Stylish Comfort Shoes You Actually Want to Wear


It’s HERE! The HUGE Fall Round-Up of shoes you ACTUALLY want to wear and are ACTUALLY comfortable! I can’t tell you how excited I was after the Spring Comfort Shoe Round-Up to find out you guys LOVE Fly Londons and Comfortable Shoes!!! Who knew? Well…let me backtrack a bit…not all of you love comfort brand shoes (Ha!). They are a bit divisive in this fashion-mom world, but I was thrilled that many of you wrote in with your tales of why comfort shoes work for YOU! They work for me too!

Now to address a couple of concerns—price and style. Yes, they are ridiculously expensive and no, you aren’t going to find stiletto slouch boots in this post. As I have been excitedly rounding up fantastic Fall walkable shoes, my stomach sometimes drops at how expensive many of them are. Those of you who wear comfort brand shoes on the regular know, however, you almost always get what you pay for in terms of all-day walkability. I have tried to find brands at lower price points, but I keep coming back to my old standbys. They are made well, hold up well, and my favorite….don’t go “out of style” quite as easily.  

HEAD’S UP: Shana and I will be trying on 20 PAIRS of these shoes and answering questions about our favorites on Facebook Live and Instagram Live (@themomedit) this Sunday, October 7th, at 4 PM EST. Please come with questions, comments and critiques! 

Comfort shoes have come a LONG way in terms of style (the ones below are NOT your old-school-Dr. Scholl’s fastener shoes). Many comfort shoes, though, are designed to look cute or funky or classy-chic, but not necessarily super trendy. The pain is that if you are shopping for a super-trendy shoe that you can walk in, it’s difficult to find. The great thing, however, is that you can wear many of these shoes year after year because the styles of these brands don’t always change. This leads to a darn good “price-per-wear” (as Shana would say). I’m still wearing my Fly London wedges from years and years ago, and they have a very similar shoe to my originals in their line-up today.

Now, without further ado…let me introduce you….Drum roll, please….to our fabulous, amazing, stylish and most importantly — COMFORTABLE — selection of Fall Shoes! Shana and I could NOT agree on our favorites, so we decided to give you picks from both of us, and then the FULL Gigantic round-up. Warning….I had a really hard time not ordering 3 from each category!

Our Favorite Cute, Comfortable Shoes For Women

Stylish, comfortable shoes — The Mom Edit is on it! The comfort brands & styles you need for walking, travel, work & #momming, all right here. Deets inside.

Lower Heeled Booties

High Heeled Booties

Wedge Booties

Stylish, comfortable shoes — The Mom Edit is on it! The comfort brands & styles you need for walking, travel, work & #momming, all right here. Deets inside.

Wedge Heels

Standard Heels

Stylish, comfortable shoes recommended by The Mom Edit

Neutral Flats

Statement Flats

Stylish, comfortable shoes recommended by The Mom Edit

Lower Heeled Clogs

High Heeled Clogs

Stylish, comfortable shoes recommended by The Mom Edit

Cushy Soles

Flat Soles

High Tops

Stylish, comfortable shoes recommended by The Mom Edit

Rubber Boots

Waterproof Booties


One more thing…if all else fails in finding the “perfect stylish comfort shoe”, you can always throw a pair of these inserts into regular shoes. I have one pair and switch them out between different shoes; my husband does the same. They are AH-MAZING—a world of difference from the drugstore ones I used to wear.

Wishing you all happy, stylish and non-aching feet! Let me know what brands I missed — I’m always looking for a new comfy, good-looking shoe. AND, thank you to ALL of you who wrote in or commented with your own tales of transitioning to more comfortable shoes. I think it’s nice for those of us who demand comfort to know we aren’t alone.

**Follow-Up Post on Comfort Shoes HERE**



  1. Sensible shoes are so not my jam, but I will say that Sorels are awesome. I really do love how they look and they are super comfortable! I have worn Danskos as both a chef and a nurse and they do nothing for me. I don’t know what it is about them, but I don’t find them comfy at all! And I know I am definitely in the minority on that. Since I don’t wear them to work, I do tend to buy more expensive sneakers (they’re my work shoes, after all!) and hands down, Adidas Ultraboost (or Pureboost) X sneakers are the most comfortable things I have ever worn. I am in love with them. I’m on my third pair now and still love them just as much. There is a picture of the Stella McCartney ones with the leopard sole currently hanging on my fridge so there is no question about which pair I am asking for for Christmas!!! Love all of the options here! Even if I only want to wear ridiculous uncomfortable shoes myself! ?

    • Oh, Elizabeth…I hope your Christmas dreams come true! Those Stella McCartney ones are so good. You keep rocking those uncomfortable shoes that you love….not ridiculous at all! Give me a call if you ever want to come over to the dark side. Ha!

  2. Leopard print sneakers are one of the only fall trends I’ll actually be buying. So I’m grateful for all the options here. Question: I have to wear socks. Does anyone have a good recommendation for comfortable no-show black socks. I haven’t found any good ones.

  3. any chance of adding which styles accommodate orthotic inserts? some excellent comfortable options here…if they have removable footbeds

    • Good idea, Missy. I love a good insert! A lot of them do have removable footbeds…let me get back with you on that. Any specific styles you were looking for?

  4. Christy, try Vans no show socks. I think they’re the best. I can’t wear sneakers, or any shoes really, without socks, and theirs never slip off my ankle!

  5. “…not all of you love comfort brand shoes (Ha!). They are a bit divisive in this fashion-mom world…”

    That would be me! Loved heels before kids, and still love them 3 boys later. Makes me HAPPY.

  6. For a glorious moment, when I saw the main Booties photo of the Fly London Jome Bootie, my eye saw a cut-out wedge heel that took me right back to my little girl 70’s self eyeing the cut out wedge sandals of my mom and her friends and wanting so desperately to be big enough to wear them….when are those coming back?

    • What a wonderful image, Deborah! Love it. I actually DO have a pair of Fly Londons with a cute out wedge….I got them in Portugal, though, where Fly Londons are made…haven’t seen them here in the states or on any of the shoe sites, but don’t worry….ha! ….as soon as I see them, I will totally be posting about them. I love them! Francine’s heels make her happy! My Fly London’s make ME happy.

  7. ha, how timely! I’ve spent two weeks hunting down comfortable booties. I wanted brown, not black, and have wide feet, which made it surprisingly difficult. After trying on easily a dozen styles, I ended up with Dansko’s Tate in Neutral. It was a very ‘meh’ color on the shelf, but it’s a very versatile ‘greige’ color that I love when worn. Looks particularly great with denim. I’ve received many compliments on them in just the three days I’ve owned them!

    For rain boots: You can insert superfeet insoles into whatever pair you like! Nearly all rain boots have removable insoles.

  8. The price point is not for the faint-hearted, but I love Chie Mihara for comfort with high heels (often on a platform) and gorgeous vintage styling. I’ve yet to splurge on a pair at full price but they can be found at more reasonable prices — meaning $150 instead of $400 — on eBay.

    • Dangerous! These are really pretty. Are they really THAT comfortable, Keilexandra? Or just more comfortable than regular heels? May have to order just to try on…. for research purposes, of course. 🙂

  9. Thank you!! In clothing and shoes comfort is king! Now I need a boot round up. I’ve spent hours pouring through Amazon, Zappos and Nordstrom’s on the hunt for tall or mid calf boots for my skinny calves, narrow heels, and regular forefeet…and it has to happen now or never because we return abroad at the end of October where I can’t buy any until our next stateside visit in a year. I had to throw out my only boots. Pressure is on! And I have to order them online. So….any help greatly appreciated on comfortable boots that aren’t too fashiony or dowdy or casual. Need to hit that sweet spot in the middle!

    • Okay Missy…I have a few suggestions. First for flats: I haven’t personally tried Rothy’s, but friends tell me they are really comfy to wear and easy to switch out the insoles if you need specific support. These Rockports also look nice for work and have a removable insole. Another option is Nordstrom has a way to search for comfort shoes with removable insoles here. . For black work booties with removable insoles, I like these Danskos or these Petras, but you could also look here for all Nordstrom’s black booties with removable inserts.

  10. Haha!!! It’s a deal! It’s funny, when I see your posts and you’re wearing clogs, I always think they look so cute, and then I think how much I hated my pair and go find a pair of pointy toed mules or something instead!!!

  11. I use orthotics and have had great luck with Wolky shoes. The European website has more options and ships for free to the US. Also Cole Haan has some super comfy shoes, some of which have removable soles.

  12. Linzi, can you tell me which jeans you were wearing in the IG live that everyone kept asking about. I know you answered on the video but now I can’t find it anywhere.

  13. This is perfect! What pairs would you recommend for a long weekend in NYC? We are heading there for a school event, so lots of walking and sitting watching competitions…but I would also like something to wear if we go out to eat…

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