Cool Kid Style: Fab Kids


Mamas, have you heard of Fab Kids?



It’s an outfit subscription service…for kids.



For $40 per month, they’ll send your kid a complete outfit based on his or her tastes.  (And like other subscription services, you can easily choose to ‘skip’ a month.)  The styles range from “urban prep” to “rock and roll” (and a bunch of other options in between).

Christina Applegate is the creative partner of Fab Kids, and honestly?  I think she nailed it.



The clothes are durable and cool.  Instead of babyish teddy bears or “Daddy’s little helper!”, the boys line has headphone graphics, stripes and camo.  In fact, this is some of the best affordable little kid style I’ve seen.

My picky little guys agree.  They’re denim haters, so we all appreciate the wide range of soft pants.



Thank you, Fab Kids, for making soft pants that don’t look like sweatpants.

Now, I feel the need to talk about Pax’s “outfit” for a sec:



Yeah.  Wow.  Someone over at Fab Kids is currently banging their head on a desk. (Rest assured – this is NOT one of the monthly Fab Kids outfits.)

Fab Kids sent Raines a couple of outfits in the mail.  In the same box.  (And this is key.)  So I open it, and I’m all “Raines, hey.  Look what I asked Fab Kids to send you” completely forgetting that I have more than one child.  Horrible, horrible.  I know.  Of course Pax runs right over and is all “For ME, MUM?  You haf sumping for ME???” and is all adorable smiles and big innocent eyes.

Those eyes, Mamas.  They kill me.

So then I’m all “Uhhhhh….YEAH, PAX! Yes!  There’s an outfit for you!  Pick which one you want!!”

So he did.  In his, ummm…own special way.




So…yeah.  The striped shirt came with the plaid pants, the flannel shirt with the gray pants. But, whatever.

Fab Kids is currently running a buy one, get one free promotion.  And they carry outfits for girls, as well.  (Including a sequin dress that I would wear.)


Fab Kids, thank you for sending these adorable duds!  This tee is still R’s favorite.



“It’s camo, Mom.  Like a real solider.”

Oh dear.





  1. Oh far too adorable. I would so subscribe to that if I could but I’m over in the UK. But those tweedy pants look the business – my boys don’t rate jeans at all. In their eyes “joggy bots rule”.

  2. You have probably answered this at some point, but I missed it….do you do anything to Raines’s hair or put product in it? My youngest has similar wild hair that I would LOVE to look like that. Raines and his style just look so natural. He is awesome 🙂 Gorgeous children!
    And I’m loving the ‘soft but not sweatpants’ idea–my boys are anti denim as well and i’m so over their love of track pants (cringe)

  3. honestly-I think the REAL niche for boys is in comfortable denim. Just from your comments here you can see this is a universal problem. Mine ar 9 & 12 and hate to wear jeans. They would sooner put on khakis. If jeans can be made super comfortable for women-why not boys? I am talking fabrications that are super light but still look like denim. Athleta does this well.
    And while I personally think the looks are adorable that you show my boys would never be caught dead in anything like that. Unfortunately in the suburban boys world only Under Armour and Nike (and similar)are acceptable. I was able to dress my boys cute up until first grade and then they revolted and its not a fight I think is worth it. I hear they change in high school-one can hope!

  4. I’ve been a member of FabKids for about a year for my daughter – it’s hit and miss on what I like and don’t, but they have some really cute styles for a great price!

  5. I really wish I could say I liked FabKids. I received a voucher in a Citrus Lane box to try them out, but unfortunately the entire time that promotion ran EVERY SINGLE ITEM in my son’s size was sold out. I emailed and got some of the worst customer service ever, so now I’m not interested in ever giving them my business. Just figured I’d share my 2 cents…

  6. “completely forgetting that I have more than one child” … heh heh heh! priceless!
    I followed the link to Fab Kids, and the front page doesn’t seem to have been updated from when they only dressed, it seems, girls. But if you try to sign up, the boys’ stuff shows up. Just FYI for lazy clickers like me…

  7. Your kids seem like the coolest ever in those pics (and in real life too I’m sure!). I especially like their poses in the third pics down. I’m gonna check fab kids out for my two girls and can’t wait for our little son to fit boy clothes!

  8. I asked my almost 4 yr old what he thought your boys were doing in the pics and he said “Maybe they’re rock stars?”. He also deemed R’s outfit as cool so I guess I’ll go take a look at Fab Kids….

  9. WORST customer service ever. I got very excited by these adorable clothes and signed up 🙂 Then decided I really didn’t need to spend the money. Sigh. You can’t cancel online, so I called to cancel. This process took FOREVER and they were very pushy and rude. I then received a broken headband today and contacted them for a replacement. I was told that since I cancelled my subscription that they would not process a replacement.
    While the clothes may be cute, I would recommend against getting involved with this mess of a company.

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