The Best Way To Wear Cropped Flares Now (hint: yellow mules)

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I’m obsessed with the outfit that the stylists over at Net-a-Porter came up with recently.  They paired a pair of cropped flares with yellow mules, a patchwork bag, stripes, and a bomber jacket.  Of course, I can’t afford their version (or walk anywhere in those heels).  So using the spirit of what they intended, I created my own version.  Two, to be exact.  One is more of a date-night look, and one is perfect for everyday.


What’s your fav way to rock cropped flares? Leave us a comment below!





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  1. I just made my own cropped flare with an old pair of flare jeans and I’m loving them with a structured but flowy T and huaraches. The cropped flares are totally out of my comfort zone, but I’m living in them (thanks to June-uary in Seattle…).

  2. YES! YES! YES! I have been waiting for an outfit idea like this. I recently purchased a pair of cropped straight jeans at Nordstrom Rack, I know they are not technically flare (they are on my bird legs), so excited with this inspiration. Thank you!

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