Cozy And Cute: Velvet Pajamas


There’s no doubt that velvet is having a major moment right now, and one fun way to wear it is pajamas.  Velvet PJs are cozy, cute, and have a little something extra that feels especially on point during the festive holiday season.

My hands-down favorite pair of velvet jams are from Madewell.  The top is cute enough to wear alone and the shorty-shorts are short enough to be sexy, but long enough to bend over without fear.  I warm things up with an oversized cashmere sweater, legwarmers (which never get enough love if you ask me #flashdanceforever) and cozy slippers.

And before I forget…..I need some new holiday kids’ books.  Anything good?  Too many are SO cheesy – and I’d love some multi-cultural book ideas, too.  In lieu of that, I did pick up this unabridged, illustrated copy of A Christmas Carol.  Raines loves it, but Pax is a little scared.  I forgot how intense the story was (but also amazing, so we’ll persevere).

I love that moment when we bring out alllll of the holiday stuff: books, decorations….Mike’s Christmas village (don’t ask).

Actually, we haven’t brought Mike’s village up from the basement yet. It’s so precious that I’m always fearful taking the many little parts out of the many little boxes. Yet it brings that man SO MUCH JOY YOU GUYS.  So much joy.  I gotta get on my game.

Outfit Details

On Me….

cami top: Madewell (size xs for reference)

pj shorts: Madewell (size xs for reference)

sweater: Vince Cashmere cold-shoulder sweater (xs for reference) – also in gray

Legwarmers: old Free People, but these ones are just as cute

On Pax: Hanna Anderson Pajamas

On Raines: old J.Crew, but this season’s holiday lights set is pretty funny (and has some older sizes left)


A Few More Velvet PJs That Caught My Eye



  1. I bought these pjs when you highlighted them a few weeks ago, and I love them! Love your leg warmers too, but I can’t wear wool (FP’s all have it). Any non wool leg warmer suggestions?

  2. Yes, yes, can we please talk about leg warmers for a second! I bought a pair from a company that makes professional dancewear (KD Dance, some colors are amazon prime) and I LOVE THEM. They are so functional because they turn all my summer workout leggings into winter leggings. I bought the super long 40 inch pair so I can pull them all the way up and still have room to pull them down over my toes if I want. So far they stay up where I put them but it depends on the fabric of the leggings. Mine are pretty stretched out now so they don’t stay up as well on bare skin.
    Betsy, I can’t wear wool or cashmere either, these are not itchy. But stay away from the metallic colors, reviewers said those were itchy.
    I bought the black pair so they go with everything and are very subtle. I questioned if they were “in style” enough to wear but they are so functional I don’t really care, but now that I see Shana wearing them I feel better. I only wear them with workout clothes though.
    Shana, would you wear leg warmers in a non-workout/athlesire capacity?

  3. Love the PJ’s and the leg warmers, but wanna know what I really love? Your home!!! This is gorgeous!!! I would love to know more about that couch, pillows, rug, table…well, the whole thing! And, as someone who just painted her interior walls white- I love yours. xo

  4. How about a Christmas book round up? We have a whole box that appears at Christmas but a few are meh and I’d love to find other good ones. My mom’s friend was a teacher and used to have great recommendations before she retired.

  5. Have you tried the book “Red Ranger Came Calling” be Berkeley Breathed. It’s one of our absolute favorites. Great story and illustrations,

  6. I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark. I bought it for my daughter, who just turned 4, and its a bit above her head (but I love it!). Great role model for boys and girls!

    Also, I just re-read what you wrote – holiday story. It’s not a holiday story, but I still think I Dissent is a great book for your boys! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy New Year, and happy anything! 🙂

  7. A bit late here, but our favorite Christmas story is Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden. Yes, it’s about a doll and a little orphan girl, but my boys enjoy hearing it every year just as much as my daughter. Just a good old fashioned tale about the power of wishes.

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