Cropped Flares for Tall Girls: Cam’s Take



If you had told me a couple of months ago that I’d be wearing cropped flares (and not hating them), I would have laughed…in yo face.

Now look at me. HA HA. Jokes on me, I guess…

Curse you, TME and your “Cropped Flares Week”.




Yeh, so I wore them…and I didn’t hate them. I know, I was in disbelief, too. I think it’s in most part, because I went with casual footwear, because hell naaaaw would I be wearing them with a heel. CONVERSE all the way, baby.

The day I broke out the cropped flares, we went out for a morning of errands, a coffee break and mozying around Midtown, CLT – one of my very favorite areas in Charlotte. Seriously. If we were bajillionares, I would move there in a second. It’s all the charm, with huge oak trees lining the sidewalks, old homes chock-full of character, little shops….aaaaah. I die.

Literally, it makes my eyes well up with tears every time we pass through.



Maybe a little bit high water-ish when I sat down. #tallgirlprobs







outfit details

hat: Herringbone ball cap from Parc Boutique (old), but oh my gosh…I just got this Woolen Baseball Cap in burgundy and I. love. it. They have it in grey, black and olive, too.

tops: Free People Thermal Top (purple) – this is a fantasic top for Fall and Winter. I like it so much that I now have two…the purple and grey. It’s something easy and cute to throw on with jeans or leggings in the morning.

jeans: STS BLUE Cropped Flares – $58, so can’t beat that…a good option if you really just want to “safely” try out the trend. I also considered trying these Articles of Society Crop Flare Jeans.

shoes: Converse Chuck Taylors – always a favorite for me. I’ve been wearing them for years. I also recommend Shoreline Converse. Nordstrom Rack has them in Oyster Grey right now for $39.97.

bag: Sole Society Bridgette Satchel – a solid bag, with enough room for baby and mom things. I can fit two diapers, wipes, snacks, wallet, keys and phone in there. Plus – it makes me feel like a classy broad. 😉


Overall, I’d say they definitely still do not take the place of my favorite skinny jeans, nor do they rival my high waisted flares, but I’ll give it an 8 out of 10…if for no other reason than to be able to say in the future, “Yeh, we totally saw this coming years ago and wore them before EVERYONE else, so there”. I’m all about one-upping people. lol.

No, but really…I may even be thinking of wearing them again. Ugh.

The Cams of three weeks ago would be in shock and horror.



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All photos by Ariana Clare.


  1. Cam, I’m about the same height as you and I really love your recommendations on this blog, usually. Unfortunately, the way these look on you are not convincing me to buy a pair- I feel like they’re cutting you off at the wrong spot. You are beautiful- wear clothes that emphasize that, and avoid these weird jeans!

    • Yeah I’m thinking it’s maybe some sort of fashion blogger mass hallucination/delusion going on. However I’m enjoying that they are so wholeheartedly leaping in and not avoiding posting less than perfect looks. Enjoy this trend, I will be waiting this one out! 🙂

      • Agreed! I just don’t get it and I’ve really tried. I have, I promise! I’ve seen them now on every shape and normally something suits one body shape but not the other – on every body shape I just have to say I can’t stand the look of them! I don’t really know why, I just don’t know why we would replace jeans that actually are pleasing to the eye to these which to me, are so cringe-worthy?!! They’re just so wrong….. 🙂

  2. I can’t say I’m a fan of the cropped flares either… But, I would like more details this area of Charlotte that you love. I’m from Columbus and when I travel usually fly out of Charlotte … Always looking for a good shopping spot when I have time to spare on the way home. Location? Favorite shopping and eating spots?

  3. Love love love the converse with them !! Makes them look so effortlessly chic/casual ! I stand by my IG comment (@rusahlynn), even though you might be right about them being a little too short while sitting 😉 great job ! The cropped flare posts keep getting better! And kudos to you guys for keeping us momma’s moving on the fashion train, even though at first (and second, third, etc…..) glance (long hard look….haha) the current fashions might look…Umm…..different…! Yay for having someone else do all the hard work figuring out how to wear them !!

  4. I think they look great on you, until you get to the bottom… then just no. Too flared? Looks like you borrowed your little sister’s jeans. 🙂

  5. This trend is so so bad. Seeing it this week on everyone is like showing what NOT to wear a bunch of different ways. It looks awful on everyone.

  6. Laurel Market! They make extremely tasty sandwiches. I think you look cute here, and thus far you’ve tried the biggest flare in my opinion, so kudos on jumping that hurdle. 🙂

  7. Cams I think they’re cute on you. I like the casual way that you style them BUT I do think the converse (my faves) aren’t the BEST option as the look does cut your legs a bit and would look really bad on anyone not of your stature. Please please wear them again, I’m loving cropped flares week on TME!! I hated them too until I tried them on (not forcing the trend, was simply making sure they’d fit my teenage daughter before I bought them as a gift) but love the ideas I’m getting. I’m a little taller too and it seems a LITTLE easier to pull off with longer legs as there isn’t as much alterations required.

  8. You guys!! You really need to read the blog YouLookFab for more on cropped flares. First take a look under “Outfits” (all of the blogger’s recent posts of her own outfits have been of cropped flares). She also gives VERY specific instructions about how to wear them (and she is someone who used to hate ALL cropped pants, as being too leg-shortening). Number 1: Cropped flares look much better with some kind of heel. It can be just a platform sneaker, or a block-heel clog or whatever, but flats, flat sneakers are not going to work on most people. Number 2, and maybe even more crucial because I don’t think this has come up here: You need to “close the gap.” Meaning, again, most people look better if there isn’t just a big gap of bare skin in between the pants and your shoe. This means wearing a higher-shaft ankle boot or an ankle-strap shoe. This, to my eye, is why Laura’s first outfit yesterday worked so well: she “closed the gap” with her black boots. Again, mid-shaft sock-type boots are perfect for this. Number 3: And this came up in Shana’s first post: The pants have to be cropped at least an inch above the ankle bone. This means shorter or petite girls may need to hem. If all these are covered, crop flares can indeed look amazing! (Again, check out Angie’s outfits.) So please do not write off the whole trend! TME should get big props for covering it!

    • Way too many rules to follow for a pair of pants. I already have a closet full of skinny, straight and girlfriend jeans that work perfectly as is. This trend needs to die.

    • Nope, I think she’s just done a better job at hiding the high-waist long zipper seam. They’re either colored or she’s paired with a long top/hidden the waist with long jackets, etc.

  9. I have a pair of cropped flares that I love – the AG trouser crops. I only wear them with pointy ballet flats, a minimal sandal or a flip flop. Anything else just doesn’t work.

  10. No on the cropped flairs. But your shirt, hat, and sneakers all rock! (And what shoes is your baby wearing? I need something soft like that for my little one!)

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