Sick of Sambas?! Try These Cool Sneakers Instead


Everyone is still gaga over the Adidas Sambas, but Laura’s here today with a few new options that she thinks are cooler and more wearable. (And I think I agree! I just have an affinity for all cool sneakers, I guess.)

If you’re thinking Sambas are cute butttt… too flat – Laura gets it. (And frankly, so do I! Just got a pair and though they’re reeeally stinking cute, I want more substance.) Here are 5 other sneakers that still offer some on-trend action for your spring & summer looks but with thicker soles, some more versatile styles, and a lot of comfy cushioning. That’s Laura’s jam.

5 Cool Sneakers (That Aren’t Sambas) For 2024

So if you’re looking for a bit more support but with the same trending skater/tennis sneaker vibes for 2024 (metallics, bright reds, cool details), you’ve come to the right place video.

We’ve also got a good helping of retro vibes (something Laura incorporates into her everyday style so well) and a lil bit of platform (such a plus for some height and subtle style elevation, IMO). I’m here for dipping our toes into sneaker trends without venturing out into too trendy territory… because we wanna wear these babies to the ground!

Psst — curious about everything Laura’s wearing with these cool sneakers? You can find this latest video here on our Youtube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of the handy shopping links.


Abby & Laura

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Incredibly creative and artistic, Abby is the one we turn to for absolutely jaw-dropping, stunning curation. She’s got a knack for finding hidden gems and has the ability to make any space beautiful, plus her own style is enviable. Abby is one of the few team members who is not afraid of color, so her contributions (both digitally and in real life) feel like a breath of fresh air. She manages to come up with options that are both wildly original…and exactly what we want to wear.

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