Cute Hats, Gloves & Scarves That Make Winter Way More Bearable


Holy mother of Old Man Winter, it’s cold. I know a cold winter goes without saying, at least here in the Midwest, but I don’t care, I’m saying it; don’t @ me. I’m not really complaining, I’m just stating facts. I still live my best life in the winter. I mean, what’s the point of wishing away any season/time (even if it’s the season where your nose hairs freeze immediately upon leaving the house)? See, the trick is having something to look forward to. I love teaching my children how to make proper snowballs, helping shovel the driveway and, wait for it…winter fashion! I’m sure that last part doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but let’s be a little more specific and chat winter accessories.

I feel like you can’t ever have too many hats, gloves, and scarves because we all know Yetis will take a few and run off to stay warm, wherever it is they hide. And, let’s not forget about that black hole between your car console and the seat…so many accessories gone, but not forgotten *RIP.* Even when I’m not losing gloves, I just want to look at my stylishly cold self and think, “Yaaas, even Elsa would rock this hat.” So, here are a few fun winter accessories to perk up any closet and get you though the second half of the season.

Cute hats, gloves, mittens & scarves make winter WAYYYY more fun. We're keepin' it chic with these cozy accessories. Polar vortex? Bye, Felicia!Cute hats, gloves, mittens & scarves make winter WAYYYY more fun. We're keepin' it chic with these cozy accessories. Polar vortex? Bye, Felicia! Cute hats, gloves, mittens & scarves make winter WAYYYY more fun. We're keepin' chic with these cozy accessories. Polar vortex? Bye, Felicia!

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Coat – Lark & Ro – If you’ve been searching for a solid, wool-blend walker coat — this is it! It comes in five colors and the quality is seriously impressive. It holds up to the weight and warmth of my other wool coats. It’s true to size; I’m wearing my usual size 10. Not to mention it’s under $100. Don’t say I never did anything nice for ya…

Hat – Amazon Seriously, how cute is this hat?! Your other beanie is going to be jealous, but that’s OK. It’s the perfect amount of bling and is very warm. Don’t be like me…remember to fluff the pom pom before you wear it. Also, if you prefer a protective lining, try the Satin-Lined SLAP cap; I’m wearing it in the photos, and you can’t even tell! There’s also a slouchier version by Focus Care that has more print/color options.

Puffer Scarf – Amazon (similar)- If 2018 gave us nothing else, the creation of puffer scarves is enough. Where have you been all my life? It has the pull-through keyhole situation so you don’t need to MacGyver tying it. Mine is sold out, but the alternative I linked has 14 options to choose from!

Faux-Fur Mittens – Alexa Rose (similar) – These are just so fun! They’re actually pretty warm, too. There’s just something so cozy about mittens.

Jeans – Caslon Skinny Jeans (similar) – Naturally, my pair is sold out, so I’ve linked a similar pair from the brand. They have a “sporty side stripe” that I’m loving and feel like I need now. I love the ankle length and that there’s enough stretch that they’re not rigid, but still more structure than jeggings. Anyway, I sized down in mine, and the side stripe pair has the same fit recommendation. I usually wear size 10/30 and got the 29. They are stocked up to size 37!

Boots – Dr. Scholl’s Sentinel These boots are so comfortable and warm! I’ve surprised myself at how much I’ve been wearing them. They’re waterproof and have the tiniest wedge. They’re a great casual winter boot. They’re TTS and also ship Prime on Amazon.

Lipstick – Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Moon Wow, this lipstick sure pops, huh? It’s one of two reds on constant rotation. It last ALL day without being drying/flaky.

Fun fact: Amanda and I shot this on day two of the Polar Vortex. That’s how desperate I was to get out of the house. Ah, fun, fun times. Well, y’all stay cute and toasty out there. And, if you need a tutorial on making the perfect snowball, hop on over to Instagram and follow me there. If you’re inspired to liven up your winter accessories, tag me because I love to see/share! You can also follow along on to instantly shop this look and more!


Photos by Sweet Leaf Photography


  1. Bring some love for the glittens! They were all the rage a few years ago and are harder to find now. All the more reason to feature them and help us find them (says the girl from WI whose fingers freeze in gloves but often drops her coffee mug in the walk from the car to the office when wearing slippery mittens).

    • Rebecca, thank you for teaching me a new word, “glittens,” I love it!! as long as you have coffee to keep your fingers warm, I think you’re doing it right! I will make a mental note of more glitten appreciation next time around. LOL

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