Cute (and Good Quality) Winter Coats for Kids

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I have a “Boden Kids” problem. This is NOT a Boden sponsored post and they sent me no free coats (unfortunately!), but I honestly have such a difficult time picking out any kids’ coats unless they are from Boden’s pretty shiny catalog. My mom and I have a Fall ritual of getting on the phone (she lives in far, far away Missouri, and I’m in Philly) and going page by page through the Boden catalog, oohing and ahhing over all the cute Boden kids’ clothes and shoes and pajamas….but most of all their coats. My mom very generously treats my kids to new winter coats each year, and I don’t think there has been a year yet that they haven’t come from Boden. They’re just so darn cute! Which now means we have a beautiful closet filled with their signature star coats of pretty much every size and color. Ha! Which also means my little one usually has a brand new coat as well as a nice hand-me-down from Big Brother at his disposal each year, and then my nephew gets them all after my boys are finished…and my niece gets them after that. And I have to tell you…on kid number 4 (my niece!)…they still look pretty darn good! 

NOTE: BODEN is offering 25% off today and tomorrow (that’s usually as low as they go for their coats!) Use code P2F3 at checkout.

And J.CREW coats are 30% off.  J.Crew metallics are SO good! 

I challenged myself for this post to find a few (just a few) brands in addition to Boden that does kids’ coats well.  I look for good-quality warm coats that are comfortable for the kids to wear, but are still cute or fun or interesting in some way….or if they are a simple design (b/c I know some kids do like the keep-it-simple thing), they have to at least be super-soft or lightweight.

Although I was pleasantly surprised at J.Crew’s selection (especially the metallics), I give you fair warning…I included a lot of Boden options. They’re my favorite. Gotta stay true to me! 

The Cutest High-Quality Winter Coats for Kids


More Cute, Warm Kids’ Coats

Stripes and Color Block





Is anyone else as obsessed with Boden coats as I am? What coats do you go to for the kiddos year after year?



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  1. The down-filled jackets from the Gap have held up well for my kids and are very warm, which is essential in wintry Boston. I’ve also been satisfied with the 3-in-1 coats from Lands’ End.

  2. I definitely have a Mini Boden problem too, haha! Everything is always adorable, fits well, and washes up beautifully!

    • Right??? Their stuff lasts for years and years if you’re in a hand-me-down chain and yes….so darn adorable. Glad to hear someone else has this “problem”.

  3. I love love love that you don’t separate “girls” from “boys” clothes & shoes in your posts — they are just .. clothes and the kiddos can pick and wear what they like!

    • Thank you so much for this comment, Marnie. I’m actually surprised more retailers don’t do away with the girls/boys categories for children.

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