Perfectly Paired: My Fav Winter Boots With These Cute Hats, Scarves and Mitts


My love for Sorels runs deep.  I’ve been wearing them in one form or another since I was six.  Granted, six-year-old me accessorized them with a snowsuit and wind-chapped nose, while current me accessorizes with cute hats and scarves….but I’ve still got that darn wind-chapped nose.  Most of the time.

In any case, I love winter accessories.  And I especially love dorky mittens, quirky hats, and big scarves.  While one could buy a matching set (and if you do, this cashmere hat, scarf and gloves would be my top pick)…I suggest going with something a little more unexpected, playful, fun.  Because if there’s one thing a black winter puffer needs (you know you have one), it’s fun.

So.  I’ve been messing around with some winter accessory sets.  These “sets” are basically a hat, mittens (or gloves) and a scarf that aren’t matching, per se, but rather they look cohesive. Intentional. Fun.

All of these pieces are from Bloomingdales – the folks at Bloomies had reached out, asking me to take a look at their winter accessories – and not only does Bloomingdales have a seriously playful, well-edited selection, but they knock it out of the park with their in-house brands (like the cashmere set linked above).  Here are a few pieces I’ll be wearing all winter long, as well as eight other complete (yet perfectly mismatched) sets I pulled together myself.

Look 1 – Ski Season Prepping

We’re excited for the season, you guys.  Already got our season rentals for the boys all set.

Outfit Details

jacket: North Face Bomber (xs)

sweater: Aqua Cashmere Sweater (size S) – this is my new favorite, affordable cashmere!  Much softer than I expected, and while the sleeves aren’t overly long, they also didn’t shortchange the arm length either.

jeans: Rag and Bone Dre Jeans (size 24) – longtime favs.  Mine are old, but Rag and Bone are always coming out with new washes.

bootsSorel Out N About Plaid Booties – these waterproof booties are more like rainboots than insulated winter boots, but they’re so flipping cute.  (JUST IN:  the TME Team Favorite Sorel Wedges also come in this buffalo plaid, too.)

hatMetallic Pom Pom Hat – obsessed because that POM.  Obvi.

scarfCashmere Scarf

mittensClassic Pop-Top Gloves – I’m obsessed with these leather mittens.  They unzip to reveal tech gloves.  LOVE.

BOOTS: Sorel Out N About Plaid Booties

TOP LEFT: Cashmere Pom Pom Beanie, Fingerless Mittens, Fringe Scarf

TOP RIGHT: Metallic Pom Pom Hat, Classic Pop-Top Gloves, Cashmere Scarf

BOTTOM LEFT: Pom Pom Beanie, Stars Wool Scarf, Fringe Pop Top Gloves

BOTTOM RIGHT: Ooh La La Beanie, Cashmere Mittens, Tassle Fringe Scarf

Look 2 – Philly Weekend

For city hangs, it’s hard to beat Sorel’s wedge booties.  They’re waterproof, warm, and so flipping cute.

Outfit Details

jacketNorth Face Bomber (xs)

sweaterAqua Cashmere Sweater (s) – same as the first outfit

jeans: Ag Legging Jeans (size 24)

bootsSorell Conquest Wedge Booties – I love the hiking vibe of these seriously cute boots.  But they are HIGH.  They’re insanely comfortable, but they are slightly higher than Sorel’s lace-up wedge booties.

hatLeopard Hat – this is so insanely ridiculous and I love it.

mittensClassic Pop-Top Gloves

BOOTS: Sorel Leather Wedge Booties

TOP LEFT: Newsboy Cap, Tech Gloves, Fringe Scarf

TOP RIGHT: Yarn Pom-Pom Hat, Taxi Gloves, Striped Tassle Scarf

BOTTOM LEFT: Leopard Hat, Stud Leather Gloves, Cashmere Wrap

BOTTOM RIGHT: Pom Pom Beanie, Metallic Striped Mittens, Plaid Scarf


Stay warm!



A huge thank you to Bloomingdales for sponsoring this post!  I’m totally blown away by the selection of winter accessories (and six year old me is thrilled that they carry so many cool Sorels).  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated!


  1. All really cute! Love the idea of mix and match. Just hit the last of the cyber Monday sale on old navy. Such great cute stuff and all under $15!!!

    • You can always find the look for less but yes I agree the sponsored posts are a bit ooc. 5 or 6 years ago this blog was much more budget friendly but Shanna is obv doing well and mKing good money from it now hence all the pricey clothes.

    • The sponsored posts are what allow TME to keep the blog up and running and earn an income. We aren’t paying these ladies for their work, yet consume their content on a regular basis. If Bloomie’s wants to give Shana a bunch of free accessories, and let her style them and offer her opinion, that is a win/win situation for both of them. Then we get to look at the pretty cashmere and ridiculous leopard hat, while lamenting the fact that we already own plenty of hats and scarves, without spending a dime.

      As for being budget friendly, this blog often offers styles from Express and Loft for example, both of which offer extremely reasonable price points.

      I’m sorry to rant here, but I am getting really tired of people posting comments about how FREE blogs aren’t living up to their expectations, without offering any constructive criticism.

      • It’s not that they don’t live up to my expectations–it’s that I have a really hard time trusting a recommendation when they’ve received compensation in return. Would she really recommend these items without that compensation? I highly highly doubt it.

        We are most definitely paying them. Every single time we click on their links and then buy that item (I always make sure to buy using those links).

        • First of all, I want to make sure that you guys know that when you click on our links (and thank you for doing that -it IS appreciated!) it’s the retailer who pays us commission – there’s no additional fee to you, the buyer.

          But let me address the sponsored posts for a second. Kate, what Caroline said is 100% correct. The sponsored posts allow me to not only keep this blog up and running, but provide a source of income for myself and the other women working on it. They also allow me to keep the content ad-pop-up free (I personally hate those ads), and, quite frankly, they are what allowed us to launch our giving campaign with Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation.

          Before accepting any sponsored posts, I always go through a series of steps: First (and most importantly), is this a retailer I would actually order from myself? And then secondly, does this sponsored post fit nicely into our existing editorial calendar, or would I have to go outside of the topics I had planned on covering?

          Every month we have a loose editorial calendar – a list of topics we’d like to cover. And, to be honest, our monthly lists are so vast (ideas never seem to be a problem) that we can’t cover everything we want to in a month. So some ideas roll over to the next month, and some ideas (because they are seasonal) roll over to the next year.

          This post was one of those. I’ve have been meaning – for two years – to put together several winter accessory “sets” – a hat, mittens, scarf and boots – that didn’t match, but instead went together in interesting ways. I love this look (so much more than perfectly matched sets) and thought that perhaps our readers would be inspired to either buy one of the sets I’ve pulled together or create their own. I’m really proud of this post – it is very much “me”.

          When Bloomingdales reached out, they asked if I could take a look at their winter accessories. They did not stipulate which accessories I had to feature. This is true for most sponsored posts. It’s pretty rare (in fact I can’t bring up one occasion) where the brand required that a certain piece be featured. Most brands know that these posts are more authentic and genuine if they let the bloggers choose their own pieces. And frankly, at a store as big and amazing at Bloomingdales (I mean…c’mon! It’s Bloomies!!) it’s easy to find things I genuinely love.

          So in this post, I’m wearing my favorite jeans, a black cashmere turtleneck sweater (and if you are long-time reader you know my love for black cashmere turtleneck sweaters runs deep), Sorel wedge boots that we’ve raved about every winter for the past 3 or 4 years, and some winter accessories that are both playful and chic. This whole thing is 100% genuine. (It turns out my pom-pom is also 100% genuine raccoon fur, which I didn’t quite realize haha) but this is a post that is so true to my style I was surprised to read your concern that I wouldn’t recommend these items without compensation. Rest assured that everything featured in this post was hand-picked by me because I genuinely love it. (Spending hours and hours putting together blog posts about pieces that don’t personally excite me is a sure-fire path to blogger burnout. I’ve been blogging now for 10 years. The secret? I only talk about stuff I genuinely love.)

          We’ve been working really hard, producing a huge variety of content. In the past month alone, we’ve launched a style guide, a STEM guide, multiple videos, and of the 60 articles published….only 3 were sponsored. We’re trying – as hard as we can – to bring you guys the best possible content, sponsored or no.

  2. Just a heads-up for anyone looking at the hats – they’re adorable but they are real animal fur, in case that’s an issue. I didn’t even know Asiatic raccoons were a species. I’m definitely on the lookout for a good new-fashioned petroleum-based pompom though!

  3. Hey Shana….are the ag legging jeans you are wearing the wash you linked? love the faded thighs but look different on the linked site…

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