Art-As-Style-Inspiration, And The Happiest-Ever Footwear From Jessbobess




I’d love for you to meet my dear friend, Jess (aka @jessbobess).  If you’ve ever swooned over our fashion illustrations on TME (like this illustrated capsule wardrobe, or THIS), then you’re familiar with Jess’ art.  She works out of a soft leather notebook (pictured), which is filled with illustrations, watercolors, pen and ink, quotes, lists (OMG the LISTS), spilled wine/coffee/whatever and is just one big mishmash of inspiration and spirit.

I can pour over the thing for hours.  Such an amazing peek into a beautiful soul.  (And go check out her blog – This Wild Precious Life.  It’s a little bit of everything – art, style, humor, real life…I love it.)


Are you as obsessed with her Birkenstocks as I am? They’re the Birkenstock Yara Thong.  She wears them everywhere with her quirky turquoise pedicure.  Love.


Want to see a few of Jess’ latest doodles?   Lately she’s been craving cool, patterned flats and quirky, colorful sneaks.



Just the thing to ease us into Fall, no?






1.  BC Society Flat, $64

2. J.Crew Collection Calf Hair T-Strap Flats, $258

3. Sigerson Morrison Beaded Espadrilles, $120 (on sale!!)

4. Nike Internationalist Sneakers, $85

5. New Balance 620s, $48 (on sale!)

6. Nike Internationalist, $64 (on sale!)


Raines’ first day of school – in his new school – was today.  It was gut wrenching watching him walk into class alone, head down, hands in his pockets.  True to form, I came home and sobbed.  Mamas, when does the whole crying-on-the-first-day-of-school stop?  So far, I’ve done it every damn year.  (And mind you, it’s ME, not Raines.)  But he was totally fine when I picked him up this afternoon, and is making friends.  “Mom, I feel too shy to say, ‘will you be my friend’ to someone….but I feel really lucky when someone says that to me.”

Oh, my heart.





  1. Oh my gosh! I’m in tears after reading about Raine’s first day of school. Like you, I also cry every year, and my son is 8! He started school 2 weeks ago, and I was doing fine till I saw the kindergarteners, and realized how much my little man has grown. On a lighter note, wish I could wear these cool sneaks, but for whatever reason, they usually look clunky on me…I stick to Supergas. Btw, your friend is uber talented!

  2. my boys, 10 & 8, started new schools, too. I feel you. The 8 yo’s exuberance and love of the new has led to a dazzling start. The thoughtfulness of the 10 yo makes it more deliberate and painful. But being the new kid makes him retroactively compassionate for the other new kids he’s encountered in his life, and I know that compassion will radiate into the future as well. To new schools! New backpacks! Their growth as humans. The possibilities!

  3. Loved this post! I actually really want her leather notebook. I loved the sneakers but I have no idea how to style them. Several years ago you did a series on fall denim. I would love to see
    something like than for current trends.

  4. I second the request for fall denim (with those sneakers!), but what I could really use is inspiration for work clothes. Conservative but stylish please (for us teachers- no bras showing etc)

  5. Oh girl…just wait until Raines has his first crush and she doesn’t return his affections. You’re gonna want to rip out some 4th grade (or 2nd or 3rd) girls eyes (or hair or heart) and stomp on them. Talk about painful.

  6. So glad to know its not just me!! *sob* oldest son started his freshman year in college a few weeks ago. Out. Of. State. This single Mom is still crying. Savor every moment. They really do grow up fast. So damn fast.

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