An Anniversary-Worthy, Convertible Dress (Scotti Tries the NinoBrand Livy)


Zack and I recently celebrated our five year anniversary (woot woot)!  Shana and the fam were in town and they know how to celebrate.  They had us over for drinks and apps before dinner and when we walked in they had champagne and wine (from our favorite, Everyday Wines), gourmet meats and cheeses, crackers and olives, sea salt caramels and chocolates (from Donkers) and beautiful floral bouquets (from Garden Bouquet)!  I mean . . . happy anniversary to us, right??  We sat around eating and drinking and reminiscing about the wedding and everything that’s happened in the last five years.  We went on to have dinner at the Steinhaus and ended the night dancing at the bar where Zack & I used to bartend. (We were there early.  Real early.  As in, no one else is here but we have a babysitter and we go to bed early so let’s dance now.  See below.) 
 I was so excited that Shana had this NINOBrand dress for me.  I was wearing an outfit that I wasn’t thrilled about but time ran out and we were late (anyone relate??) and I was like screw it.  SO. When I got to Shana’s rental and she pulled this dress out, I loved it.  I love the way it looks when worn as a maxi but I was happy I had worn a bodycon dress under my first outfit* so I could wear it with the top snapped up on one side (it’s a little too short to wear without the dress underneath).  It’s SO EASY to change from maxi to mini (or shirt) and we literally snapped it up in the middle of the street.  This is a dress that will be in heavy rotation in my closet.  (See how Shana wore hers here.) *Note: the bodycon dress I wore underneath was ribbed so you can see it beneath the dress . . . I would normally have worn a smooth one to avoid seeing it.Wearing:

NINOBrand Livy Dress (Wearing a size 3 . . . a 2 would also fit, but it might be too short to wear as a dress when pinned up. I loved that the armholes weren’t too big and didn’t show my bra.)

Sam Edelman Patti Sandals: I wear these allllll the time because the heel is walkable and they’re actually comfortable. They run true to size and are available in a ton of colors and patterns.

J. Crew Sequin Petal Earrings: I love statement earrings and I’m obsessed with these black beaded earrings that are on sale now!

Black Bodycon Dress: (similar) I wear these under shirts to turn them into dresses all the time . . . also available in petite.

Sequin Clutch (similar)



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