The Summer Outfit We’ve Been Wearing on Repeat



Music on 3rd is a monthly event in Marquette during the summer where different musicians play up and down Third Street.  There’s music of every genre and it’s a blast to walk up and down the street, stopping to listen and have a drink here and there.  Last week my friend Ashley and I brought our girls.  The goal?  To walk Ashley’s tiny baby, Aria, to sleep . . . and get G to work off some energy so the mamas could have a beer.  We all have goals, people.  This is our goal for a late summer evening: sleepy babies and beer.  And looking cute.  Which brings me to my next point…this “uniform” of sorts.  It’s easy, it’s comfy, it’s cute: denim cut-offs, soft drapey tees and complicated shoes (heels optional).

Aria was drifting off to sleep when we came across a young singer (Anna Clifton – seriously check out her instagram) who did amazing covers of songs like Christina Perri’s Arms and Vance Joy’s Riptide, which were PERFECT for Greenlea to dance to.  First goal?  Achieved.  Onto the next:  Pizza and beer.











Moto Jacket (also available in gray and khaki . . . a favorite layering piece!)

Sole Society Sandals c/o – super comfortable and SOFT leather, also available in tan and black but I’m loving olive for late summer/fall . . . like these booties. . . or these flat sandals.

Lush Pocket tee (size small . . . I love the bit of bagginess and it’s available in lots of colors)

Denim Shorts (similar – size waaaaay up for the baggier fit)

Convertible Satchel Purse c/o – also available in burgundy and tan . . . large enough to hold diapers and essentials but small enough to throw over your shoulder or stroller

Initial Necklace (similar . . . I’m loving initial necklaces lately and Moon & Lola has soooo many awesome personalization options . . . a great idea for Christmas shopping!)

Sunglasses (similar)



Plaid Oversize Shirt – available in lots of different colors and SUPER soft . . . looks great half-tucked or worn like a jacket.

Alternative Melange Tee – also available in a v-neck, I’m obsessed with these soft t-shirts . . . not too tight and easy to dress up with a statement necklace.

M Gemi Sandals  – the softest leather and super comfortable, M. Gemi makes shoes in Italian leather that are worth the investment . . . but if that’s more than you want to spend try these instead.

Bib Necklace (similar . . . I’m drooling over this one as well . . . I love how a bib necklace dresses up anything from a simple t-shirt to a fancy dress)

Julian Backpack (I hardly have to say anything about this bag because we all RAVE about it, but the new colors are stunning)



Romper (similar . . . and on sale for $6!  This one has long pants. Seriously . . . rompers are the cutest thing EVER.)

Bows (20 bows for $10?  Yes, please.)

Sandals (Similar – silver goes with pretty much everything and these have a memory foam insole for more comfort.)


Cheers to successful summer evenings!








  1. Looks like mission “baby go to sleep” was a success and way more fun than the way I do it!
    Question about sizing up on the jean shorts. Do they still fit on the waist? When I’ve tried to do this with jeans in the past the waist ends up being too loose and they start sliding down. I could wear a belt but sometimes it’s just not comfy. Maybe I’m missing something? If you have any tips to achieving the casually slouchy but not falling down look I’d love to know!

    • Hi Camille! So when I size up on the shorts, I wear them more around my hips than my waist . . . so even if they’re a “high rise” cut, I wear them as if they were a low rise. Does that make sense? So for example I sized up to a size 10 in the shorts I’m wearing in this article . . . and I’m normally about a size 6. I also have a booty, though, so maybe that holds them up! LOL

      We’ll have to get Shana’s input on this as well because she’s more straight up and down while I have curves . . .

        • Thanks for the replies Scotti & Shannon! I pulled out my pair of boyfriend denim shorts that are a size up and wore them to the park with the kids today. They do sit more on my hips and started out ok but after all the chasing and climbing they fell lower. And lower. I hadn’t considered body type as you mentioned Scotti. I don’t have many curves so maybe that’s why it’s not working. If Shana or anyone else has any recos I’m all ears. Thx again!

    • I love deep v-necks, but I find myself always being a little self-conscious when I’m bending over the stroller, picking up G, etc. in them. I do a LOT more bending over now that I have a little one! 🙂

    • Thank you!! I know, I’m trying to enjoy every minute of her before she grows up and wants to hang out with friends over mama! 🙁

    • Hi Sarah! Thank you! I got an xs . . . typically my size in GAP’s jacket as long as they’re drapey enough and long enough!

    • No you aren’t!! They’re so cute, I know . . . but sold out and can’t find a link to them! They’re from Express if that helps! 🙂

  2. I LOVE both shoe option! They actually look comfy and are adorable!! Scotti are you tan naturally from the sun or do you use a self tanner? I love the color of your skin (not trying to be creepy at all) you just have a healthy glow!

  3. I love the denim shorts and olive heeled sandals. And your daughter could not be cuter! Her outfit is fantastic. Makes me wish i’d had the presence of mind to dress my sons a bit better when they were that age….

    • Thank you! G is lucky because she has an older cousin who has the CUTEST clothes (and a mom who loves online bargain shopping)! 🙂

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