Some Seriously Cute Back-To-School Finds (Think: Major Personality)


My favorite thing about kids’ clothes these days is that they’re hitting a pretty darn perfect balance of sophistication and….fun. And the color explosion (for both genders) is so very much appreciated.  Of course, all of that color is best balanced with a hefty dose of black and white, but since we’re still talking about kids’ clothing, that black-and-white graphic print is often in the shape of popsicles, pineapples or guitars – to name just a few.

It’s good stuff.

My boys have to wear uniforms to school (which makes things so easy on school mornings), but it also means that their weekend clothes need a little extra personality. At the start of each school year, I make sure they have at least one pair of jeans that doesn’t make them cry, one collared shirt that they refer to as their “party shirt” because it’s what they wear to get dressed up (they’ll even wear them under suits during the holidays), and a couple of graphic tees. Pax, who used to spend hours staring at his three-year-old self in the mirror (always clad in some sort of cape, boots, and, often, a swim-goggle-accessory) usually wrangles a few extra fun pieces just because he’s Pax. (Longtime readers may remember his penchant for brightly patterned leggings, may they RIP.)

Here’s what the boys picked this year, as well as a HUGE round-up of seriously fun pieces for all kids, regardless of gender. Scroll down to see — it’s like shopping in a small-yet-mightly boutique of fun. Makes me SO happy. (Good job, Nordstrom. Your kids’ clothes are exactly what I’m looking for.)

Outfit Details

Raines (older brother): teebutton-downjeans (the only ones that don’t make him cry) | shoes

Pax (younger brother): tee (SHAZAM! haha) | hooded vest | jeans | shoes

Back-To-School Clothes With Major Personality

Graphic tees, pieces to layer, and a few dresses….here are my top picks for back to school for all kids.

Great Graphic Tees

Originally, I thought I’d just highlight four or so graphic tees…but the prints are so on fire, I had to include more.  (And check out the contrast-sleeve tee…the graphic is adorable.)


Pretty Pastels

Most of these were found in the boys’ section.  Fun, right????

Bold Brights

Lightning bolts, rainbows, stripe details and a banana.  Perfect.

Stripes, Please

I can’t ever get enough striped tees (for the whole fam).

Cool Sweatshirts

Something for cooler days.  I especially love that little monster face, and the sweatshirt with writing all over?  It says, ‘better late than never’ which….yeah.  Hits too close to home, that one.

Dressed Up Shirts

My guys named these ‘party shirts’ because this is the go-to for all dressy events.  For the holidays, we slip ’em under a suit and add some sort of miss-matched tie (or bow-tie) for a dressed up look that’s alllll kid.


Looking through pages of pretty dresses is never a chore.  Here are just a few of my favs.



Nordstrom, a huge thank-you for sponsoring this post!!  The kids’ clothing selection blew me away this year – SO. MUCH. FUN.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support of The Mom Edit.  It doesn’t go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated.


  1. Your two adorable mini-Mikes. And damn, does this make me miss the days when my boys were this little (they’re both over six feet, and tend to pat me on the head condescendingly before giving me a hug). There is something so special about the relationship between little boys and their mom. Soak up every minute of it.

  2. Love those graphic tees! Especially the popsicle with sunglasses and the waves! Wish they came in adult sizes since my boys are men now?

  3. I love this post!! As a boy mom, it’s so fun to see such a variety of clothing options for them. I have a question (it’s a little early as school is just starting), what do you recommend for class pictures? We don’t have uniforms and I want something that shows his fun personality but also looks nice.

  4. Do you have 5th grade boy recommendations for jeans meant for huskier kids? My poor son has my booty and thighs… so it’s elastic waists forever for him. Well, at least until puberty. Great choices above, by the way.

  5. Darling! I have the monster sweatshirt for my daughter-she loves it! My 7 year old son only wants “sports” clothes…and he doesn’t even play sports, I think it is a comfort thing. Maybe taking him shopping and putting him in control of choices will be a better tactic than coercing him to wear “nice” clothes on non-PE days.

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