Nordstrom asked for my thoughts on Ugg Australia’s newest line of footwear.  Specifically, sandals.  A huge sucker for cute-n-comfy footwear, I rolled up my sleeves, gave the UPS guy one heck of a workout, and got down to bizness.

All in the name of research, of course.  We’re alllll about Research.



Keep reading to find out which pair was the MOST comfortable, which pair I absolutely wouldn’t recommend, and which pair(s?) made their way into my closet. (If you follow me on Instagram – @shanachristine – I’ll bet you can guess).

1. The Clog

NameUgg Australia Janie Clog

NOTES: In bone, tan, or black, this studded clog is seriously comfortable.  Unlike most clog sandals, the footbed is insanely soft and cushy, and, thanks to a slight platform, it feels almost like a flat shoe.  The front leather part is a wee bit tight, but feels like it would stretch with some wear.

These clogs look especially amazing with boyfriend jeans, dresses, flares of any length (even cropped), and denim skirts.

Price: $139




2. The Cut-Out Bootie

NameUgg Australia Jolena Open Toe Wedge

NOTES:  This shoe is so badass.  Not only will these comfy wedges give you major height, but the platform keeps the actual angle of your foot to a minimum, making these a very comfortable pair of heels.  Warning:  If you are either clutzy OR totally out of practice with major heels…’s still a long way down.  Just sayin.

These are the kind of shoes you can throw on with a tshirt and blazer and look instantly ready for a night out.

Price: $159






3. The One I Didn’t Love

NameUgg Australia MaryAnne Wedge Sandal

Notes: This very comfy and sturdy wedge is available in black or tan, and once fastened, looks and feels amazing.  The problem, however, is that getting it fastened is nearly impossible.  You have to thread a piece of leather through multiple hoops and even on my first try, the leather couldn’t quite fit and started peeling.  Annoying.  If you are looking for a strappy wedge with major height, you’d be better served by Ugg Australia’s Fitchie T-Strap Wedge ($119).

Price: $149





4. The Insanely Comfortable Wedge (Like…WOW)

Name: Ugg Australia Starla Espadrille Wedge

Notes:  This beauty is shockingly comfortable.  It’s easy to put on, the ties actually stay tied (without digging into your skin) and you can seriously walk around for hours in this shoe.  The colors are gorgeous – black, navy, bone or….orange.  (If you love this shoe but wish it were a higher heel, try Ugg Australia’s Jules Platform Wedge – it’s made from the same fabric as the Starla Espadrille.

Price: $99






5. The Flat Mom-Sandal (or Minimalist, if you want to be fancy)

Name: Ugg Australia Brylee Sandal

Notes:  My original beef with this sandal is that when I first started my rigorous “research” it was only available in brown.  Brown is fine, but I wanted something….more….exciting, I guess.  Well.  Now it’s available in black, gold and silver.  GAH!!  Which one to choose?

No matter the color, the sandal is seriously comfortable, and I love the minimalist design.  It’s like the Weitzman Nudest, but….flat. (There is a piece of leather that fits between your toes, but I found that this extra bit helps keep your foot anchored properly in the shoe, rather than sliding around.)

Also, if you are still reading, I’m going to assume you are flats girl like me, so also take a look at Ugg Australia’s Jordyne Sandal or their Kari Sandal.  The Jordyne was available last year, and, as I recall, SHOCKINGLY comfortable, but is much more detailed than the ones I’m wearing below.  It’s very cool.  The Kari, however, is basically the 2016 version of a flip-flop, and so totally on-trend it makes my heart hurt.  (Seriously – rose gold and cork?   SWOON.)  Both of these sandals just snuck themselves onto recently, otherwise I’d be “modeling” them for you here. [snort]

Price: $75







And My Two Favorites Are…….

Can you guess?  (Barring, of course, Ugg’s two new flats I’m now obsessing over, GAH.)

The Comfy Wedge I Just Couldn’t Resist

Heels that feel like flats are So. Totally. my thing.  And while I went out on a limb with the orange, after seeing the pics (earlier in this post) I’m wondering if maybe the black, too?  (Stop it, Imelda.)








Outfit Details

tee: The Great Ruffle Tee, $135

jeans: ancient Rag and Bone skinnies that I’ve both worn to death and hacked off – this pair has the work already perfectly done

shoes: Ugg Australia Starla Espadrille Wedge, $99

bagFilly Stag Saddle Bag (white is sold out, but try this similar bag)

necklace: old Kendra Scott – love this single pendant necklace (especially in brown and rose gold – so pretty!!)

lipstick: YSL Oil-in-Lipstick, no 46 (“orange perfecto”)  My fav.


Zee Cloggity Clogs Cha-Cha-Cha

(At some point, thinking of ONE MORE TITLE will break you.  I apologize for all of us bloggers.)










Outfit Details

shirt: 1.State Off-The-Shoulder Eyelet Top, $99 (xs for reference)

jeans: ancient Rag and Bone skinnies that I’ve both worn to death and hacked off – this pair has the work already perfectly done

shoes: Ugg Australia Janie Clogs (I’d go up a half size), $139

necklace: Gorjana Collar Necklace, $99

bracelets: Chan Luu leather wrap bracelet, $240 (mine’s old – here’s a similar one), gold bangles – $28 for 5.

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Saddle Bag, $395


Shop My Favorite Ugg Australia Sandals




photo credit:  Amanda Danziger Photography

A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  Cool, comfy shoes are so totally my jam and I always love the opportunity to do major “research” in this area.  And readers, thank you for your support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed and always has me like…





  1. Ack, shoes- such a weakness for me! And I love ugly/quirky ones too which I’m getting my fix of now that I’m visiting family 🙂 Weird request perhaps, but have you guys ever done a post on the most flattering t-shirt sleeve length for your body type? I like a bit of coverage but sometimes too long a sleeve makes me look boxy in a t-shirt and too short shows off too much of the “bingo wings” – they are a work in progress! 🙂

  2. Do you find your gait changes with clogs? I like the espadrilles but the polish of the leather on the clogs is really attractive to me. I don’t own any clogs… I love those gladiator flats btw, why didn’t you try those on?! 😉

    • GAH! Right??? If I manage to get back to Nordies (and chances are HIGH), I’ll throw something up on Insta. But yeah – my gait does change a bit with clogs. These are lower so not too bad, but I can’t walk like I do in sneakers.

  3. This is so not good. I’ve been avoiding Ugg’s new spring/summer like bc I seriously LOVE their wedges and flats and own way too many pairs as it is. So. Freaking. Comfortable. Like, dinner, dancing, bar hopping comfortable. You know, cause that’s happened in the past; how old is my son…. Sigh. Making a reservation and ordering the Jolinas right now.

  4. I will also add that their canvas slip one are not so comfortable and require some serious breaking in. Sticking with my Vince slip ons.

  5. you HAVE to get the Jolena’s. AND the black Starla Wedge. Seriously. I’m ordering something now. off to decide which one.

  6. Ooooo I l’m digging those kari slides, but I had to comment because your HAIR! It is looking so fab. You can do a bun!!! Two years right? Any chance you would do a little update on the growing in process?

    • I am 100% with Annie. While the post is fabulous my first thought when I clicked through was WOW! Your hair is getting so long Shana! And I’ve said it before you are beautiful be it bald or with a full head of long luxurious locks. For me though, seeing your hair longer makes me smile for it shows how far you’ve come- and makes me so thankful to have your presence here in this big beautiful world of ours.

      • I’m seriously overdue for a growing-out article. But thank you both for noticing. It’s funny, these pics were actually the first time (in YEARS) that I threw my hair in a bun. The photog was over, and we were talking about the shoot and without thinking I just threw up my hair. Muscle memory, you know? Then I caught of glimpse of my reflection and was shocked. So I left it like that – small victories, I suppose. Can you believe my diagnosis was THREE YEARS AGO in May? So weird.

        But thank you both for your kind comments. MWAH! xoxoxo

  7. So what about longevity? I love everyday sandals that I wear for years, like Birkis (ignoring the politics of their appearance), so will these last??

    Also, unrelated but has anyone seen in person the crochet tops at Zara? I love a few of those and am trying to figure out if I’d be a XS or S?? Between those two sizes at JCrew in tops, 0/2 dresses, straight (if you catch my meaning)…

      • I bet that you’d be fine in either. I find that some of their tops run small. But I am smaller chested- so if that is the issue then you’ll be an xs. I tend to need to size up if I am getting a dress or pants as I have hips. But tops are actually well suited for my smaller chest. Keep us posted- I actually love a lot of their clothes!

  8. Why can I not catch onto this clog or espadrille or even wedge thing?! Am I doomed to be an old out of fashion mom ?!! GAH! Maybe I should just order a pair and wear them cause they’re “in” and I want to be “in” lol. I dunno. Am I the only one not loving it? I really want to….help me love them!

  9. Did you try the Kari rose gold and cork on? I’ve been lusting after them for a month or more and I’m wondering if they are comfortable/easy to walk in. I love them…

  10. Thanks for the recommendations! I ordered the Jordyne sandal in the Pewter and cork and they arrived today. So cute and comfy. Am wearing them to t-ball in the morning. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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