It’s the rain boot post! Get excited. Or try to. It’s been raining non-stop here lately and yes, it usually does, but I feel like it’s been extra rainy and gray. We got the teeniest bit of sunshine yesterday…and here’s Sienna “making a mask because it’s too bright.” #nativeportlander

sweatshirt (very similar and cuter!) | tutu| boots (similar and these on the wishlist!)

I really tried to find some great alternatives to the traditional knee-high, clunky, shiny rubber rain boot. I know those are ok for the backyard and for when you’re really planning to wade through some water, but…we’re all kind of over them.  Here are some other fun options that will still keep your feet dry.

Cool Rain Boots for Women





1. Sorel 1964 Wedge – (Hahaha! These must be the shoe of the day!) It’s funny. I added these first before I bought them last week and…it was fortuitous. If you follow me on Instagram at @elletrain you may have seen them this weekend. They are SO good. I know all of us on The Mom Edit have talked about loving them. I never thought a pair of fairly high wedges would be so comfortable. They are even bouncy! Please try them. I wore them all around Philly last weekend…even after damaging my feet from dancing in other heels for 4 hours straight at Shana’s party! They are not your typical rain boot (yay!) and are so comfy. Waterproof. Love. They fit true to size, in my finding. They come in a variety of color combos and sadly the one in the collage above is harder to find. I went with the Shale though and LOVE them. I bought extra brown boot laces in case I’m not feeling the bright pink, but so far that hasn’t happened 🙂

2. Sorel Women’s Out N About Leather Waterproof Boot – I love these. They are low and flattering for everyday wear. Again, Sorel knocks it out in my opinion with weatherproof boots. The sizing is tricky on these though. I have tried my normal 8 and am pretty sure now I need to go up to a 9 (after also trying an 8.5)  They keep selling out in various places, but also seem to be restocked regularly.

3. Womens Hunter Original Chelsea Ankle Boots Snow Winter Rain Wellingtons – I can’t do a rain boot post without including Hunters. Their matte finish and this chelsea style are such a good departure from the shiny knee boot that I am not in love with.

4. Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek ‘Rub’ Boot – These are super cute, warm and a nice version of the rubber boot. I have a friend in the NW that adores hers (shout out to Roxy Marj! – she makes the CUTEST baby/kid rugs, illustrations, and more you guys) That’s how I was originally introduced to them. I like this shorter version for myself, but they also offer a taller version, too.

5. Steve Madden Tillis – The cutest duck boot style shoe I’ve seen. Love the quilted upper. These say they are waterproof, but I can’t vouch that the upper fabric is. You could easily spray that part with waterproofing treatment. These are adorable.

6. Tretorn Women’s Wings Vinter Rain Boot – These! These are my favorite when it comes to a more traditional style rain boot. I have the knee high Tretorn boots and I’m considering moving on to these that are mid-calf. I love the matte finish, again, and the nice little red stripe. These come in a few other colors, as well. The lining is super cozy and great for slipping on without socks.

7. Sorel Slimpack Riding Boot – If it’s a knee boot you are after, these are so rad. Beautiful leather and quality from Sorel. They get really great reviews and there is some really helpful information in the reviews. People said they do run small and are a bit tough to get on initially, but that they’re super comfy once on and are their favorite boots. Gorgeous.

8. The North Face Bridgeton Waterproof Wedge Bootie – Thank you reader Shauna for recommending these in my holiday travel post. I love that they are waterproof yet don’t look at all like a rain boot. These, of course, are great for light rainy days and running errands or popping in and out of the car, but what a good looking city boot. Love. They also come in a chestnut color.

9. Adidas Outdoor Choleah Boot – These are a bit more of a snow boot, but they’re super cute so I had to include them. They have Primaloft lining to keep feet really warm. They also come in a really cool purple tie dye print that I LOVE.

10. Johnston & Murphy Jeanie Lace-up – These are such a cute option for a casual date night in the rain or any time you want to dress up a bit with a funky boot! Love the duck boot styling on a heeled shoe. These may not be for everyone, but I think they’re a cool combo.

Cool Rain Boots for the Guys

mensboots1. Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Hi Top Sneaker – Rubber sneakers seem like a great alternative for guys. My husband will not wear a rain boot and these would be a great alternate to his Blundstones…speaking of Blundstones…

2. Blundstone BL550 – These are what Pinky wears. They are so durable and really hold up well if, like him, your guy only wears one pair of shoes at a time and wears them to death. Highly recommend these.

3. Tretorn New Gunnar – I LOVE these for guys. They are definitely my favorite of the bunch. They come in a couple of other colors, too.

4. Hunter Original Rubber Lace Up – These are a really rad alternative to a rain boot for the men. Super cool and Hunter’s quality.

5. Ugg Foerster – These look super comfortable and great to slip on by the door. They have a nice work boot look, but with a soft lining that Uggs is known for.

6. Earthkeeper’s Originals Boot – Speaking of a work boot, these. For the lumberjack or wannabe in your life. Love the color, lug sole and the laces.

7. Kamik Ice Breaker – These got really great reviews online for a traditional water boot for men. These are hardcore and hold up to actual wading.

8. Tretorn Men’s Strala Vinter Rain Shoe – Love Tretorn and these are good. They’re a nice slim, non-clunky boot for the guys.


Cool Boots for Girls



1. Gap Bird Floral Rain Boots – So cute. I’m digging this chelsea style for kiddos. It’s a great, stylish update to the traditional rain boot.

2. Bogs Classic Stripes Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot (Infant/Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) – Bogs are tops, in my opinion. This is the coolest print I’ve seen! They offer some other color combos in the stripe, too, but this was my favorite. These taller Bogs are great for bigger kids and their shorter version (see in boys below) are awesome for little tots first rain boots. And Bogs have soft lining, so if they dump water in their boots (ahem, Sienna) and their socks get soaked the boots are still soft on their bare toes.

3. Hunter Kids Original Chelsea – SO freaking cute. The pink is perfect. The style is perfect. I may have to get these for Sienna. LOVE. And, though Hunters are an investment for kiddos, they have great resale value at consignment shops or online.

4. Old Navy Patterned Rain Boots – Super cute, simple rain boot design here. Reasonably priced and would go with everything.

5. Hunter Kids Original Metal – How could I not include these? Sienna has been asking for them ever since she saw the computer screen the other day. Like mother, like daughter…

6. H&M Rubber Boots – These may be the most adorable tiny rain boots I’ve ever seen. So cute and the low chelsea style would be great on little ones. I always feel bad for tiny kiddos clomping around in giant, heavy rubber knee boots.

7. Keen Kids Encanto 365 – Keen makes fabulous shoes for kiddos and these look amazing. I really want to check them out in person. They also have great resale value, this brand.

8. Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Rain Boot Sneaker – So rad. Yes please.

9. Bogs Kids Classic in Sweet Pea – A sweet little pattern but with a black upper boot that would go with lots. Cute!

Cool Boots for Boys




1. Bogs Baby Bogs Classic Choo Choo Waterproof Winter and Rain Boot (Infant/Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) – Here are the low top Bogs I mentioned above. I LOVED these when Sienna was just walking and needed rain boots. We also have a pair now because they are so comfy. I like that this print is mostly black and would go with everything.

2. H&M Rubber Boots – The same cute H&M boots in an adorable blue stripe for boys or girls. Love.

3. Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Rain Boot Sneaker – Had to include the black pair, too. Love love.

4. Native Shoes Sid Waterproof Boot – I love Native shoes and Sienna has had their summer styles, but these are newish I believe and so great! They are so easy to keep clean and are soft, bouncy shoes for the littles.

5. Bogs Baby Bogs Classic Animals Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot (Infant/Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) – Another cute style from Bogs if you want a brighter boot pattern

6. Hunter Kids First Classic for Toddlers – The cutest Hunters, besides the little chelsea style. Love these!

7. Hunter Kids Chelsea – The adorable chelsea boot in blues. Love the contrasting sole color, too. So good for your dapper little one!

8. Timberline Genuine Shearling Boot – Love the work boot style and the soft lining. The leather is waterproof and the lining would keep feet super toasty!

9. Bogs Kids City Farmer – And again with the Bogs. Love these solid gray that would hardly show any dirt. I promise this post isn’t sponsored by them. Hahaha!

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Whew. Ok. Epic rain boot post…for the whole family! I hope you find some you like in here. I know there are so many to choose from, but I tried to find some unique styles to keep feet warm and dry…and not boring! We actually have some sun today! Wait, nope, clouding up again. Sigh…

Until next time!





  1. This kind of bums me out. I just convinced myself to order a pair of tall Hunters after years of flip-flopping. I also ordered the gloss bc I read that the matte ones gets chalky and don’t look as good after awhile.

    I have a question though: As someone new to constant crappy weather I thought part of the reason for tall boots was so your pants don’t get wet? With some of the shorter options won’t that defeat the purpose?

  2. We just got a pair of baby Bogs and love them! They’re so easy to put on my 15 mo old can do it herself – and insists on wearing them in the house, too. 🙂 Also, perfect timing since I’ve needed good boots for rain more than snow so far in Boston’s winter!

  3. All right, all right. After repeated recommendations of the Sorel wedges, you guys harassed me into buying them 🙂 You are right! Super comfy and shale color is perfect. Thanks for the recommendation!

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