Come Shop with Me at Sézane in Paris + Size Notes for Ordering Online


Love it or hate it, the idea of “French girl chic” just never dies in the world of fashion. The recurring allure of the city of Paris mixed with the seemingly laid-back but cool style of Parisians themselves have launched a million images on Pinterest professing to demonstrate French-inspired style. If you love that aesthetic, look no further than the brand Sézane. Established ten years ago, Sézane has slowly expanded its availability in the US and offers all of the most classic items, from the perfect Breton t-shirt to just-slouchy-enough trench coats.

With online ordering and boutiques in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Boston, Sézane no longer requires a plane ticket to Paris, but, hey, I bought one anyway. So, I’m taking you shopping with me today and sharing my notes on what I brought home, as well as sizing notes on some of Sézane’s bestselling items if you’re excited to shop the brand online. If you’re headed to Paris, I’ve got you covered as well, with a short section at the end with tips for shopping the brand in person.

1/ The Chlo Blouse

Sezane try-on and review + sizing notes.

Blouse (8) | Jeans (14)

The first winner from my giant Sézane try-on? The gorgeous silk Chlo blouse with just enough ruffle in a vintage blue color. I surprised myself with this pick since I’m not usually a ruffles kind of woman, but I see ruffles worked into designs not only at Sézane, but other French brands like Jeanne Damas’ line Rouje. I love the way I see women in Paris styling a piece with feminine details (like the embroidery along the ruffle) with pants and substantial shoes to balance the masculine and feminine inspiration in an outfit.

Size Notes: The Chlo blouse is available in multiple colors and runs from sizes 0-16 online. For reference, I’m wearing a French size 40, which translates to a US 8, and that’s pretty true-to-size for me.

2/ The Gaspard Cardigan

Sezane try-on and review + sizing notes.

Sweater (M) | Jeans (14)

Sézane’s knitwear collection is gorgeous. The line offers sweaters in multiple fabrics and in tons of colors. I’m popping in a photo below of the knitwear wall at the boutique I visited because it was fashion heaven. The Gaspard cardigan is one of Sézane’s bestselling sweaters, so I tried it on in my favorite color (red, of course), and was sold. On the Sézane site, the models wear the cardigan reversed, so the buttons are in the back, which I haven’t tried yet, but I think looks cool.

Size Notes: I’m wearing a size medium above, and the fit is a little bit slouchy, so this style does run a little bit oversized.

3/ The Talli Shirt

Sezane try-on and review + sizing notes.

Blouse (4) | Jeans (14) | Boots

The Talli blouse was my third pick that made the cut (I had to be vicious! Overweight suitcases are no fun to drag around). This blouse is currently only available in ecru (pictured above) and black. I love the delicate button detail down the front and the slightly puffed shoulder on this design, plus the ecru color is easy to style with more colorful pieces, so I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of this pick.

Size Notes: I found that the sizing was pretty different from the Chlo blouse – whereas I wore my normal size 8 in the Chlo blouse, I sized down to a 4 in the Talli blouse. So, if you’re ordering online, I might suggest sizing down as well.

4/ The Betty Cardigan

Sezane try-on and review + sizing notes.

Cardigan (L) | Pants (14)

The Betty cardigan is one of Sézane’s bestselling items, and for good reason. The classic shape, with oversized buttons down the front, toes the line between too traditional and juuuust traditional enough to be cool. This was the item I thought I was definitely going to purchase going into the store, but I just didn’t end up loving where the hem of the sweater hit me.

Size Notes: I would also note that this might be a tough piece for anyone with a larger bust than me (I’m a 36C), as the sweater ran rather snug up top. In other respects, the Betty sweater ran true-to-size, and I’m wearing a large above.

5/ The Will Jacket

Jacket (L) | Pants (14)

Only budget and indecision held me back from picking up the Will jacket. I just couldn’t decide between the more casual vibe of the denim material and the very on-point fall vibe of the plaid print.

Size Notes: The jacket runs true-to-size for me (I’m wearing a size large in both materials), although I did find the denim version to be just a teensy bit snug in the shoulders. This jacket is going on my wishlist – it’s like a chore jacket, but longer, and I think this makes it super versatile.

6/ The Max Shirt

Sezane try-on and review + sizing notes.

Shirt (4) | Pants (14)

OK, so I was going to buy the Max shirt. The quality is wonderful – this is a heavier weight 100% cotton button-up shirt. I loved the feel of the fabric, plus I wanted to be practical with my purchases. One always needs white button-up shirts! But fortunately, I was shopping with my sister, and she convinced me to pick something with a little more pizzazz. I still want this shirt, but she was right – as a souvenir of our time in Paris, this wasn’t the most exciting pick.

Size Notes: If you’re ordering online, I would suggest sizing down as this style is oversized – I initially tried on a 6 and swapped it out for a size 4.

7/ The Amiel Jumper

Sezane try-on and review + sizing notes.

Sweater (M) | Pants (14)

The Amiel sweater is a classic item and comes in a variety of beautiful colors (the color above is called “ice blue”). I love the look of this sweater, but the material is a blend of polyester and alpaca fabric, and it felt just a little bit itchy to me, which is the kiss of death in my book because sweaters should only ever be in the positive column when it comes to comfort.

Size Notes: If you’re between sizes like I am, I would advise sizing down (I’m wearing a medium above).

8/ The Emile Cardigan

Sezane try-on and review + sizing notes.

Sweater (M) | Pants (14)

Another classic sweater, anyone? OK, I am literally never sick of buying grey sweaters. I don’t where this impulse comes from – maybe I can blame it on the millennial obsession with all things grey. The material of the Emile cardigan is a mix of alpaca and wool, which makes this a fuzzy dream. This item is also going on my wishlist, even though it didn’t make the cut in Paris.

Size Notes: The style does run large again, as did the Amiel sweater above, and the size medium fit me best.

Tips for Shopping Sezane in Person

So, first, congratulations if you live in the cities of New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Seattle – you have a Sézane boutique in your city! Trying on clothes in person is wonderful if you can manage it, but keep in mind that Sézane’s full line and size range are often not available in person, and orders above $200 ship without additional shipping charges.

I visited two locations in Paris that sold Sézane – one was a standalone Sézane store (63 Bd des Batignolles), and the other was the fabulous Le Bon Marché department store, which is a fashion landmark and stocks a small number of items from Sézane’s full line. The items available at the boutique and at Le Bon Marché differed significantly, so if you have a specific item in mind, you might do well to either call ahead or simply order online. I will note that the prices are lower in Paris (at least with the current exchange rate), so if you’re planning on a trip to Paris, consider leaving space in your suitcase for a few items to take home.

My final and perhaps most important tip for shopping Sézane in Paris? Prepare for your marathon try-on by picking up a coffee and a pain au chocolat (for energy, right??) and treat yourself to a glass of wine and hearty salad after you finish. If you’ve purchased Sézane items you love or stopped by one of the U.S. boutiques, leave a comment below and let me know.

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