12 Ways To Wear Combat Boots: You’ll Fall In Love


Jeans I Scarf I Coat (similar)| Boots

“Wear these boots (2021 version) and you’ll look like the coolest mom ever!” I’m serious, those words come from the most depths of my heart…because I totally feel like the coolest mom when I wear them. And between us — it is VERY often. If you follow me on Instagram (@julietatorresd), you’ve probably seen them a thousand times. #sorrynotsorry.

Earlier this year I was looking for stylish boots to wear in the rain. I have my Hunter ones, which are a must for puddle jumping with the kids. But, I wanted something more stylish. Something that didn’t scream “rainy day” but that kept my feet dry. Something that I wasn’t afraid of ruining if I stepped in mud or wet grass. So these boots. THESE BOOTS stole my heart…I was scared of them being shiny when I ordered them and thought they would be a return…but no. They now have a sacred place in my closet.

Even My Mom Wants Them…

A funny thing happened after I first posted these boots. My dad came to NY on a business trip (remember that my family is all back in Colombia), and the first thing he said was “your mom wants your boots.” I was surprised, to be honest. Even though she looks really young, I often hear her saying “I’m too old for this. I have 5 kids and 4 grandkids. I can’t wear this.” She looks more like my sister than my mom, more like my kids’ mom and not their grandma. But anyways, I usually just follow her lead.

So, I called her: “Mom, what are the boots you want?” I asked. “The ones you’re wearing with the floral dress” she said. “the shiny combat ones with red shoelaces?” “Are you sure?” I asked again. “Yes, those. I WANT THEM!” she said. Hours later I texted “just ordered them, Dad will bring them back for you. I’ll keep the box in case you want to return.” Box ended up in the trash, so yes, she loved them.

I really want to get pics of us together wearing them but you know…she’s very far. Some time, but for now…I don’t want you to miss out. They recently went on sale. When I got them they were over $200 and I literally checked every day for months until they went on sale. Now they’re under $200.

12 Ways To Wear Combat Boots

So, in case you’re a little skeptical about them like I was, here are 12 of the many ways I’ve worn these combat boots since I got them. I SWEAR they work with skinny, straight-leg or wide-leg jeans, and with short and maxi dresses….even leggings!!! So take a look and tell me if they are not worth it!

1. Faux Leather Leggings, a Tee and a Biker Jacket

Are you wearing leggings and a tee at home, but want to look put together in 5 min? Put these boots on and grab that leather jacket. Now you’re a badass mom! That was the story of this day.

Leggings I Boots

2. Maxi Dress and a Leather Jacket

Favorite look ever! Every time I see this post I want to go put on this exact outfit! Feminine floral dress with masculine boots. Best.combo.ever!

Jacket (Blue) I Boots

3. Wide Leg Pants and a Wrap Top

Love with wide leg pants! I’ll wear this all winter long with some warm tights under!

Top (I swear it’s the same. Deceiving pic) l Pants (size down) l Boots

4. Oversized Sweater, Straight Leg Jeans and a Coat

I recently wore this to go to Philly to work on some videos with Shana. This was my travel look. These jeans are those jeans you wear weekly and the coat just makes anything cooler. Even leggings.

Coat l Jeans l Boots

5. Skinny Jeans, Plaid Shirt, Camel Coat

Add a cool factor to this classic combo with these boots.

Jeans l Boots

6. Black Skinnies, Camisole, Plaid Blazer

Love the mix of the delicate cami with the oversized blazer and boots. Would you wear it to the office? By the way! These jeans are SO comfortable!

Jeans l Cami (more colors) l Blazer l Boots

7. Burgundy Skinnies and Pink Bodysuit

The red on the shoelaces inspired me to pair them with red and pink tones. Beautiful colors!

Jeans l Top (on sale! more colors) l Boots

8. Straight Leg Jeans, Coat and Faux Fur Scarf

90% of the time I wear these boots with my straight leg Levi’s. I didn’t add that many pics here — Ha! I don’t want to bore you, but it’s one of my go-to looks.

Jeans l Scarf Coat (similar) l Boots

Size down in the jeans: check this Levi’s jeans Guide to see their sizing and how to break them in.

9. Straight Leg Jeans and Snug Top (Bodysuit)

I wore this look to the shooting range with my husband on a date night. The snug top gave it a sexy and more feminine vibe, and I felt pretty badass. Right now for the cold I’m wearing a snug long-sleeved turtleneck instead for some warmth.

Jeans | Boots

10. Blousy Top, Jeans and a Statement Coat

Another look with straight leg jeans. Found a very similar top to mine, and on sale! Linked below.

Jeans l Boots

11. Skinny Jeans and a Cropped Sweater

Sorry for the blurry pic. It was dark, and we’d just had too many margaritas. But I loved this look and it’s so easy but cool. These jeans are my favorite skinnies and I have them in a lot of washes.

Sweater I Jeans I Boots

12. Show Off Your Legs With a Skirt or Dress

I think they make the legs look great when worn with a shorter dress or skirt. Love it with the sweater dress.

Dress I Boots

Did I convince you yet? I actually have more pics, but 12 may be enough, right? Btw…they come in white too! Maybe that’s your jam, mine is shiny black for sure!

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Pics of my husband and me by the talented Claudia Rios. I’ll treasure these forever…. More than my boots.