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Mr. Casual is my husband, Matt. Whether he’s in the office or running to the grocery store with the kids, there’s one thing about him that consistently remains the same — his appreciation for a more relaxed look when it comes to his style.

Casual means something a bit different to the Matt of today. If his college-aged self had his way, he’d still be wearing cargo shorts and a hoodie every day of his life…heh. As he’s navigated through his career and home life, he’s found a way to smart-it-up a bit…all while maintaining this Cool Guy casual look. It really suits him, too (not sad about the loss of the cargo shorts and hoodie over here).

When putting together a sort-of seasonal wardrobe for him, I try to make one thing a priority – finding that piece that will act as the foundation for alltheoutfits. In the Fall/Winter seasons, it’s the outerwear I look to. Once I have the jacket, the rest is easy! I can simply add-on complimentary button downs, pullovers, pants, etc. Matt now has this Bonobos Waxed Cotton Jacket, which totally fits in with his relaxed aesthetic and vibe. It’s smart enough to be worn to the office, too and for that I say ALLELUIA. PRAISE THE LAWD.

Matt says, “cool”.

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Outfit Details – Matt

Bonobos is running their Black Friday Promotion early this year! Everything Matt’s wearing is included. Take 30% Off $250+ and 25% Off $150+ with Code DEALWEEK. Also, did you know they offer free shipping & free returns on every order? (Now you’re speaking our language, Bonobos)

Jacket: Bonobos Waxed Cotton Jacket (wearing M, Slim) – Matt’s usual go-to when it comes to jackets is something relaxed that can be worn with jeans, but can also work double-duty and look totally cool with slacks for work…or random dressier occasions. What he likes about this jacket is, and I quote, “it’s comfortable, very lightweight, but still keeps you warm…and it has lots of pockets. OH! The fur collar is also removable, which is cool”. Well, you heard the guy. Sounds like he likes the jacket.

Shirt: Bonobos Washed Button Down Shirt, Burgundy Lion (wearing M, Tailored, Reg) – Matt wears button downs all week long and, to be honest, his usual rotation gets boring really quickly. It’s nice to add in more interesting prints and colors here and there. He was also really feelin’ the T-Rex Button Down…and actually, so was I. We love some dinos in any shape or form in this house. That one might need to be a Christmas present.

Jeans: Bonobos The Blue Jean, Atwood Medium Wash (wearing 32×30, Slim) – I feel like we just found the JEAN OF ALL JEANS for Matt. When I had gotten him a pair of super skinny jeans one year, he could barely sit down. Needless to say, he’s not a fan. Hey, I mean he’s got the legs for it, but…not exactly comfortable. Now, these Bonobos jeans do not hug anything and allow for him to sit down, run around, karate kick…do stuff. He was telling me that they are soft, comfortable, stretchy even and not too relaxed, but also not skinny mini. If you’re happy, babe…so am I.


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During the Fall & Winter season, I like to find a jacket or coat that really works it. Meaning, it can be worn with whatever is in Matt’s closet. It also serves as a great foundation for when I’m trying to figure out what he still needs. I am usually the one to buy the majority of his clothes, so it makes it simple for me if I can look to the “main piece” and just build on that with complimentary button-downs, jeans, chinos, etc.

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A big thanks to Bonobos for sponsoring this post. Your cool, yet wearable options for guys are spot-on. Men everywhere thank you (and so do I!)…and thank you, dear readers, for supporting us and the brands we work with. We appreciate it more than you know.


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Photos by Christina Hussey Photography.


  1. I was excited to see this post as I’m always looking for new ideas for my husband’s wardrobe. But all I saw in the pictures were the plastic bags from the grocery store. (Please get some reusables!)

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