Black + White Shared Boys’ Bedroom


A shared bedroom doesn’t have to be jammed packed, unorganized or lacking in style. Check out the awesome + organized space we created for 2 lucky little Single Room Fix clients.

Making a Statement

Even though we were designing in the abscence of color there was no lack of drama in this space. We went with a dark paint for the back wall, which let all our white bedding and furniture pop. Sherwin Williams Days End is the perfect backdrop for this design.

Unique Storage Solutions

Since there was only room for one dresser between the beds (and no end tables) we had to come up with some unique storage solutions to help keep that dresser from becoming overcluttered. Wall mounted baskets and hooks on each side of the bed provide a place for each child to hang jammies in the morning, and store their favorite books at the end of the night.

Create Personal Space

A shared bedroom presents a unique set of design challenges. By doing two of each key elements (bed, storage bench, hooks, wall baskets and bedding) we ensured that each child had their own designated space within the room. Using oversized vintage marquee letters in each child’s initial helps reinforce these personal space boundaries, while making a BIG design impact.


Pattern Play

We added lots of textures in patterns into this black and white room. Mixing a diamond pattern rug with cloud pattern sheets, diamond throw pillows and plus sign throws keeps the room visually interesting even with the lack of color. These patterns work together because they repeat similar geometric shapes but vary with scale.

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-Allison H.

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