks for the inspiration and the email.

Outfit Details: Cold Shoulder Sweater & More

Rag & Bone/JEAN The Dre Released Hem Boyfriend Jean

Rag & Bone/JEAN Dana Cold Shoulder Sweater

Rebecca Minkoff Leather Camera Bag with Guitar Strap

Tory Burch 52mm Retro Sunglasses 

Shop More Cold Shoulder Sweaters on Sale

What did you bring home from the Anniversary Sale? We’d love to see your Nordstrom summer sale picks. Send us an email and you could even be featured on the blog!




  1. Love this! Also a Megan (newer reader, first time commenter). Your posts inspired me to order a few pair of lower-priced jeans from the sale. Just got them and they’re great. One is a style I never would’ve tried – but seeing them on Scotti made me want to give them a try. Thanks for the style nudge!

  2. Such a cute sweater but I will warn you that Rag & Bone knits often snag easily. I bypassed this one cause it looks like it will snag. I am someone who won’t wear it once it has an unfixable snag so I couldn’t justify the cost.

  3. Megan- Until now, the cold shoulder sweater thing always got a MEH from me. However, you look great!! It has me rethinking the trend…
    Also, love the RM bag. That strap!!

  4. Megan ~ LOVE that sweater on you!! Your neck looks model-long, shoulders are amazing, and it’s a perfect length! I love how you styled it, too; not overdone, but very casual, go-anywhere. Hope you kept it. 😉

  5. Whoa holding my spoon of oatmeal to my face as my mouth froze wide open, not expecting to see my pics up on this blog this morning lol. I appreciate the comments/compliments but I am still on the fence due to cost. I agree with KT and Lisa – I would be annoyed if it did get a snag at that price, and I do have 2 little ones so that is likely to happen. There are also a ton of other cold shoulder options out there…but that’s the thing about this sweater – I don’t even like the trend but something about the way this shoulder is cut is a little different – little sexier and more flattering. But I don’t know if it’s the kind of style that would hold up year after year (yes I do wear my clothes that long). I did end up exchanging it for the small (wearing xs in the pic) because I thought it looked better a little more relaxed. And it is a bit short so wanted the extra length. I returned the Equipment sweater mostly because I’ve been holding out for Shana’s olive green asymmetrical sweater which seems to have been sold out since the first couple of days of early access. But still on the fence with the R&B sweater! If I can find the green one I will probably end up returning the R&B one because I can’t justify keeping both!

    • Haha, this comment cracked me up! It is weird, seeing your face on the internet. And I’m with you guys on the cold shoulder thing. I think it’ll be around for a bit longer, but won’t have the longevity of a good cashmere sweater.

      • I agree. And speaking of a good cashmere sweater, I wish I could get my hands on the olive one in an xs! TME should have a page for the Nsale where people can post items they have and what they’re willing to trade them for. For example, I was able to get the olive sweater in a small and the gray color in an xs (which I’d keep if i couldn’t get the olive one) and there has to be someone who got the olive in an xs who needs to size up, or someone who got the olive one but wanted the gray? Or am I the only crazy one??! Just a bummer that stuff sold out so quickly and hardly anything was restocked.

  6. Megan,
    You are adorable and I think you should wear what you love. That being said I cannot join this cold shoulder trend. Maybe because I live in the south and don’t get a ton of wear out of sweaters. If I buy one I want to get more then one season out of it. I don’t see this with the cold shoulder.

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