Cropped Pants and Socks….And A Philly Ghost Tour (With Kids)


The kids had a couple of days off of school for Rosh Hashanah, so we took advantage of the later-than-normal bedtimes to do a walking tour in Philly’s Old City.  We needed a later-than-normal bedtime because the walking tour was actually a Ghost tour.  Oooooo…..

Of course nothing ever goes as planned, so Pax fell asleep on the Uber ride over to the restaurant (5:30PM #PartyLikeParents), but thankfully dinner was at a seriously accommodating tapas restaurant within easy walking distance to the ghost tour.  Amada, whose staff didn’t blink at our request to sit at hightop tables near the bar (with a sleeping Pax in arms), has two kinds of Cava by the glass (yessss), a killer happy hour menu, and tapas reminiscent of our trip to Barcelona.   Once Pax woke up, he promptly asked for a plate of chorizo while Raines pounded octopus tapas and Mike and I smiled nonchalantly, all We Are Successful Parents Because Our Kids Are Worldly Eaters….Suck It, Everyone Else.

You’ll forgive us the obnoxiously smug behavior.  Typically our kids are NEVER the Worldly Eaters, rather the I’ll Just Have More Bread, Please or, my personal favorite, Black Burgers Wuf JUST A BUN kids. (This was based on the ONE TIME I tried to sneak a veggie burger onto their plates.  It was a slightly different color and they never quite recovered from the shock.)  So please allow us our one moment of parenting glory.  AND OH, THE GLORY.  The waiters were all very impressed.  (Ok fine one waiter.  The one waiter was impressed.)

In any case, many of you have been asking about cropped jeans + socks for the upcoming winter months, and it just so happens that I was rocking a rather warm and cozy cropped jeans + smartwool sock combo that night.  Slightly unusual, but I think it worked!  Keep reading for a few more pics from our seriously fun night….








jacket: James Perse Knit Jacket – but I just tried on this LOFT one in navy and it’s surprisingly similar!! (And much prettier in person….I grabbed an petite XXS for reference)

tshirt: LOFT vintage tee in light pink (size xs for reference)

scarf: old – for a similar vibe, try this Treasure&Bond blanket scarf, this cashmere travel wrap (33% off – adore the black tipped in gray), or try this Sole Society fringe tipped scarf in oxblood.  Sole Society has been killing it in the scarf department lately.

jeans: AG Jeans – also at Anthro

boots: Vince Sneaker Boots – the most comfortable things EVER – the black ones are 25% off at Nordstrom

socks: Smartwool hiking socks (I’m hardcore like that.)


The Ghost Tour of Philadelphia wasn’t scary at all.  It was entertaining, with our cape-wearing guide acting as a storyteller who SPOKE in dramatic VOICES and then let his words….trail off…in a whisper….THEN BAM:  The punch line.  The tour was, however, wildly historical, and rather mind-boggling.  I forget, sometimes, how rich the history is around here.  Both boys loved it, even fearful Pax, who walked next to me, clutching my hand and gleefully declaring himself “TERRIFIED”.    The tour starts around 7:30, and takes about an hour.  The distance isn’t far (Pax did ask to be carried a few times).  The most macabre part of the tour is perhaps the last stop, where dysentery and yellow fever claimed the lives of an entire family.  But in terms of bringing history to life…..this is a sure bet.



Enjoy your October weekend!






  1. Thank you for posting on this! It’s not cold yet in Oklahoma, but I was already worrying about having to put away my cropped jeans for a few months.

  2. Shana, this question is unrelated to this post but if you get a chance would you give us feedback on Uggs’ new wedge boots? I’ve been getting ads from Nordstrom with pics of them and I am so curious what you’d think of them fit and style-wise!
    Thanks always for the inspiration!

  3. I like it, I cropped all of my straight leg jeans this summer, might do the same to some skinnies too. I love smart wool, but I can’t pull them straight up, I always find the elastic a bit tight on my calf. Anyone have suggestions for socks that are cute and last?

    • I would love to do this. How do you determine how short to cut them and how do you get them even? I’m scared to death after butchering some jeans I made into cutoffs.

      • I fold them up how short I want them, then slice up to fold, then cut straight across (with good scissors) then I take the cuff I cut off and lay it in the other leg and use it as a pattern for where to cut.

  4. I have those Vince shoes as well (so comfortable by the way!!) but they aren’t the high top version. Can you still pull off socks and cropped jeans with those?

  5. I love everything about this post. I know this is going to sound stupid, but I would really like a tutorial on how to match shoes/socks/hemlines when it comes to jeans. No matter how I do it, I always feel like it’s wrong.

  6. I fourth this suggestion — Shana, you always do this so well (the way you pair shoes with jeans, and how the hems are). This post is a great example — your jean length and cut with the short boots look great. I’d love some input on that, especially for skinny jeans.

  7. Hi! LOVE your blog! I recently read a blog post from you and it had a ton of different jeans listed. I can’t find it! Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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