6 Cozy Holiday Outfits With My Favorite Quince Cardigan


It’s not new news that an oversized cardigan is one of my favorite wardrobe staples. 

I have a beloved collection of cardis in my closet that I pull from more than arguably anything else I own. The MVP of my cardigan collection is this cashmere boyfriend sweater you’ve seen me wear endless amounts here on TME, with the new cropped version closing in fast as runner-up.

quince cardigan cozy holiday outfit

sweater (L) | similar denim | bag

If I’m just crawling out of bed and it’s extra chilly in my home? Oversized cardigan. If it’s date night but I want to feel like me? Oversized cardigan. 

For my personal style, it’s the piece that can do it all – even starring as the main character in my holiday outfits.

6 Outfit Ideas With An Oversized Cardigan To Wear This Holiday Season

I’ve decided there are a few simple guidelines I like to follow in wearing oversized cardigans as a part of festive holiday attire.

  1. A collection of fun accessories helps make the outfit feel a little extra special: You could go glam with sparkly bags, keep it “cool-girl” with metallic embellishments, or my personal favorite, add pops of holiday reds. A handful of gold or silver jewelry pieces helps, too. 
  1. Keep it simple: I prefer wearing a silk cardi or nothing at all under my oversized cardigans when trying to feel a little more festive, as it allows the cardigan to speak for itself, and feels dressier than layering it over a tee or cotton top.
  1. Express the outfit with hair and makeup: Making my hair a little bouncier and adding a few more dramatic makeup elements (a darker lip, eyeshadow, festive red blush, etc.) helps draw the bridge from cozy, nap-worthy sweaters to fun, party-ready outfits.
quince cardigan cozy holiday outfit

sweater (L) | similar denim | bag | boots

With those ideas in mind, I threw together 6 cozy holiday outfits with my favorite oversized cardigans, all looks that feel festive enough to hit the mall to shop for gifts, would be comfy for a Friendsgiving celebration, and even a few that are dolled up enough for attending The Nutcracker or your fave seasonal show.

With A Sweater Skirt & Silk Cami

Nothing feels cozier than pairing your favorite sweater with a sweater skirt

quince cardigan cozy holiday outfit

sweater (L) | cami (L) | skirt (M) | similar bag | similar shoes

I recently discovered this cashmere sweater skirt and was completely swooned by the idea of having the same coziness of my favorite tops being ON MY LEGS. If I lived in a snowy winter town, I’d add thermal tights and wear taller boots that tucked up underneath the bottom of the skirt.

But in San Diego? This skirt wears perfectly all on it’s own. 

This washable silk cami is a wardrobe workhorse in my closet. I pair it with just about everything: it’s the perfect layering piece and is my favorite way to break up an outfit like this that has thicker knit material from top to bottom. I have the burgundy color next on my wishlist, especially to incorporate in holiday outfits like this! 

With Jeans & Pretty Ballet Flats

This is my ideal fit for hitting the mall to shop for gifts. 

quince cardigan jeans holiday outfit

sweater (L) | jeans (28) | flats | similar bag

These jeans are one of my all time favorites, if not the top pick of them all, and have been for many years. I have yet to find another pair of jeans that fits my straight frame (no hips, no waistline) better, and it’s actually quite silly I haven’t purchased more washes after all these years. 

To spice up my favorite jeans and a comfy oversized cardigan, I reached for accessories in festive pops of red. I scooped up these flats specifically with the holidays in mind, and they’ve been the absolute perfect shoe for all my neutral outfits (they just so happen to be extremely comfortable, too). My color, Raspberry Mauve, is hard to find in most sizes, but any of the velvet-y versions of this same shoe would be amazing for a holiday flat!

With A Silk Mini Dress & Booties

If I ever have to dress up, like really dress up, a go-to look for me is finding a slim, silky dress and throwing a cardigan over it. 

quince cardigan slip dress holiday outfit

sweater (L) | dress (M) | tights | boots | bag

The dress and heels are what pass for being dolled up, but the cardigan is how I stay comfortable and feel more like myself. Knee high boots would feel very on-trend with this look, too, but since I’m still on a hunt for a pair that I really love, I opted for my fave booties to pull this outfit together.

With Coated Denim (Or Swap For Faux Leather Pants)

I LOVE the look of faux leather pants (or even recycled real leather pants), but they are far too sweaty-hot for me in San Diego. To achieve a similar look that isn’t nearly as warm, I love a pair of coated denim, instead.

sweater (L) | similar denim | bag | boots

Coated denim (or a great pair of faux leather pants) are such a rad way to spice up an outfit in place of a dress or skirt. They’re also a really great option if you don’t like trousers or have to wear trousers on the regular for work. 

I love tucking my cardigans all different ways, and while the cropped cardigan can be easier for tucking in the entire sweater, a half-tuck is a great option for full length cardigans.

With A Corduroy Mini Skirt & Tights

This season has been all about the skirts for me: corduroy, silk, suede, cashmere – I can’t get enough of them. 

sweater (L) | similar skirt | tights | boots | bag

Pulling on a pair of tights always feels especially seasonal, too. If I were living in a colder town, I’d top this entire look with a long wool jacket and a fabulous blanket scarf.

This outfit was very much influenced by my recent round up of Meg Ryan rom-com-inspired-outfits, when I couldn’t help but notice that her 90’s movie fits were not only frequently styled with tights, but paired the colors brown, black, and gray together quite often.

With Black Jeans & Bejeweled Shoes

There are few things more fun than reaching for a sparkly accessory, and it’s a really easy way to make an oversized cardigan outfit feel special. 

sweater (L) | jeans (28) | flats | similar bag

Sparkle and dazzle aren’t words I usually adhere to my personal style, but I couldn’t resist the bejeweled version of my favorite pair of flats. They are just the right amount of pizazz to match my holiday-cheer, without creating an outfit that would be described as glamorous (they also came with a bag of extra jewels, should any fall off). 

Pairing the comfy sweater and glam shoes with a funky, dramatic jean like these horseshoe jeans from Citizens of Humanity uniquely balances everything out for a look I love.

My favorite buttery-soft red bag sold out fast at Anthropologie (there are more colors to choose from!), but if you’re looking for something similar to carry around this season, here’s a round up of amazing options!


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  1. Ah, oversized cardigans, the unsung heroes of any wardrobe! I’m totally on board with the cozy vibes.😄 Your outfit ideas are spot-on—each one a testament to the versatility of these beloved knits. Those bejeweled shoes adding a touch of sparkle? Genius! I’m particularly drawn to the idea of pairing a silky mini dress with a cardigan for that perfect blend of dressed up and comfy, but post-pregnancy. Now, during pregnancy I snagged some cozy leggings from https://www.ripematernity.com/collections/leggings , and I’m envisioning the perfect pairing with an oversized cardigan for those extra-snug moments.
    Comfort is key, especially now.😏

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