Cool, Urban Winter Hats For Babies and Kids


PA110028 We don't do cutesy in this family.  We don't do clothing with puppies, kitties, bunnies, or even happy little hammers with slogans like, "Daddy's Little Helper!"  I can't do it.  I…..just….can't….do it.

I'm also not a fan of anything too sporty, too preppy, too scratchy, too stiff. I'm starting to sound like Dr. Seuss.

I do not like them on the street.

I do not like them out to eat!

I do not like that cutesy crap!

I do not like them (gasp) heart-attack!

Anywho. These requirements of mine also extend into hats for the kiddo.  Perhaps it's because the little man has virtually been bald for his entire life (all two years of it) – even now, through his dandelion fluff hair, I can easily see his scalp.  So hats are a way of life.

What I'm looking for are soft, comfy hats with a hip, urban feel. And they are out there – it just takes some looking.  Here are my current favorites for babies & older kiddos (both boys and girls).

My Favorite Unisex Hat

This classic Smartwool beanie (shown above on Raines) is made out of a double layer of 100% wool, is both insanely soft and warm, and has a classic urban vibe.  I like the plain black for both boys and girls, but if you want a softer color, this hat comes in Pink, Pink/White Stripes, Navy/White Stripes and Olive.  The official name is the Kid's NTS Beanie, $22 at  This hat comes in sizes to fit toddlers – older children.

A Gorgeous Handmade Hat For Girls


For girls, I'm completely in love with PDXBeanie's Newsgirl cap.  This hat is crocheted with super-soft 100% cotton yarn, and retails for about $34 at her Etsy store.  She will make this style of hat to fit sizes from newborn to preteen.  Hmmmm….I actually want one for myself.

Cool Handmade Hats For Boys

Il_430xN.117523361 Il_430xN.116568256

The first hat is also by PDXBeanie, it's the Visor Beanie, and retails for $30 at her Etsy store.  Like the Newsgirl cap, the beanie is hand-crocheted with 100% cotton yarn, and can be made for sizes from newborn to preteen.

The second hat is the Cotton Helmet Hat by Citefuzz.  This hat is also knit with 100% cotton. I like this hat in just two colors (as pictured) with the brim down, and earflaps up.  Unless, you know, it's too cold.  Earflaps down are cute, too.  It appears that you can order sizes from newborn to tween….but the best part?  You can ask her to line the hat in fleece. LOVE.

A Drool-Worthy Hat For Babies

 Il_430xN.114899320 Il_430xN.114899317

Ok, ok – so I know I said I we didn't do cutesy.  And I realize that ears on a hat might be considered cutesy.  But call it what you want:  This set is gorgeous.  I have no idea when I'd want to dress my newborn in nothing but a hat and knit diaper covers, but when kid #2 comes along, he/she will be in this set.  The hat is Citefuzz's Cotton Chunky Mini Monkey Hat with Earflaps, and oh-by-the-way, it's organic.  I'm so in.  The diaper covers are….oh NO!  Not listed on her shop!  Argh!  I will find out about the diaper covers and update this post. The hat retails for $26.

Now that I can't easily purchase the diaper covers, I will obsess over them, newborn or no.

Stay warm!




  1. “I do not like that cutesy crap!” Oh…my…god…can’t…breathe…laughing… So VERY me. Why do brands insist on writing ridiculous junk like “Daddy’s Little Peanut” all over clothes and bibs and blankets? And small furry mammals on butts? Drives me nuts. Buying my baby-to-be clothes has been a nightmare (I must admit, however, that I bought out Dwell’s Hedgehog line. Preppy stripes in mod colors with a silly hedgehog–thanks!)
    Anyway, I’m ordering the smartwool and seriously considering the helmet hat–thanks SO much!

  2. Gotta love the Smart Wool beanie. My husband wants one too. I can’t believe how soft it is…not at all woolly or scratchy feeling.
    Amy – am also loving Dwell’s line. Have you checked out their Target line? It’s actually great. And came out AFTER my son was born, outfitted and too big. GRRRRRR….

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