Crazy Awesome: Coloraturo Blocks (and a Giveaway!)


****Giveaway is closed! Congrats to Jane Little, our winner!***

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I'm always delighted to support companies that are all about promoting open-ended and creative play.  Especially companies who are also well-versed in the benefits of Reggio Emelia (my hands-down, current favorite early childhood education philosophy).  So when I was contacted by the folks over at the Learning Materials Workshop to see if we wanted to test out their new set of blocks, I jumped at the chance.

You know we love our blocks.  A lot.

Learning Materials Workshop creates highly colored, very unique sets of blocks.  At first glance, they don't look like anything exciting.  Here's the Coloraturo:

Screen Shot 2012-01-24 at 9.28.25 AM


Um.  Ok.

But it only took Raines about 2.3 seconds to see the myriad of possibilities in this little set.


He made houses….




And train tracks…


And little pyramids.  He was very proud of the way they fit together just so:


And he tried his hand at stacking….


Until his brother came along.  You know how this is gonna end, right?




We're having a little trouble with sharing over here.  I get it.  Sharing sucks.

After that, R got a bit frustrated and we put them away.  The stacking ability is really cool, but the blocks are thin, and have to be stacked just so in order to stay up.  Totally pissed him off.

But the next morning?  They were the first thing he asked for. 


And after many more falls, he finally got it higher – all by himself.  The kid was PROUD.  And so was I.

The verdict?  These blocks were (and continue to be) a hit.  The colors and unique shapes really draw him in…yet they are simple enough to promote all kinds of open-ended play.  Even Pax gets in on the action – just basically fitting two pieces together, taking them apart.  Fitting them together, taking them apart.  Etc.etc.

A huge thank-you for Learning Materials Workshop for sharing their fabulous Coloraturo blocks with us!  I'm now a huge fan.  The Coloraturo set retails for $75.  

Onto the giveaway!

The Learning Materials Workshop is offering one reader the Curvilinear Set.  This set retails for $50, and looks like a bridge-builders dream.  

Screen Shot 2012-01-24 at 9.52.58 AM
R would go nuts.  Learning Materials Workshop says:

Children combine soft, flexible, clear tubing and hard, stable, rectilinear blocks and dowels as they explore, construct, and compare structures. Topological forms that curve, twist, and stretch are contrasted with fixed angular shapes—enriching language and encouraging mathematical thinking and cooperative problem solving.


Screen Shot 2012-01-24 at 9.53.39 AM

If you'd like a Curvilinear set for your little one, here are the ways to enter:

You will get one entry for likes, three entries for sharing.  Then leave a comment telling us how you've entered.  And please:  leave your email address (or blog or something) when you leave a comment.  We've been having trouble getting in touch with giveaway winners because they left only a name.  (Amy?  Which Amy?  Amy L?  I'm Amy C…??)  Too much mom-brain on all sides of this coin.  :)

UPDATE:  When inputting your email, you can just use the "Your Information" box while commenting.  You don't have to put it in the comment field itself.

We'll pick a winner on Monday, Feb 6th at 6PM EST.



ps.  And HEY!  Give me some props on the photos, would ya??  With the exception of the last pic…I took ALL of the pics!  All by myself!!  Really!  Granted, I realize that the last pic (taken by hubby) is still the best one…but mine aren't bad.  Thank you again, Ashley Ann




  1. Oh my gosh!! these are so cool! My son is only 6 months, but will LOVE these when he gets a little older! I liked the post on FB, and shared it as well. I also liked the learning materials workshop on FB.
    bethany.lamois at gmail dot com

  2. Already like you on FB. Love the pictures, especially the one where the baby has the evil gleam in his eye. I see that same look when my one-year-old gets his hands on big sister’s toys…

  3. I “liked” ANMJ, LMW on Facebook and I shared this post on FB! 😀 These blocks are AWESOME! jennifermlawson at gmail dot com!

  4. LOVE these! Would love to win! Question: If I put my email in the “Your Information” section to submit a comment, will you have it? Or do I need to write it in the comment itself?

  5. I liked Ain’t No Mom Jeans on FB…and I totally think the mischievous smile/pre-block smash photo is the best one. 🙂 Wonderful job!!

  6. I like Ain’t No Mom Jeans and Learning Materials Workshop on FB and shared the post! (are we supposed to leave a comment for each entry? It didn’t seem like it from the instructions and I didn’t want to spam you…)
    lnhindman (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. OK, so I blanked out and forgot to put my info on my posts…. please delete the prior ones!!
    I liked you on FB!!
    cwendel (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. OK, so I blanked out and forgot to put my info on my posts…. please delete the prior ones!!
    I liked Learning Materials Workshop on FB!!
    cwendel (at) yahoo (dot) com

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