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My husband’s style is very much so…I-don’t-give-a-crap. The man would still be wearing cargo shorts and tie die shirts if I hadn’t come along. That said, he has grown to appreciate a low-key, comfortable look – with a bit of cool snuck in (by yours truly). I think we have finally gotten to a good middle ground. He won’t wear vests or tall, hipster boots (damn it), but he will allow for some edge now – for example, a utility jacket or Converse. I’ll take it! In fact, he’s really settled into a style now that I find very attractive on him. PRAISE JESUS.  I have been working hard on this for years, ya’ll, so…this is a victory I gladly celebrate.

So, for Christmas, I got him these Clark boots. He was in need of an anytime-boot and these were perfect – not too cool, but just cool enough.









He loves his picture being taken.


Now, my brother is a whole different story…


He’s game for most anything, when it comes to style. We’ve always shared that in common.

I found out that he had a pair of Frye boots with him on our family vacation this past Christmas, and military-style ones at that. Now, THESE I had to share, so I grabbed my camera and told him to get outside, like the bossy big sister that I am. He obliged…like the middle child that he is.








They are really the perfect boot for the more fashion-forward guy.

my husband’s outfit

tee: J. Crew Pocket Tee – I should have gotten him a few of these, in different colors. He wears it all. of. the. time.

jacket: Columbia Fleece Jacket – this jacket is amazing…looks cool, is casual enough for my laid-back guy and it’s warm.

jeans: Gap Straight Leg Jeans – these are my favorite style of jeans on Matt. FYI: he doesn’t have much of a behind…and I think that’s why they work so well on him.

boots: Clarks Chukka Boot – he loves them (score) and I like them, because they aren’t old sneakers…ha. Win win!

my brother’s outfit

button down: J. Crew Plaid Shirt – always a good option…easy and cool.

pants: J. Crew – not sure about the exact style, but J.Crew’s Seeded Canvas Chino is a good option.

watch: Seiko – always one to have a sharp watch. It definitely makes a guy’s outfit more interesting and complete. Seiko’s Classic Chronograph Watch is similar to his. I also like their SNN241.

boots: Fryes – he bought his a while back, so not 100% sure which ones they are, but their Sutton Tall Lace boots are very similar. I have included a slew of other styles below, too.

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  1. Now to convince hubs he needs to own a pair of boots purely for fashion’s sake! Here in the suburbs of Dallas, work shoes, sneakers and flip flops are all he really “needs” according to him.

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