Cool Backpacks as Diaper Bags – I’m in….Are You?


IMG_0022 I was totally inspired by Lane's recent diaper bag article.  I took it as a sign that it was time to upgrade (or really, add) a diaper bag to my growing collection. 

"THANKS, LANE" says my husband sarcastically.

Being firmly in the not-a-diaper-bag-as-diaper-bag camp, I already have my fair share of big bags.  Thus, I wanted something a little bit different.  And since backpacks are slowly but surely making a comeback…I was curious:  could I find a backpack that was cool enough such that I'd actually want to carry it around?  Something with street cred…yet functional enough to actually function as a diaper bag? 

Happily, yes.  Meet Makr Carry Goods, based in Brooklyn, NY.  All of their items are handcrafted in the USA in small batches.  And their Canvas Farm Ruck Sack (pictured in cream, above) is my current fav. 

I love the clean design, rustic sensibility, and the way that both the canvas and leather soften up quickly with just a bit of wear. 

But cream?  Really?  I called the company to see how I could IMG_0008 wash this bag.  Jason called back.  While the canvas and leather would wash just fine, he was a bit concerned that the metal might bleed in the wash. He, being a practical guy, suggested that I exchange it for the brown or black.  (Oddly enough, that was my husband's suggestion as well).  But I LOVE the cream.  And M agreed – the cream rocked.  So I'm going to make a go of it.  Hopefully this story will have a better ending than my cream cotton couch

For those of you loving this bag, but with more sense than I…it also comes in a gorgeous brown and black, pictured below.

These bags feature a couple of inside pockets, and two long outside pockets on each side.  They retail at Makr Carry Goods for $160.

Brown_Ruck_Fr_750 Black_Ruck_Fr_750


Filson_rucksack1 I've also been loving the Filson Rucksack at Need Supply(pictured at left), but at $260, it was a bit more than I was willing to pay for yet another not-a-diaper-bag-bag.  Still.  If you are trying to find a truly unisex bag, this would be a very cool choice, no matter who ends up carrying it.

Kanken_classicputty3_1Lastly, I've been intrigued for quite some time with the KanKen bags from  Fjallraven, pictured at right (yes, cream again) and established in 1978.  These bags look rather school-kidish…but in a really cool way.  And they come in several colors.  There was just something about these backpacks that drew me to them, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it…until I saw one of my very favorite fashion bloggers rocking it:

  4844547403_3c70446d13_b Readers, meet crazy-adorable Annabel of Blushing Ambition.  She's been wearing this pack with 4966371044_407faaa856 virtually everything, including the skinny jeans and stripes (left) and a cute dress and cardigan, pictured at right.  

The best part?  These babies retail for only $65 at Need Supply.  There's a laptop version as well (which would be perfect for airplane travel with the kiddos), available for $110.

Feeling the backpack love yet?  I'm all in.







  1. I have a Lafuma sling backpack that I got years ago. So far, I have never found another bag to beat it. It’s got a wide strap so it stays put and feels comfy, holds a lot but stuff is still findable, is a square so it looks trim and fits books/magazines… There will never be another like it. 😀

  2. Lane — I wish the backpack was only my “Beta” bag. But the reality is more “gamma”? I’m scarily close to your “10 is insane” diaper bag limit, LOL!
    Nell – And cream is good for the UP! Lots of snow…won’t stain, right? 🙂
    Maman A Droit – That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking! So glad you agree!
    Seanna – Lafuma? I had a friend who worked for Lafuma…and I swear, that company makes the best stuff that no one has heard of! Love that you know of them! (But I never checked out their sling bag….hmmmmm….)

  3. This is random & I realize I’m a bit delayed one this one but I wanted to through my favorite bag/backpack out there. A. Kurtz makes fabulous, military chic (on trend right now) accessories and their bags are amazing, have lots of pockets, are durable heavy cotton canvas and not crazy expensive! Only drawback is they typically only come in a couple of colors but…LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    This is the Russell backpack:
    And then this is a fab cross-body/should bag:

  4. Anne — ummmm…YEH-ESS! LOL – Your comment cracked me up. At least swap it out for an Envirosax bag. 🙂
    Julia A – One of my most favorite tips EVER!! Wow, girl…thanks for sharing!! LOVE them.

  5. I’m in the “not-a-diaper-bag-as-diaper-bag camp” too. I typically wear my ERGObaby backpack when I’m out-and-about. It’s so nice to have my hands free to carry my toddler, without having a bulky bag slipping off my shoulder!

  6. Stephanie, I’m a huge Ergo-lover also, but never tried the backpack part. It’s actually pretty cute, I’ll admit I’m a bit surprised, LOL!

  7. What do you think of that Alexander Wang bag?(Not the newer one b/c I KNOW what you, and I, and everyone else think of it!!) (**jealz**)Do the satprs dig in or pinch at all-with double chain thingy?

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