Cropped Flares – Scotti’s Attempt


Cropped flares.  Google it and you’ll find a ton of pictures of women wearing them who look super chic and fashion-forward.  I’m going to bet most of those women are taller than me the average woman.  And thinner.  But.  This week is cropped flares week, and we’ve promised to show you each one of us in cropped flares.  If this is a trend that’s going to have staying power (I say if – and reading the comments over the past week I think the jury’s still out on that one – although some of you have said hell NO unequivocally), then they need to look flattering on normal bodies too, right?  Ha.  Haha.  Easier said than done.

On my hunt to find a flattering pair, I ordered a bunch only to find that every single pair, including the petite pair I ordered, were too long.  They were short enough to look like I was just wearing pants that were too short but not short enough to look like it was intentional.  And, to me, the length is kind of the key to the entire look.  Being 5’4″, it’s really hard to find a pair that’s the perfect length.  So . . . I cut my own.  And by I, I mean my husband.  Zack is a self-proclaimed “pant-cutting expert,” so I trusted one of my favorite pairs of jeans to him, showed him a picture for inspiration and let him do his thing.  He got that perfectly frayed hemline by using a wire cup brush (who knew?) on the cut hem so I didn’t have to wash them over and over again.







Topshop Faux Leather Jacket: My favorite.  Worn on repeat allll the time and under $100.

Turtleneck (similar): I’m loving thin black turtlenecks this season.  Didn’t realize mine was a bit see-through until I saw the pics.  Whoops!  The one I linked is opaque.

Vince Camuto Booties: Based off of Shana’s recommendation, I got these in khaki because black was sold out in my size – which I’m actually excited about because I like the leg-lengthening color!

Express Mid Rise Flares (not currently available) Mid Rise Barely Boot Jean or Mid Rise Bell Flare depending on how much of a flare you want . . .

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack: You’ve seen this before!  We all have this bag because it’s comfortable, big enough for diapers (or whatever else you need) and hands-free.

Wire Cup Brush: Wear a glove and use this on the cut hemline to get distressing.  Genius.  Or jean-ius? Hahahaha

Trauma Shears: I don’t know if this actually makes that much of a difference, but I found it was a lot easier to cut with them.  Maybe it’s just me.

I actually think I like them!  I mean, are they as flattering as boot cuts or flares?  No.  But I think they’re a fun different option.  And I think it helped that I started with a pair of jeans that I already liked and fit me well.  I liked them best with heels, but I’m a heels girl.  And as the entire TME is learning….these higher shaft ankle boots seem to make cropped flares so much easier to wear.

Next up?  With flats….

Cropped Flares + Flats

Flats are tough.  The length and flare makes me look wider and squatter when I wore flats.  It’s not horrible, but it definitely wouldn’t be my first choice.  Or second, probably.


cropped-flares-diy-2G was excited to take a picture, can you tell?


Express Mid Rise Flares (not currently available) Mid Rise Barely Boot Jean or Mid Rise Bell Flare depending on how much of a flare you want . . .

T-shirt: Super soft & comfy

High tops: (similar) I’m also loving the metallic finish on these Chuck Taylors and they’re currently under $40!


For those of you asking about winter, I’d definitely wear these with my Sorel wedges (love this light grey color) or Timberland booties.  I actually like that the jeans are shorter for winter because everytime I wear my flares or boot cuts in snow the bottoms turn into a wet soggy mess.  #snowproblems  I’ll try to throw a sample pic up on my Instagram (@scottiliz).




  1. I guess I hated these the least, but make no mistake, I still hate them. Starting with already loved jeans helped. And the leg lengthening heel helped A LOT, but when does it not?
    But still 0 for 5. Good game. Nice try. This style is a now officially a loser.

    • I completely agree. If the lovely TME ladies are having to work so hard on this look I don’t see cropped flares in my future. Too much work. I’m ok sitting this one out.

  2. I think these are are too short on you to be flattering. For shorter people the cropped flare style works best when it is just above the ankle.

    • Hmmm – I may agree? I got a pair of Gap Kick Crop jeans in regular length and I actually like them. (I’m 5′ 2″ and usually have to hem or order petites). But these hit me just above the ankle. I’m in Southern Cal and have only worn them with flat sandals or flip flops. Not sure mine would work with any other footwear.

  3. This fist look is fantastic! I think I would like the second better if the shoes weren’t high tops. I personally don’t think everything has to be “flattering” but these pants will be difficult for a cold winter, one reason I’ll skip on cropped flares, i love cropped straight legs though!

  4. Ok, first of all, that last photo with G is darling. Put an huge smile on my face Second of all, I think you look great in both options. Especially #2 with flats. It gives if a cool af vibe that you rock. That’s just me though, to each his own

  5. Slay slay slay!!!! YAAAASSSSS you NAILED it!!!! These look awesome on you and I am putting the leather jacket and turtleneck look to work as soon as we have a day below 75°! I mean this IS how you rock cropped flares. You look amazing. I am inspired. There are pair of distressed Rag and Bone flares in my donate pile, bring on the wire cup brush and trauma shears and let the hacking begin, i am all in!! I love this week and i love that TME is stretching out and giving us ideas on how to stretch a little too.

    Hmmm wonder if i will ever love this look with flats/tennis shoes?? I havent found any of them to be my fave. Grrrrr. I love comfort!

  6. First off, good attemp at an actual crop “flare”. I felt like most of the options shown didn’t really flare all that much. But heck no. Not a single one of you lovely ladies looked good in this. And if I want “different” denim, I still want something that’s flattering, not trendy for trendy’s sake.

    • You took the words out of my mouth!
      Just no! These are doing nothing for anyone’s figure! So many other denim styles to try why force something that does nothing for you! But I still love all the lovely momedit ladies

  7. I actually really like the first look and would completely be in love if the boots were black (I’m old and old school and can’t get past wearing shoes that are different shades than my clothes; I’m only very recently willing to have my shoes and bag not match!!). I think that the cropped look with taller boots, so there’s no skin, is great and solves so many length issues for both tall and short women.

  8. I’ve had a pair of the Cali demi boot cut from Madewell in my closet all summer. Just can’t get into wearing them, but it is so nice to break up the monotony of skinny jeans every once and a while. I think they look great and not like you’re trying to hard, which is my biggest obstacle. Gonna try with either cozy ugg high tops or some chucks out in the world and see how it goes! Thanks for the confidence!

  9. Perfect, Scotti! OK, notice everyone (in look #1): 1) Heels; 2) “Closed gap” between bottom of pants and boot; 3) Jeans are right length. SCORE! You look fantastic!

  10. I’m really confused about what “cropped flares” means now. Scotti’s look (and Cam’s) is something I did a few years ago with an old pair of flared (like stovepipe legs) jeans and got lots of compliments on (although having actual *hips* seems to help tons, your case in point), but Shana’s look was puffy in the hips and thigh and hardly flared at all at the bottom. And Laura and Amanda were completely different again! Why does denim have such a personality disorder this year?

  11. I am actually one of those who will probably never try these because I’m shortish and curvy, but I think you look kind of adorable in these outfits. I didn’t like these on Shana (her version looked too big and baggy) or Amanda, but cams and Laura also pulled them off okay. I think yours and cams are my faves though. It’s been fun reading these posts even if I’m pretty much never gonna jump on this bandwagon. ❤️

  12. I know I’m in minority, but I like the cropped flares, and Scotti did it well! It’s fun to try something different than skinnies once in awhile. Love Scotti’s with the boots!

  13. I literally can’t control the face I make when I scroll down and see the cropped flares. Every. Time. The best way I can describe it is that face you make when you smell rotten garbage baking in the hot sun, and then maybe also happen upon a severed limb in the middle of the street at the same time.

  14. I really like your style and look, Scotti, but just cannot get on board with the cropped flares. No no no. You have a beautiful figure, and imo these looked the best on you out of the other attempts- but I still don’t like them. Too trendy for trend’s sake and not flattering. Mwah!

  15. Both pairs look great on you!! Not fond of the tennis shoes, but only bc they are high-tops. I think if you went with some low-top converse, you’d be golden. Otherwise, it’s an adorable outfit. Love both outfits!

  16. Also, here’s a hint. Take a pair of Levi’s 527’s (I go with vintage ones that are about 2 sizes bigger than my normal jeans size bc they’ve shrunk) and then I cut them off to the cropped flare length desired. I then take them to my tailor who runs a stitch with gray thread along the bottom to prevent excessive fraying (you can’t see the stitch.)

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