Some of the Valentine’s Day, uh, imagery stresses me out.  So much perky and lace covered and thigh-high whatevers.  Instead, I’m looking at stomach pooches and scarred boobs and dark circles (to name just a few of my close and personal friends).

Despite all of this, I still want a little sexy in my life.  You know?  Of course, I also want it in the form of completely washable, totally soft and comfy-cozy.  Basically, I just want pajamas, not thigh-highs.  But pretty ones.  Ones that bring out the grin on Mike’s face.

I know you know the grin.

The good news is that it doesn’t really take much.  Despite all of the crazy we’ve got going on around here, despite the scars, the extra bags and sags and wrinkles and, uh, baldness….I still get the grin.  Isn’t that fantastic?  So here’s to finding something pretty, comfy…and maybe a little bit sexy.

NOTE:  The pic above was taken sometime after my mastectomy last July, when I was in hardcore pajama rotation.  The romper I’m wearing is from MyPajamas on Etsy.  She seems to be out of rompers, but has some adorable cami-and-short sets.  I love this one




1.  PJ Luxe Red Rose Chemise, $64

So pretty and romantic, with a hint of lace unexpectedly under the bust.  In the morning, I’d layer an oversized sweater over top of it. Maybe a cashmere cardigan?

2. Wildfox Up All Night Set, $65

Up all night?  SING IT.  The kids were up all night with nightmares, then one of them threw up, and then I had hot flashes and then I had to pee–  not what you meant?  Oh.

3. Luvahuva Sleep Set, $64

My new favorite Etsy seller.  I own this set (and it’s fantastic for nursing and pooch-hiding) but my next purchase?  This surprisingly sexy t-shirt and shorts.  It’s love.


4. Luvahuva Cream Lace Cami and Short Set, $79

Or maybe my next Luvahuva purchase will be this one.  Is anything better than soft white cotton with a little lace trim?  I think not.  I see this one layered under one of my husband’s shirts.

5. Journelle Beautiful Bottoms Playset, $129

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how flattering rompers can be.  Very 70’s glam, but I love them.

6. Plum Pretty Sugar Breezy Bloomfall Shortie Set, $64

I love everything Plum Pretty Sugar makes.  But this?  Is a collaboration with BHLDN and they’ve nailed it.  I’d warm this set up with thick thigh-high socks and my soft gray cardigan.


7. Cherry Blossom Cami Set, $98

So pretty and vintage inspired.

8. VS Cotton Mayfair Slip, $36

Victoria’s Secret causes most of my Valentine’s Day angst, but this set is actually quite pretty.  And the black-and-white is so very French Maid.

9. Ohhhlulu Flannel Bra and Panty Set, $84

So I don’t typically lounge around in a bra and panties, but Mamas?  This bra is flannel.  #bestillmyheart.  Go check out her Etsy shop – it’s fabulous.




ps.  Wednesday (tomorrow) is my birthday.  If I were to treat myself…which one should I buy?




  1. Happy Birthday! I would say #6. I think Plum had such cute things (buy one of their robes too, just in case… It’s cold everywhere lately!).

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day today.
    As far as treating yourself…uhm, all of them? A flannel bra!?!?! just as soon as my breast cancer situation is all settled, I’m going to look into a flannel bra! Why have I never seen that before?! (maybe because flannel won’t hold up to D cups?)

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