I’m Really Into Comfort Lately…Like THESE PANTS


What a wild ride this past week has been.  But despite the crappy news, we are all doing OK.  Like…honestly OK.  And Mike and I both have been blown away by the love and support we’ve received from family, friends, and you.  It’s funny, so many of your comments start with, “I know we don’t know each other but I feel like we’re friends” and YES.  I do too.  We feel your love and support and have read – out loud, to each other – every single word we’ve received from comments, Facebook, email, and Instagram.  And we are in awe.

At one point Mike looked at me and said, “Babe, who are these amazingly wise, loving, compassionate zen-Buddhist-monk-type readers that you have??  Seriously, who??”

I grinned at him.  “Moms” I said.  “They’re Moms.”



We went out for some (much-needed) drinks in the city this weekend.  We started at a friend’s house (I feel the need to explain Raines’ bare feet) and then went out (in shoes) for pizza.

So I wore these pants.  If you recall, I bought them during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Originally, when I tried them on I thought…meh.  And promptly stuck them back into the return bag.  But the problem?  The problem with all forms of shockingly comfortable clothing?  They call to you.  And over this last week, as we went from doctor appointment to doctor appointment, in those dammed air conditioned offices and than back out into the swampland humidity of Philly’s summers…these pants mocked me from their little bag.  Loose enough to be cool(ish)…long enough to be comfy in air conditioning.

By Friday I broke.  I wore them to my last “fill” (fist pump) at the plastic surgeon’s office.  I am officially ready for my implant surgery on Wednesday.

But these darn pants.  I’ve worn them every day since then.  I’m getting worried, Mamas.  Will these ruin tight pants for me forever?  I look at my coated denim skinnnies – the ones I was originally so excited to wear this Fall – and think hunh.  Did I buy the wrong size?  (I didn’t.)

But they’re cute, right?  They look all fancy-fancy, but they are just lightweight polyester and I can wash them (regardless of what the tag may or may not say).  They look amazing with sandals – either flat or heeled, and even work with ballet flats…but then I’m stumped.

(wearing: shirtStylemint Walter Tpantssandalsvintage wood bangle from Etsy)

I’m not sure these will have staying power once the winter comes, so I may live to regret this purchase yet.

But for now…I went out for drinks and pizza in something akin to pajamas and felt quite glamorous doing it, so that’s a WIN in my book.

Also a win?  Pizzeria Stella.  Like holy crap truffle pizza with an egg on top?  And clams and lemon ricotta and the best vinaigrette I’ve ever EVER had?  Also shockingly kid-friendly and blazing fast and gelato for dessert?  Yes.  One of those kinds of places.

(Cathy – It was SO nice meeting you!!  And insanely nice of you to treat the kids to gelato – thank you!  They were over-the-moon.  We heard from the staff that you guys are “regulars”.  Tell them that we plan to become ones, too.  Hope to run into you again.)

Thankfully, these fancy pants can take a beating.  Because just outside of Pizzeria Stella is all of this nonsense.

Photo (91)


Like a moth to a flame, this one.   But seriously – SO awesomely kid friendly and fun for a Saturday night.


I think there will be one more post before my surgery on Wednesday.  That’s the plan, at least.  Because Mamas, Fall fashion is coming and I GOTS STUFF TO SAY.





  1. Oh thank God….So glad you are keeping things as normal as possible…Love to hear your humour…will be thinking of you tuesday and wednesday…Tuesday of course because nerves:)

  2. I was thinking of you yesterday as we took our 15-mo boy to Sister Cities park- thanks for the tip!- and then I caught up on the blog today. I’m sorry to hear your new news, and I will be praying for you.
    Re: this post, just go with what feels right in this time. Do the pants, and change your lipstick, or whatever is easy. (August always feels like the longest stretch of the year to me, because I’m so anxious for autumn.)

  3. I like the pants. Good luck on Wednesday- and this fall too. We will all be brave for you when you can’t be brave for yourself.

  4. i love the pants too – i have a pair of sweats in a similar style, but I like yours better because they are actual pants… and yes, i’m ruined on real pants/jeans. I put them on and an hour later i’m changing out of them!
    Whenever I’m not sure what to do with a piece of clothing, when it starts to feel like I’m limited in how i’m able to style it, I just add red lipstick and there ya go! another way to wear it!
    good luck with everything, and just know you’re looking fab through it all!

  5. I kinda love, but I’m guessing they won’t work the best for tall girls? I’d need a 33″ Nissan to pull that off… inspiration though! I love the look, and am praying for you lady.

  6. I think the pants are genius and you look super chic in them. I have never commented, but love your blog and have been reading since I had my son 4 years ago. Just wanted to post to let you know I am in your corner, and know you are going to kick some cancer ass. And with your gorgeous family, wicked sense of humor and obvious grace, you are already totally winning. Wish we could all make it disappear, but since we can’t, please know that we are all rooting you on from the sidelines.

  7. You seem to look chic and confident in everything you wear. Or maybe it’s the confidence that MAKES you look so chic. Regardless, I think you probably could have worn pajamas to dinner and we would have ooh-ed and ash-ed at your fashion-forwardness.

  8. Ok, I keep saying “you don’t know me, but…” Now I wish I did know you!
    And you’d think that after reading your blog for so long, I’d take a page from your book, and wear some glamorous pants like yours while I wait to heal from my gallbladder surgery, but no. I just convinced myself that it’s ok for me to wear yoga pants until my belly button heals. (I’m gearing up to start working out again, so that’s how I rectify it.)
    Oh! But I did recently buy some low rise high end jeans that I can wear! So I guess you have taught me something about fashion!
    I’ll be continuing to send positive thoughts your way!

  9. You looks awesome in whatever you wear. I’ve never commented before but I seriously love your blog and glad I stumbled upon it via pinterest 5 months ago. It’s been a lifesaver for a new mom still wanting to look stylish and navigating this new body of mine. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours, mama!

  10. It was so nice to meet you in person, and I’m happy you discovered Pizzeria Stella’s. We just love it there! I will be sending healing thoughts your way as you prepare for surgery and treatment this fall. Hope to bump into you again. xo

  11. I have been reading your blog since the birth of my second child, and you got me through the third post-partum phase. Your wear to work post was a gift. It shouldn’t have taken your current situaiton for me to write and send gratitude, but here I am, so thank you for providing this space for me to truly tussle with the benefits of Frye booties. It may seem silly to some but between work and three kids under the age of six when I am pulled together, life just gets in the right groove. I am sending you healing energy and white light. The pants are fab, dare I say heels and a tuxedo jacket????

  12. Those pants sorta look like the adidas ones but with a cute ankle ribbing. Are they light? I live in Florida and it’s got a heat index of about 103 most days.

  13. You make these look amazing!
    I am so so sorry about your diagnosis. Please know you and your family will be in our continuous prayers. God bless you all.

  14. I like the pants but I would look dumpy as hell in them! Lol! Anyway, moms are moms, we will mother even strangers whose wardrobes we love. 🙂

  15. Oh good. I didn’t want to be another stranger wishing u well, but u r feeling it, so perfect! Here I am. U r in my thoughts, I am sending u healing mama vibes.

  16. Thank you for continuing to post… You’re an amazing inspiration for all of us moms everywhere. Sending lots of good thoughts and wishes for an easy recovery from Wednesday’s procedure and beyond…

  17. Certain times demand sweats, and these are some of those times. I’m wow’d by your ability to style even sweats.
    You’ll beat this! A friend in a very similar place in life survived cancer and you can, too. GL in the coming weeks.

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