We’re Calling It: These Vuori Jackets Make Irresistible Gifts


Gang, we own a lot of Vuori. For me, it’s partly because it’s my lifestyle, right? I spend an inordinate amount of time attempting to squeeze in a workout or, conversely, attempting to squeeze in a shower after a workout, which means that, yup: I spend most of my time in leggings or sweatpants.

And I know I’m not the only one because Vuori is a gift that everyone seems excited to open. My Mom? Yup – the boys gifted her a coordinated (but not matching) hoodie & sweatpants set a couple of Christmases ago, and she’s still wearing them. My husband loves everything (specifically these), and even my boys love these Vuori joggers. Vuori gifts are definitely multi-generational.

But one of the things we like to do here is cut through some of the noise and point out when something is truly exceptional. The problem with Vuori is that we like…almost…all of it?

That said, if we had to point to one Vuori product that we, the TME editors, tend to use the most often (besides leggings, because a pair of black leggings makes for a boring – if useful – gift), a product that would also be exciting to receive, it’s one of Vuori’s lightweight jackets.

Are Vuori’s Lightweight Jackets The Perfect Gift?

top left | bottom left | top right | middle right | bottom right

When we looked back over the years, it turns out that we’re all still wearing – over & over – lightweight Vuori jackets. There’s four specific ones we love, jackets that hit that exact right mix of cozy & cute, jackets we wear with “real” outfits (in addition to the usual suspects – leggings, sweatpants, etc.).

These four Vuori jackets can be layered under/over other pieces, too (think: hoodies, vests, parkas), meaning that we get year-round use out of these pieces. And? Best of all? They’re downright exciting to gift.

1. Start Here: The Foolproof Fleece (Cute Enough For Real Outfits)

jacket (S) | jeans (27) | sneakers (size down half size) | similar bag

The Vuori jacket that gets the most wear – from virtually everyone – is Vuori’s Cozy Sherpa Jacket. This jacket is fluffy and soft – so fluffy, it *almost* vibes like a faux-fur. Which is likely why it looks so cute with jeans (even jeans & heels). The fit is roomy & oversized, but with a slightly cropped shape that feels really fresh.

jacket (L) | joggers (M) | leggings (S)

Fit Notes: Amy, who is 5’9″, has tried this jacket in two sizes (medium and large), but prefers the larger size to get the fit exactly right. Julieta, on the other hand, is very petite (5’1″ I think?), and prefers to size down in this jacket. The rest of us, however, find that this jacket runs TTS.

While this jacket is available in 5 colors, the white, ivory, and charcoal are very low stock. That said, any of the available colors still vibe as neutral tones. I’m actually considering the green color, since my ivory jacket has become tough to keep clean with our new dog, haha.

jacket (XS) | similar leggings

And I do want to keep it clean!! Julieta has pointed out that her green jacket (above) is one of the pieces she reaches for the most to get out the door, and part of that, I’ve got to assume, is versatility. I’ve worn my jacket with jeans, sweatpants, leggings, and faux-leather pants. Em has worn hers heading “out to school in the morning, or to the grocery store, or to the playground, or out to the coast trail for a midday pick-me-up“.

jacket (S) | turquoise leggings (on sale) | ‘stormy heather’ leggings (also on sale) | similar shoes

Bottom line? This jacket is an easy win, and an especially exciting (and useful) gift.

2. The Fleece Jacket That Covers Your Butt In Leggings

jacket (L) | hat | shorts

If you prefer a fleece jacket that covers your butt…we love Vuori’s Utility Sherpa (on sale!!!). It has a boyish vibe, especially if you go up a size (Amy’s usual trick with Vuori jackets). It’s not as soft and fluffy as Vuori’s Cozy Sherpa Jacket, but it’s especially great for layering and suuuuper cozy.

3. The Quilted Jacket To Wear Instead Of A Sweatshirt

jacket (S) | leggings (M) | similar bag (exact bag only in red)

Honestly, the product shots of Vuori’s Halo Insulated Jacket make me sad, especially because this jacket is really freaking cute! It’s made from the same bananas-soft fabric as Vuori’s iconic performance joggers, but has 40g of Primaloft between the layers. Yet, it doesn’t feel like a puffer coat – far from it.

This jacket feels almost like Vuori’s sweatshirts, but with more heft to it. This piece feels really luxe and special on – like nothing else I’ve ever worn. If interested in more details, see my full review, here.

jacket (S) | leggings (M) | similar bag (exact bag only in red) | ballet flats (TTS)

4. The Technical Jacket: For Morning Runs Or Coffee Runs

jacket (S)

Now this is a puffer jacket. A lightweight, very pretty puffer jacket that also happens to be water resistant (with a PVC-free DWR coating). This is the kind of lightweight puffer that you can throw on for a run in cold weather…but is also cute enough to hit the coffee shop after. This jacket fits TTS (although, we’re learning from Amy that tall girls should probably size up), and is available in 3 colors (all would work as neutrals). Scotti especially loves the high-low hem – it’s super flattering with leggings, and looks cute with flares, too.

Hope this helps, Gang. Happy gifting.




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