Bloomingdale’s Has The Coolest Kids Backpacks & Jeans


“MOM!”  Raines said.  “You didn’t pack me any jeans for when I was away at camp!!”

I pause with the fork halfway to my mouth.  I set it down and turn to face him.  “Jeans?” I ask, eyebrow raised.  “Since when do you want….jeans?”

Raines, my oldest, has a pants problem.  Meaning he never, ever wants to wear them.  Or try them on.  Both Mike (hubs) and little brother Pax know to hide each Fall when back-to-school shopping for Raines starts.  Typically easygoing, the prospect of even trying on pants throws Raines into a whining, mooing mess.  And jeans?  They’re the worst of the worst.

Raines has the decency to look sheepish.  “Well….” he starts.  “We needed to be fancy for dinner one night, and I didn’t have any jeans to wear.”

This is confusing on many levels.  First and foremost – I’m pretty sure Camp Twin Creeks doesn’t actually have a “fancy dinner” night.  I ask for clarification.  Raines starts to turn red.

“Um” he says.  “My friends just….um…..wanted to look fancy because….” (his voice is practically a whisper). “Because thereweresomegirlstheywantedtobefancyfor.”  This all comes out in a whoosh of giggling. “But not me, mom.”  He attempts a straight face.

My baby.  OMG.

“Honey, I’m so sorry!” I say.  And I am.  I certainly did not see this coming.  “What did you end up wearing?   For your fancy dinner night?”

He shrugs.  “My sweatpants are pretty nice.  It was fine.”  (he’s right – they are pretty cute, actually)

But lo and behold, when it came time to start the back-to-school hunt-n-gather…..I brought home some jeans.

When the jeans came in the mail…there was the usual nonsense: Raines flopping around like a fish, mooing and whining, Pax striding around, striking poses in the mirror.  “MOM I LOOK AWESOME” says Pax.  Obviously, kid. #selfesteemCHECK

I fist-bump Pax, and ignore Raines’ theatrics.  A few minutes later, the noise stops.  Raines walks out of the room, checks himself in the mirror.  Grins. “Sooooo….” he begins.  “I actually think I like these, Mom.  It just….it took a minute.”

Yeah.  They’re Sevens, which after about a minute….stretch.  No kidding he likes them.  It’s almost as if someone….planned it that way.  MWAH HA HA.

Also, we like our backpacks full of personality, please.  And these are seriously fun ones.

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Outfit Details

Raines (oldest) –  tee | jeans* | shoes | backpack

Pax (youngest) –  hoodie | jeans* | shoes | backpack

*If your little isn’t typically a jeans kid, try the Hudson Parker knit jeans.  They look exactly like jeans, but are a knit, and insanely soft.  (We’re currently in Iceland, and my kids even wore them on the plane.  You can see pics on my IG, @shanachristine.) Check out our kid style blog for more fashion ideas for your little ones!

Shop Coolest Backpacks for Kids

I was kinda blown away by the insanely well-edited selection of kids’ backpacks at Bloomingdales.  Check it:




  1. Definitely trying those Hudson knit jeans for my 5yr old son. Do you have any suggestions for knit type jeans for girls? My 8yr old daughter has a hard time with skinny jeans, we need a little extra stretch, and I’m thinking knit jeans might be the ticket. Thanks!

    • That’s what I said, until the Christmas my son got a pair of green skinny jeans from J. Crew. They were $60 — way more than I’d ever pay for kid’s clothes! — but those were the only pair of green jeans in a boy’s cut I could find. They turned out to be amazing. Deep, rich color; quality construction; good thick denim. They were my first Crewcuts item and I ate my hat.

      He really did outgrow them, instead of outwear them. They lasted for three years (the last year as cut-off shorts, when he got too tall for them). The color stayed vibrant and the knees never gave out. They were the only pair of jeans he never ripped a hole in. I didn’t replace the rest of his wardrobe with J. Crew or anything, but maybe I should have. During those three years we went through a couple hundred bucks at Target and Old Navy, buying jeans that got holes in their first season, while that expensive green pair was still kicking around in great shape. It changed my mind on investment pieces for kids, at least for wardrobe staples!

    • Not sure if that would be the same model, but some “7 for all mankind” kids jeans can be found in Nordstrom Rack for under $25.

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