Converse Sneakers (The everywhere, whenever, totally awesome shoe…and alternatives)




My absolute favorite go-to, casual, everyday, let’s-get-going-let-me-just-grab-my-shoes shoe: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars (in white). It’s weird, but I just bought my very first pair just over a year ago. I know, for someone so certain about it being her *IT* shoe, you’d think I would have bought them a long time ago. I’m not sure I knew just how much I would love them. Well, oh ho ho ho. Now I do. I am hooked. FO life.

I actually have great memories of my dad in the classic, white high tops, ray ban-ish sunglasses and jeans that were cut-off into almost too short shorts. Oh, yeh. The coolest. 1990’s. Whatcha gonna do? It was that and the Talking Heads on vinyl. We would all have serious jam dance parties in our living room on the regular. hmmm. My dad may actually have been the coolest. He really instilled in me a love and appreciation for good music (really good music)…and chucks. So while I didn’t own a pair until recently, my Converse roots run deep.

I wear them everywhere now. Ev-er-y-where. When I can’t think of what to wear, I start with chucks and go from there. This past weekend I took Mads on a special outing with mama (she has been needing some one-on-one attention. badly). We went downtown to Amelie’s where she picked out her usual “puff cream”. As we were sitting there she tells me, ” I don’t like thaaa cream, just the choc-let”…which begs the question…why didn’t you just order the all chocolate thing I pointed out to you that you so vehemently refused? Three year olds. Try talking sense to them. TRY.





Do you see how she only ate the chocolate off of the “puff cream”? Haha. Couldn’t possibly eat the puff…or the cream. No, no, no. That just wouldn’t do.





tank: Everlane’s Ryan Tank, white. A staple, in my opinion. Wearing a size small, true to size…if you like a bit of good old slouch.

hoodie: Old Navy, but here’s a similar one from L.L. Bean. Not sure when shopping there became something I do, but…there you have it. Is this one of those, “you know you’re almost 30 when…”? I also think this Zella ‘Pretty Moon Dust’ hooded jacket would also rock. S recently reviewed the new line at Nordstrom and I’ll be getting in there to try some of the stuff on ASAP.

denim vest: diy-ed from an old, too small jacket, wearing a very small size S. If I could go back I would have ordered one or even two sizes up. Here’s one that comes already as a vest at Madewell. Whoop! Whoop!

black destroyed skinnies:  J. Crew toothpick jean in blacksmith wash, wearing size 26. I bought them a size down after reading reviews that this style runs a bit big and stretches out pretty quickly. The reviews proved to be very helpful. These jeans are my current jean jam and actually, my first pair of J. Crew jeans.

shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, wearing size 9.5. True to size.

bag: Nine West bag from last year. This similar-ish CXL by Christian Lacroix ‘Chartres’ Messenger Bag has an over-the-shoulder strap. It’s not too small, but also not too cumbersome…and the moms go wild.


Now, I know that soooooome of you ((sigh)) do not like the classic Converse…Mads included, actually. I had to bribe her to wear hers. I can admit that they are a bit overplayed at the moment and can look a bit clownish…especially if you have bigger feet (raises hand). I just don’t happen to care about all of that, because a) I’ll be wearing these when I’m a crotchety old lady, long after they’ve stopped being in trend (maybe about 20 more times – trends do have a way of coming right back around) and b) I’m tall, I have big feet. I like chucks. That said, for you, ma dears…I scoped out some different options. Every mama can use a good, stylish, dependable pair of comfortable shoes.

My Fav Converse (And A Few Alternatives)



So. Which are you? – Converse lover, hater or meehhh?

Like I said, I’ll be wearing mine into my 90’s, provided I live that long. I may just be asked to be buried in them. 😉



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  1. Love my Chucks! In fact, there was a point in time when every member of our house was wearing them. The baby ones are just too cute 🙂 I bought my white Chucks years ago and they are the perfect amount of worn in and kinda dingy but still looking good. Converse 4 Life!

  2. I am all for Chucks! Love ’em. I had to get rid of my favorite pair–they were just so worn out. Here’s what made them my favorite: they were all black, and I studded them! You can see the DIY here. So easy! And just made them a ‘lil more funky! Now I have a white and black pair, but I think I want to get all white, high tops. That’s up next. It’s like Chucks make your casual look all the more hip, right?

    You look great Camille!


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  3. I love them. But they don’t love me. Define big foot. I wear a 10 and I’m only 5’6″, so they are definitely too clownish on me. But I super love them on my best friend, who wears a size 5. sigh

  4. I wear chucks but also have found PUMAs are so much more comfortable… I have bought the canvas grey, black and the suede olive.. I wear them everyday…

  5. I have chucks, love the way they look, but they just aren’t very comfy. I recently bought these old school asics and they are so cute, so comfy, and I love them so much. They are the onitsuka tigers mexico 66. Tried to paste the link, but it’s not letting me for whatever reason. But they are another great casual sneaker alternative.

  6. I adore Chucks, but always feel a bit self conscious that my feet look huge. I love my gray Vans that I bought this past summer and I am complimented on them every time I wear them. They go with practically anything and I find them seriously more comfortable than my Chucks. I am trying to convince myself to not buy them in more colors!

  7. #chucks4eva And while I generally buy neutral colors for the littles (so that I can pass them through my three) I do believe those hot pink high tops HAVE TO BE DONE for my oldest daughter. Just so stinkin cute and the PERFECT “I like tough girl/she likes girlie girl” wardrobe compromise. Adorable!

  8. I love the look but despise the fit. They give me terrible blisters. Will definitely pursue some of the aforementioned alternatives though.

  9. When my husband proposed to me, he got down on one knee and offered me…a pair of white leather Converse high-tops. (He was sooooo the one.) Of course I got hitched wearing those, and I felt like a rock star. (He wore the same thing, in black.) So, yep, you could call me a fan of the Chucks.

  10. This is very cute look I will try when temps approach 65 degrees. But can anyone wear these with socks? Rarely see and it is omfgfreezing out.

    • Been a converse fan forever, even rocked the plaid ones thru high school and college. Yes!! I wear mine with socks often. Go for the no show kind, they’re low enough to keep the cool factor but add a little comfort. I will say that I took a little converse hiatus and the first time I put them back on I walked around sea world, all day-big mistake, huge! Not as comfy as I remember. Lol. Ive added a little insert for extra comfort and will use the no show socks when its a little cooler out. Love em!! And with the price I don’t mind replacing them every year or so when they start to look a scuzzy- my absolute go to casual shoe (always always chosen over Toms, sorry S)

    • I know, I know. I live in SC….so we get these random warm-ish days where I can get away with not wearing socks. However, I LOATHE cold feet. On cold days I only wear boots or booties. I’d actually like to see someone rocking flats with socks….

  11. Chucks are absolutely adorable. And for someone with a wide foot, the MOST uncomfortable shoe around. I love them on everyone (especially kids!) and wish I could rock them, too. So, so cute!

  12. I don’t know if I can pull these off with my size 10 feet, but I love them. And I think pink ones for my daughter are a necessity. As for them being super popular right now–they are crazy popular on fashion blogs, but I don’t see them that often in my daily life, which is nice. That way, if I decide I can pull them off, I won’t look like every other mom at school pickup!

  13. I recently bought my first pair. I got the more streamlined feminine version. I like the way they look but they give me blisters on my heel. I wonder if zappos will still take them back?

  14. Cam, thinking about buying those jcrew skinnies….any issues with the low rise? Sizing down makes me a little nervous about the waist area. PS Amalies is the best.

    • Hey Laura! Okay, so they definitely stretch out…within an hour or so. I usually wear a size 28, but ordered a size 27 and they fit perfectly. I was worried too, but they work. Are they final sale? Ps. Amelie’s IS the best 😉

  15. I love them and have had four pairs. They are so freakin uncomfortable if I wear them for more than an hour though! My husband can wear his all day everyday (he kinda does) and I get so jealous

  16. I have a super cute pair of black – sort of snakeskin – but they pinch and hurt only after a few minutes. If I’m gonna suffer, I’d rather just wear heels!

  17. I’ve been wanting white ones for a while! I have black with raspberry double tongues which just means that they’re bright raspberry pink on the inside. I will say that I’ve been enjoying retro-y NB 574s (I think) because they are considerably more comfortable. I think people who say that chucks and toms are good for all day walking must have feet of iron. Errands? For sure. All day around a city/amusement park/museum? Not for this lady.

    What I really need to know is where you got that adorable sweater on your daughter.

  18. I so want to be able to pull these off, because I just love the look on other moms, but I just can’t. My style is too girly. I feel awkward in them. But I am drooling over all of the options. SO cute!

  19. I’m with you, I’ll be wearing these when I’m old. When all else fails I put them on and feel an acceptable level of cool cuz I feel so me. I stalked a limited edition pair of hot pink ones with purple tongues on Ebay, bc pink is my signature color but hot pink in Chucks isn’t too Pepto.

  20. I had some just like yours and I never reached for them. Then I saw and purchased the shorelines in grey (white is good too though) and I’m OBSESSED. I think the style looks so so much better. Mine aren’t uncomfortable and I can wear them all day. Only problem is socks. You kind of need them if you’re not just running a quick errand. So the skimpiest footie ones are needed and still kind of show.

  21. I’m more of a comfy-short-boots-everyday kindof gal. Never saw the appeal. Plus, if I’m gonna wear a sneaker, it better be super comfortable.

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