Cozy Pieces + Delicate Necklaces



Gang, it’s been almost a year since I mentioned these sweatpants….remember this old article when I referred to them as ‘Outdoor Sweatpants’?  Well.  A year later, and they’re still going strong.   As in….I wear them to grab coffee, to school drop off (those mornings when pajamas double as clothes), while cooking dinner after a looong day, wrestling boys, reading books, falling asleep putting the boys to bed….and they’re coziest-ever thing to snuggle into after a long day on the slopes.

My one sweatpant misstep was actually trying to do a yoga class in them.  SWEAT.  Whoa.  Not advised.

Anyway, the reason (as you’ve probably guessed by now, especially if you follow me on IG) that I’m blathering on about them….they’ve been restocked.  In all colors and sizes, including black, which sold out in a hot second last Spring.   You can see this IG pic for the sheer bum-friendliness of the pant (which is why I dubbed them ‘outdoor sweatpants’ last Spring).

Lately I’ve been wearing my sweats with this super soft fleece top that I bought based strictly on the 94 glowing reviews.  It can be worn off-the-shoulder (one or both), or as a cowl neck.  I don’t typically go for cowl necklines, but the material is so thin and drapey, and the cowl so subtle (the top fits nicely across the shoulders, even when in cowl mode) that it’s shockingly flattering.  I love it.  (As a bonus, it’s long enough to wear with leggings.)

Lastly, a few of you were asking about my necklaces.  This simple black choker is my new fav – it seriously looks good with everything, and the two delicate chains I rarely take off are Dana Rebecca’s bar pendant in rose gold and a very thin gold infinity symbol by Zoe Chicco.  That last one isn’t available, but Shy by SE necklaces have a similar vibe (so delicate they almost disappear).  I like the lightning bolt, or maybe the one that says ‘trouble’. (Which inexplicably, was always my nickname at Lockheed.  Ha!).  Anyway, the full line is here.  So fun.


top: Gibson Convertible Fleece Cowl Neck Tunic – size XS for reference (comes in a zillion colors….)

sweatpants:  Free People Kyoto Leggings – size XS for reference – more colors available at Free People

necklaces: Vanessa Mooney Leather Choker,  Dana Rebecca Bar Pendant Necklace in rose gold, sold out Zoe Chicco, recommend this lightning bolt necklace instead or this ‘trouble’ necklace.  Or see the full line of Shy by SE here.





  1. Love this post! Everything looks so cool and comfy. Can you please do a post on how to look styling and cool with Uggs boots? It’s been really cold here in California, I am reluctant to wear them outside, they just seem big and floppy, thanks!

  2. I have & love that top, it totally fits with my “feels like pajamas” personal style goals BUT it always pops off my shoulders into a cowl. You must have magical shoulders 🙂

  3. Do you mean Lockheed as in the aerospace company? Wow. I think it may be time to step back from the moralizing and politics. No matter how you spin it, you worked for the war machine, the kill game, the technology that murders the Middle Easterners and our U.S. troops by the thousands.

    From a social worker or nurse maybe the soapboxing would be more acceptable. Not from someone who had a career in a missile company.

  4. Can you link to a good bra to wear with this shirt? I’d love to find one that fits with the whole cozy vibe, and sadly “cozy” has never been an adjective used to describe a strapless bra 🙂

  5. LOVE the sweatpants, but are they substantial enough to cover lines from comfy undies? Your bum looks FAB in them, but if they require a thong under the hood I know they’ll sit in my drawer. Sweatpants and thongs (even Hanky Pankies) are mutually exclusive in my world.

  6. I ordered this whole outfit. The leggings are AMAZING. Like I want to marry them – SO COZY. I was pretty much balking at the price for a pair of sweat leggings – until I felt them hahaha. The top is also soft but had to go back. I didn’t size down (I’m a 4-6 and got a small) but could only wear it as a cowl (which isn’t very “special” looking) – if I tried off the shoulder it was SO tight across the shoulders and bust (I’m an A cup) that it was super weird feeling and looking and as soon as I moved it would pop back to cowl mode. Oh well. one out of two aint bad.

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