Mom Uniform: Lounging (And The Best-Ever Cut-Out Cookie Recipe)


Do you have playclothes?  For….yourself?  I totally do.  I can’t even blame motherhood – even in my 20’s, I’d come home from work, take off my khakis (haha just kidding) and change into….wait for it….

My Juicy Couture Tracksuit.  Navy, piped in lime green and white, thankyouverymuch.

So once I had kids, I just ended up living in my playclothes.  Which, thankfully, have been upgraded over the years (RIP Juicy), and if you are a long time reader of this blog, you’ll know I have a borderline-unhealthy obsession with skinny sweatpants (these or these, especially).

But YAY it’s HOT OUTSIDE and as I sit here, typing and sweating, the thought of skinny sweatpants gives me hives.  (I also have a borderline-unhealthy obsession with turning the air conditioning on because – and this drives Mike nuts – I like to feel REAL AIR.  However, one can only take so much REAL AIR when it’s 80+ degrees, so I tend to switch the AC on/off like a lightbulb, which of course, Mike knows about because the DAMN NEST THERMOMETER TEXTS HIM whenever I touch it. Or something.  Anyway, this is where I typically start imperiously referring to our house as “my office” in all conversations – but I digress.)

Back to Loungewear.

Lately, I’ve been living in tiny little tap shorts – so frilly!  so feminine!  – paired with a pretty, lacy bra and a boyish tee.  It’s comfy, machine washable, and something I can wear straight to bed. (I can’t be the only one who does this.)

I also wanted to share the world’s best cut-out cookie recipe.  It’s not vegan or gluten-free, or – heavens – low sugar, but we’re all about taking things in moderation around here (well, except for Pax), and on a rainy day, making smoothies, frosting cookies (in the shape of sunglasses), and having a dance party are JUST the thing.

















Cookie Details

The cookie recipe is from The Girl Who Ate Everything.  I came across this recipe when I was googling madly to find my mother’s cut-out cookie recipe, and this one looked close.  However, after making it several times….it’s actually better.  (Sorry, Mom!)  Just like Mom’s recipe, though, I find these cookies are much improved with a few grates of fresh Nutmeg.

And here’s a link to cookie cutters in the shape of sunglasses.  SO fun.

Outfit Details

tee: Free People Sideline Tee (size xs)

bra: Only Hearts Tap Shorts (size xs)

shorts:Only Hearts Tap Shorts (size xs)

necklace: Pyrrha Talisman Necklace ‘I Was’

on Pax: Gap Kids Embellished graphic tee (it says ‘do your own thing’ – SO appropriate, no?) and Gap Kids sparkle leggings

on Raines: pineapple tee, shorts-swim hybrid





1. purple bra | Detroit sweatshirt | silk tap shorts – stunningly gorgeous, no?

2. pretty gray bralette | Take a Hike tee | silk flutter shorts – this bralette works with larger cup sizes!

3. black lace bra | black tap shorts | gray hoodie – I adore these Outdoor Voices hoodies – they’re lightweight, thumbholes, and you can workout in them (or frost cookies)

4. blush and red lace bra | Nirvana tee | cream and purple tap shorts


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  1. Love the pineapple tee! I would wear that myself. The shorts are super cute on you…. but would be a mistake with my legs. I need more coverage, even in hot weather! Had to laugh about the thermostat, sounds like my house. I hate A/C except on the most blistering days, and am always being accused (rightfully, haha) of tampering with the thermostat.

  2. 1. I’ve been reading for a couple years, but have never commented…why? I don’t know. Maybe because I just want to creepily tell you how much I love this space and these women!

    2. I totally change into outfits after work that are cute enough that I don’t feel like I just threw in the towel, but that I can crawl into bed in and not feel like that one time (it wasn’t one time) in my 20’s that I slept in my jeans and underwire because too much wine.

    3. The sweet shorts under a short dress!! YES! Thank you! I’m in a wedding in 2 weeks (picked our own casual dresses) and mine is maybe a teeny bit shorter than I’d like…especially because lawn games will be involved. I have been having visions of my old cheering bloomers, but these are way better (and don’t come with flashbacks to junior year on the soccer field).

  3. So cute! I’ve made that cookie recipe before and it’s AMAZING! I won’t make any other sugar cookie recipe now! And those frilly little shorts are so sexy yet I could answer my door in them and not feel like I’m in lingerie.

  4. This post makes me so happy. This is totally my idea of a fun rainy day. Thanks Shana! Everything, including your boys, outfit & kitchen, is adorable.

  5. KITCHEN! I heart those barstools and am filing them away in my brain for our new house… if we ever find one…

  6. Am I the only one who feels like my underpants would be showing way too much in those short shorts? My kids are 8,6 and 1.5. My two oldest are boys and would definitely find it hilarious that moms undies were showing all day!

    I do love the soft and comfy tops though, will be picking some of those up. Any bottom suggestions with a bit more coverage? I usually wear cropped leggings or have some cropped super soft joggers from the gap but they are getting boring.

    I don’t need full length flannel pj bottoms or anything… But shorts that show my butt cheeks aren’t entirely practical for those with older kids (imho), and I’m a pretty laid back parent in general.


  7. I’m so excited to rock this tomorrow. Have a day full of packing and purging so it will be nice to be comfy, but cute!

  8. Oh. My. I live in Phily and am LOVING the look of your kitchen!! Can you do a tour post sometime?? I’d love to see more of the open cabinet behind the breakfast bar and see more pics of the wood detail etc. Our house & kitchen look very similar (lots f white, lots of tile, same industrial lighting and hood). Would love to see more.

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