Two Easy Mom And Baby Halloween Costumes


Let me go out on a limb and say that most of us are going to leave the “naughty nurse” costumes in the back of the closet this year.  Which is really too bad for those of us who are breastfeeding…we certainly have the boobs to pull it off, if not the stomach, butt, or desire.  Ah, well.  Such is life.  However, for those of us cool moms who still want to get into Halloween festivities without resorting to wearing plastic Halloween-themed earrings (NO! NO!)…here’s two ideas based on items that are already in your closet.


Draculean Diva

Ok, so it’s no naughty nurse, but you can look…well, a little elegant and still be festive for Halloween.  Dress your little one up as an adorable bat, and you can go as a feminine version of Dracula.  Sweep your hair into a french twist, powder your face with too-light face powder, add some black eyeliner and red lips.  For the costume, simply pull on a black pencil skirt, black tights, black boots and a white button down shirt.  Add a cape.  Plastic fangs are optional.

Bananashirtnskirt Cape

 [photo credits: shirtdeluxe vampire capefangs , bat costume ]


Just a Sweet Little Farm Girl…

This one couldn’t be easier.  Dress your little one up as any kind of farm animal – cow, pig, horse, chicken…even a dog or cat.  You throw on some jeans, a white T, and add cowboy boots, a red bandana and a hat.  You can sex it up a bit by tucking skinny jeans into cowboy boots and putting your hair into two pigtails.  Hmmmm…is it only my husband that thinks pigtails are sexy?  Lastly, if it’s warm wear you live, you can also skip the jeans and go with some Daisy Duke cut-offs for a little extra YEE-HAW.

Hat Bandana

[photo credits: hatbandanabootsbaby cow costume]

The hat is from  It seems like such a safe item to buy at Trashy, so be sure to also check out their cowgirl costume.  Personally, I’ll save that one for the future me that gets a good night sleep and is actually interested in a little YEE-HAW.



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