#DressingRoomSelfies: ASOS Dresses Under $50



ASOS is a favorite site of mine . . . living waaaaay up north, there’s not a ton of local shopping.  Free shipping and returns, reasonable price points and an amazing amount of inventory, this is one I keep returning to again and again.  (They pretty much kept me clothed during my pregnancy . . . their maternity line isn’t dowdy or matronly at all and they have lots of options.)  It’s also where I got this fabulous dress for under $20 when it was on sale.  Which is why, when I got an email that they were having a HUGE dress sale, I immediately clicked on over and bought some to try on in the comfort of my own home.  Here are my favorites and the ones that are on their way back . . . and they are ALL under $50.

The Dresses I’m Keeping

1. Cape Overlay Dress, $35

It was amazing to me how different this looked on the model and myself.  I really liked the “capelette” aspect to it after seeing that trend in magazine after magazine.  Zack wasn’t thrilled with the “cape-like-thing,” as he called it, but he did like the deep v in front.  According to him it’s “nursing AND husband friendly.”  HOWEVER . . . it wasn’t until I saw these pictures that I realized just how much side-boob it showed.  I do love this dress but I’ll be choosing carefully where I wear it!



2. Pep Hem Dress with Lace, $22

I loved the color of this dress!  The bottom ruffle helps to offset the “volume” (haha) of my lower half.  The fabric is ridiculously comfortable as well.  It is tight, however.  Although there’s room for Spanx, I don’t think this is one I’d wear to a big dinner or anything.  ASOS-Dress-8




3. American Apparel Interlock Asymmetrical Dress, $32

This one was my favorite.  It fits well, is super comfortable and flattering.  It wasn’t too tight (and Spanx is definitely doable underneath) and I can wear a bra with it (unlike the first two dresses, unfortunately).  *This dress has since sold out on ASOS, but you can still find it (on sale!) at American Apparel!




And Going Back . . .

1. (Petite) Skater Dress with Wide Straps, $39

I actually loved this dress . . . it was a little small in the chest area and I felt like there was too much fabric for my big booty.  If I ordered it again, I wouldn’t get the petite (I’m 5’4″ so right on the line they suggest).  A strapless or halter bra would work underneath and the fabric flows nicely over your body. *Also available in tall and regular in a lovely blush color. 


2. (Petite) Dress with High Neck in Lace, $47

I really like short dresses with long sleeves.  This one reminded me of a 60’s dress . . . kind of mod-looking.  I liked it . . . but it just wasn’t really my style.  I liked the color and the open back . . . which would still allow for a bra underneath.yellow-lace-dress


3. John Zack Petite Bandeau Babydoll Dress w/ Bow, $25

I kept thinking this one would look great on my sister.  It would be perfect for someone who was smaller, with a little less curve.  For me, I like my waist to be defined and this one seemed to add too much volume to my booty.  It was ridiculously comfortable, though, and I like the longer in the back/shorter in the front style to show off legs without feeling like your butt might make an accidental appearance. (I spy a baby on the floor!)trapeze-dress

4. Peplum Dress in Scuba w/ Cross Back, $30

Oh how I wish this one fit!  My butt was too big . . . because the bottom didn’t fit correctly over it, it kept riding up and became reallly short when I walked.  SO . . . for those of you without a booty, this dress is awesome.  I love the back and the little flouncy skirt.  You could easily wear it in the winter with opaque tights, ankle boots and a blazer or oversized sweater.  Again, this one is really comfortable too.  I was bummed it didn’t work out.purple-asos-dress


5. Asymmetric Cut Out Pencil Dress, $18

I thought the cut of this dress was so unique . . . and it comes in a “seafoam green” as well . . . but . . . it was just too tight and unforgiving.  You could see every little lump or bump . . . I spy a belly button!  Yup, this one was under $20 but it went back.  I would have worn the crap out of this one pre-baby.  Ahhh babies are totally worth it, though . . . I’m not complaining at ALL! 🙂

So there you have it!  Some of my favorite and not-so-favorite dresses from the latest ASOS sale.  For all you pregnant mamas, they have an amazing selection of maternity dresses . . . and I also loved wearing their bodycon (non-maternity) dresses like this one when I had a smaller baby bump (first and second trimesters).  (Their $11 maternity tanks, which I showed on my friend Ashley a few months ago, are still being worn on the regular by me.)



Let me know if this article was helpful or not!  I always like seeing “real” bodies in the clothes that are online . . . I mean, everything looks good on the models, but photo reviews from real shoppers are my favorite.


  1. Ummm….you look amazing! Love the American Apparel dress as well. I also wanted to let you know that I totally bought the Lush tunic bc of you, and I LOVE it. I have a request: how in the world do you look that good after having a baby? Do you mind doing a post on your health/fitness? Teach us your ways 😉 Thanks!

    • Bonnie, your comment just made my day . . . no, make that my week! 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind words . . . it definitely feels like a struggle sometimes after a baby. I think the two biggest things have been breastfeeding and falling in love with Les Mills’ Bodypump classes. I am so lazy when it comes to working out, but that class is actually super fun . . . it’s lifting weights (lower weight, higher reps) to loud fun music. I think the key is to find a class that you LOVE (for me it’s Bodypump, for Shana it’s Pilates) and that will help!

  2. Asos was a lifesaver for me when I had to attend a wedding at 38 weeks pregnant. I was so pleased with the dress and speedy delivery that I’ll definitely keep buying from them. (And I love that they actually have petites!)

    • ASOS was amazing during my pregnancy! I love how many options they have . . . I too wore one of their dresses at 38 weeks pregnant. I was a bridesmaid the day before I went into the hospital to have G! 🙂

  3. Scotti I actually LOVE the length of the last dress on you, makes you look super tall. Did you try in a larger size? I also like the cobalt blue one with the lace on top. Again, did you try a larger size? That might have made it work. The blue american apparel also looks great and seems like it would be very comfy. Will have to check that one out! Grear post.

  4. I love posts like this. And just should definitely keep that last dress! You look fabulous in the last dress! Probably my favorite! The blue lace is really pretty too that is a great color on you.

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