Black + White Shared Boys’ Bedroom


A shared bedroom doesn’t have to be jammed packed, unorganized or lacking in style. Check out the awesome + organized space we created for 2 lucky little Single Room Fix clients.

Making a Statement

Even though we were designing in the abscence of color there was no lack of drama in this space. We went with a dark paint for the back wall, which let all our white bedding and furniture pop. Sherwin Williams Days End is the perfect backdrop for this design.

Unique Storage Solutions

Since there was only room for one dresser between the beds (and no end tables) we had to come up with some unique storage solutions to help keep that dresser from becoming overcluttered. Wall mounted baskets and hooks on each side of the bed provide a place for each child to hang jammies in the morning, and store their favorite books at the end of the night.

Create Personal Space

A shared bedroom presents a unique set of design challenges. By doing two of each key elements (bed, storage bench, hooks, wall baskets and bedding) we ensured that each child had their own designated space within the room. Using oversized vintage marquee letters in each child’s initial helps reinforce these personal space boundaries, while making a BIG design impact.


Pattern Play

We added lots of textures in patterns into this black and white room. Mixing a diamond pattern rug with cloud pattern sheets, diamond throw pillows and plus sign throws keeps the room visually interesting even with the lack of color. These patterns work together because they repeat similar geometric shapes but vary with scale.

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-Allison H.

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  1. Ummm. It’s a great guest room, maybe ?!?
    But it’s just not a boy’s room. Or really, any kid room to be honest.
    That big honking lamp with a narrow base? It’s going to get knocked down in about three hot seconds. The teeny, tiny dresser for two kids? Yeah, not happening.
    I’m not one to write negative comments, but I’m just not feeling “ shared boys room” when I see it…

    • Hey Rebecca! Thanks for your comments. There is a lot that goes into designing a space for a client. We discuss all their “dream world” wants, how the space needs to function and most of all budget. Often times that leads us to finding creative solutions that not only look good but also work for the occupants of the space —and most importantly for the bottom line of the project. In this case we were limited in the size of the room so, yes unfortunately we could only fit one dresser between the beds. What you don’t see in these images is another dresser out of site to the left of the entry door. The room is tight so its hard to capture all the angles. The lamp was a item the client recently purchased and wanted to reuse so we worked it in. This job was installed just over a year ago and the lamp still lives to see another day :). I am assuming this is because we also designed a pretty kick-ass (kid-proof) play room for these boys to go wild in.

  2. Always so interesting to read the differing reactions and points of view! Guess that is what makes life beautiful, right? For I love this!

    And, for those of us living in older homes with smaller bedrooms/nooks and crannies, I can say wholeheartedly this IS a shared bedroom- that is exactly what my boys’ shared room had for space, teeny-tiny dresser, storage bench, and all. We had two lamps that were wall mounted and a small closet where we had to hang their tees.

    This wasn’t the color way for my kids when they were younger, but I wonder if that is because I picked it out back then. Now teens, they both selected a dark wall (Benjamin Moore’s Soot) and charcoal/black/white/gray for the colors in their renovated room.

    Thanks for the inspiration! I really love it- and I bet your clients did too!

    • Hey Caroline! This fan was actually already existing in the room. But has some really great option for clean/modern looking fans!

  3. This looks so lovely! Exactly what I’d want to do when my own boys are older–of course I imagine there’d be an abundance of pokemon figures and other toys around. Do you have a source for the bench that is at the foot of the bed? I’m on the hunt for something in that color for my son’s room.


    • Hey Jess! I’m certain that this is not what the space looks like on a day-to-day basis despite their parent’s best efforts! 🙂 Photoshoot days are special. The exact bench was from overstock but unfortunately is no longer available but this one is similar!

  4. I shared a bedroom with my sister and the layout is very similar to my old room in our 1930’s house. Dresser in the middle with two single beds on either side with little areas for each of us including our own wall shelves and hooks. If you think this isn’t a “Boys room”, think again! My son looked at the room and said it was really “Cooooooool” and then asked for his room to be redecorated. I guess at 10.5 he is tired of baby animal stickers on the wall and has appreciation for great design. HAHA! Well done, Allison!

    • Thanks Kaaren! This family has a great sense of design and these “little clients” had a great sense of pride in the space we created together.

    • I personally love Land of Nod because it is really stable sturdy furniture made with kids in mind! Also Target has some really great options (online only) loving their “baby relax” brand.

  5. Love the design, the colors, the aesthetic – I’m planning a shared bro-sis bedroom and plan to take inspiration from this. And now I’m going to be THAT PERSON who opens the socially-aware can of worms in an interior design post.

    One thing – I know that TME is striving to be more inclusive and forward-thinking culturally, which is why I’d ask you to please rethink the “Boys Will Be Boys” sign. It’s just, especially in this moment (or, hopefully more than this moment – this NEW AGE) of #TimesUp and #NeverAgain, etc. etc., anyways, it’s not a phrase I ever use about my son anymore, and I think we’d do well to reconsider all of the very horrible behavior that phrase has allowed.

    Certainly, yes, there is often something special about many small people who identify as BOYS, that’s just – wow – I mean – the special effect noises, the fascination with motors/wheels/fast/big/strong/shooting, and the energy, and the vulnerability; just as there’s often something about small people who identify as GIRLS. I have one of each, and while we’re in a community and live lives that defy stereotypes, it’s astounding how well they align on those stereotypes.

    But still, I think we can do better than that sign. I like to think we’re getting to a place where we’re past that phrase, and all that’s it meant. I love Teaching Tolerance – they say it better than I could:

    And here’s a link to Boys Will Be Good Humans t-shirts:

    and Boys Will Be Good People poster:

  6. This is a super cute space! My daughter’s room is also black and white, her color choices, and I’m pinning pics to show her later.

    I do get a guest room vibe from the styling. These pics are such a blank slate that I can’t tell anything about the boys who live here: their interests, their favorite games, even how old they might be. This is a kid’s room without any toys in it, which feels jarring compared to the other kid’s rooms TME has featured! The write-ups for those often talk about a love of play and Montessori principles — none of which I get from this room. Again it looks great, but it doesn’t fit the design or parenting philosophies I’ve come to love from this site.

    • We simultaneously worked on a play room for these kids while doing the bedroom–so that might be why you don’t see a lot of toys etc. There just isn’t the room for them. These parents made the decision to move both their boys into one small bedroom and use that space solely for sleeping and quiet time activities and take the other small room and deck it out as a space to play and go nuts.

  7. Am I the only one who find the Boys Will Be Boys print cringe worthy. I think now it is a sentiment that is very associated with rape culture and the idea that boys can get away with behavior that should not be acceptable just because of unconscious gender bias. Not a message that I want to impart to my boy these days.

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