Cute (and Easy) Summer Maxi Skirts


Remember my friend Linzi (here or here)?  She hates hot weather.  It’s a running joke – she’ll show up in short sleeves on the day I’m wearing a parka.  Come summer, the girl *could* be miserable, but she manages to spend all of her long summer days in the cutest, flowiest outfits.

One of her key pieces?  Denim underwear.

Haha just kidding.  She rolls her eyes at my shortie-shorts.

But her for-real key pice?  Maxi skirts.

She always looks so cute, so I asked Linz to pick out some of her favs for this season (in addition to the Garnet Hill maxi she swears by).  Best of all?  A bunch of them are on sale….

Linzi says….

  1.  Boden Jersey Maxi (now 60% off!!) – Boden is my go to for fun color and patterns… I would wear this one on repeat all summer long.
  2.  Loft Pocket Maxi (now just $35!) –  Pockets AND an awesome shade of blue….love love love!
  3.  Free People Hot Tropics Maxi: (40% off, but limited sizes…more available here) –  This pattern is so pretty…could definitely be dressed up or down.
  4.  Modcloth Days of Fold Maxi – Classic navy and white stripes …I would feel put together even with a basic white tank.
  5.  Anthro Norwich Skirt:  Amazing color and texture–I think I may need to purchase this one immediately.


Shop All Of Linzi’s Maxi Picks

Linz’s favorites, in her words….

Thanks, Linz!!


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  1. I’m with Linzi. I don’t do well in hot weather. But I find anything maxi (dresses, skirts) to be the opposite of cool and breezy. I think they are just one big, hot, steamy sweat lodge. I’d rather wear leather pants. At least you can trap the sweat, rather than feel the sweat trickling underneath 🙂

    • I’m totally with you in the ‘not doing well with hot weather’ camp. Are you paying attention to the fabric of the maxi pieces? In my experience, the LAST thing you want in hot weather is anything synthetic. Even 5% spandex with 95% cotton will be horrible. Natural fabrics are an absolute must in heat. However, cotton knit (t-shirt) fabric is totally different (worse) than woven cotton (like a non-stretchy button up shirt cotton fabric). The breeze will blow through woven cotton but not knit. Anyway, type of fabric becomes my obsession when it comes to hot weather dressing. Maybe a maxi in 100% woven cotton or linen (not knit) would change your mind??

  2. Love having this option. I wish I could wear short shorts, but my legs are not built for it… too big! This is a killer option for when you can’t find shorts with big enough leg openings. Thank you!

  3. Oh my gosh, Shana. I’m dying thinking about myself in denim underwear. Very funny. Francine, I hear you. On the hottest of hottest days, I stick to linen or cotton maxis that have a lot of movement or I switch it up with a short tank dress (but not Shana short!) Haha! And Kari–I HATE shorts too. Power to the skirt wearers. 🙂

    • The target one has a fold-over waistband (like yoga pants) that’s perfect for maternity! I have a few like that that are perfect with a fitted t-shirt.

    • You bet!! Most of the LOFT maxi skirts also come in petite sizes, and the jersey ones….honestly, I sometimes just roll the waistband once or twice to make them longer/shorter depending on my shoes. 🙂

  4. I struggle with frumpiness in maxi skirts, since I’m uncomfortable in tight tops. How do you all keep yourselves cute in them? I would love to see another montage of hot weather outfits featuring maxi skirts.

    • Oooo….love this idea. I’ll play around. In the meantime, what comes to mind is the half-tuck of a tshirt. Shows that you have a waist, but is softer on the stomach area. Knotted tees would also work….

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