Currently Coveting…(AKA My Christmas Wish List)


As I finish my Christmas shopping, there are a few things I keep obessing over.  Anyone else's partners need some last-minute help?  

I mean inspiration, of course.  



clockwise from top left:

J.Crew Camo Tee, $49

Confession:  I already bought this tee and love it and wore it 5 times.  It's 30% off with code GIFTNOW.


Rachel Zoe Sequin Scarf, $147

After I froze in my fashion-victim Nutcracker attire (you can see it on Instagram), I'm rethinking my NYE strategy.  This would really, really help.


Tiffany Else Peretti Color By The Yard Pendant Necklace, $250

Really, this needs no words. 


Uggs Classic Minis, $135

Yes, I do mean for myself.  IKNOWIKNOWIKNOW  But I'll be in MI for over 2 weeks, and last winter the only shoes I wore – the ONLY – were my ginormous Sorels.  I just want something easy.  These short little Uggs have been worming their way into my fashion conciousness for some time now…and then Andrea Linett said she wears them and BAM.  UGGS JUSTIFIED.  I've always thought about the chestnut, but Andrea makes a good case for the black.


Vince Christina Pump, $395

Because nothing screams GIFT like stupidly expensive, beautiful shoes you would never buy for yourself.  God, these are hot.


J.Crew Fair Isle Leggings, $98

I own these, too.  And wear with a turtleneck, natch.  They are so soft and cozy warm and I love them beyond belief.  (30% off with GIFTNOW.)


Eileen Fisher Scoop Neck Dolman Sleeve Box Top, on sale for $111

From the front, it's perfect simplicity.  From the back…WOW.  So subtly sexy.






  1. ok I just did a one for you one for me on Sunday and got the jcrew leggings …. and I really really want the mini uggs….. I can’t decide between the chestnut or black that’s why I haven’t pulled the trigger….. help me make the right choice:) u pick!

  2. I have the torquoise Tiffany necklace, it was my Mother’s Day present this year. All I can say is BUY IT. It is even more stunning in person, the stone is perfectly round and smooth and amazing to touch, it goes with EVERYTHING, and is the right balance of delicate and different. It makes me feel just a little bit pretty when I put it on, after the year you have shared with us I think you deserve it!!

  3. Oh thank you for justifying the Uggs! I just finally bought my first pair because I needed something easy for winter errands and casual. I feel so much better about it knowing they’re (at least sorta) Shana-approved!

  4. I just bought Ugg-like boots for the first time ever after swearing that I wouldn’t be caught dead in them. I purchased the Ukala brand though because it’s less expensive and Alaskan winters will trash anything quickly! I thought the camel minis would be more versatile but I wear my knee-high black ones way more often. Maybe I’ll have to see how you style yours.

  5. I’m a Michigan girl with the chestnut Uggs. I have the Bailey three-button pair, but wear them rolled down, so the shearling gives them a bit of, uh, flair. Hey, they are what they are… but at least my toes are warm… and they’ll look super cute with those leggings!

  6. Don’t give into Uggs! Sorel Tivoli are my easy snow boots. Ignore the laces, they slip on and off. They are also waterproof and have better traction than the Uggs. Nordstroms had better color options last year, but maybe you can still find the ones with a colored bottom or plaid upper.

  7. LOVE the Eileen Fisher sweater. The picture shows $50, but I guess that’s not reality! Hmmmm . . . need to figure out how to get that on the list.

  8. I thought your Christmas list got hacked and then I saw that Instagram pic!
    I’ve been looking for some pj/lounging pants like those jcrew leggings but on the cheaper side and still a cozy material, any ideas? F21 has some but they are way too cheesy. no cats or bunnies etc.

  9. Good! I needed some clarity. I feel like a patrol for “Leggings aren’t pants” and “Cover your areas when wearing leggings”. So with the sweater ones, the conflict is this: I love them, because so cozy and adorable BUT are they really knit like sock material, in which case outside of the privacy of your own home (and by extension maybe the kid’s bus stop) I think they need to go further to the tights side than pants side.
    Also, I adore you so keep it up, and let me know what the jury says!

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