Heels That Are Actually Comfy Enough To Wear Every Day 


When you see a pair of heels, do you instantly think to yourself, “There’s no way these are comfortable. And certainly not comfortable enough that I’d wear them daily”? Because I know I’ve had that exact thought in the past (and end up wearing them anyway, regrettably). 

Ever since I learned all about brands that make ACTUALLY comfortable heels, I refuse to put myself through a pair that are torture devices. Walkable heels do exist!! And Scotti, the biggest heel-wearer on our team, has three pairs in particular that she swears by that she talks about in our latest video

The 3 Heels We Swear By For Everyday Wear

You know we love a cute look, but these cute looks cannot come with difficulty, discomfort or frustration. We’re nothing if not practical. So whenever members of the team find shoes (especially heels) that are actually comfortable, I am ALL ears. Scotti’s three favorite pairs range from shorter wedges, to simple dainty heels and a tall wedge. Getting her stamp of approval for everyday wear has me so tempted to try them myself.

Psst — curious about everything Scotti’s wearing? You can find this latest video here on our Youtube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of the shopping links.


Danielle & Scotti

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