From Cute To Cool: PUMA Has Our Favorite Kids’ Clothes


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Greenlea used to have a closet FULL of sequins and ruffles and tulle and all things shiny and glittery and decidedly cute. We’re talking frilles and matching headbands and all of the things which maaaay have been purchased by a mom who loves SPARKLES.

Greenlea is definitely her own person, though, and she is NOT without her own opinion. She recently informed me that she no longer has any desire to be cute.

Oh, I thought. “Ok…I will try not to use that word, then,” I said. “What word would you like me to use when I think you look cute?”

“Mom!” she said.

“Sorry. You’re just so cuuuuuute!” I said, pinching her little cheeks.

Rolling her eyes, she said “I want to look cool, Mom. Not cute.”

Uh-oh. Cool is really not my specialty. Cute, I can do. But cool? That’s really always been more of Shana’s area…

Cool Kids’ Clothes We Love: PUMA

I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom. According to me. According to Greenlea? I’m like the least cool person she knows. “It’s ok, Mom, I still love you!” she’s told me before, after I’ve tried to convince her how cool I am. (Something I realized mid-way through that wasn’t very cool…) Thankfully, PUMA made it pretty easy for me to find something Greenlea would love. And after looking at these photos, I’m pretty sure she was feeling pretty cool in her new gear.

(Ok, but seriously…how cute is she??) ūüėā Can’t. Help. Myself.

Cool kids' clothes by PUMA

jacket (m) | pants (m) | sneakers

One of the best parts about letting kids choose their own clothes is seeing their personality shine through. I know from experience that when I’m wearing something I feel good in, it not only shows, but it changes my whole attitude and mood. And I could tell from the minute G put these clothes on, she was definitely feeling herself.

Cool kids' sneakers by PUMA

G loves these Mayze sneakers that she now wears with everything – and they really do go with everything from dresses to jeans to leggings and track pants. They’re chunky but lightweight, and stay comfy on her feet all day at school.

Cool kids' clothes by PUMA

jacket (m) | pants (m) | sneakers

The track pants and jacket are made mostly of cotton (from the Better Cotton Initiative, which helps support more sustainable cotton farming) with a bit of recycled polyester, so they don’t feel too scratchy or stiff like some other tracksuits I’ve felt.

Cool kids' clothes by PUMA

jacket (m) | pants (m) | sneakers

They come in a huge range of sizes, from toddler size 4T, little kids 5, 6, and xs to big kids size small (8/9) – xl (15/16). I used the size chart and ordered a medium (one size bigger than I would typically) in case they ran small. They don’t! She’s got plenty of extra room in these, but stick to your regular size for a smaller fit (check out the model for an example).

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Cheers to wearing what you love!



photo credit: J. Birdie Photography

A huge thank you to Collective Voice & Puma for sponsoring this article…G had the BEST time choosing her new gear! (All product choices were hers.) And readers, thank you so very much for your continued support. It is so appreciated!

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