Cutest Kids’ Line EVER: Karolina Kijak x H&M


Despite everything the world’s got going on right now, H&M Kids just released a collaboration with Karolina Kijak and we are OBSESSED. Full of fun, bright patterns, graphic tees, and matching sweats with plenty of crazy cute animal prints…all things that just make. us. happy.

Because this was already in the works for a few weeks, we decided to go ahead and share it with you. If nothing else, soak up these cheery prints and maybe even get something for your little one that will make them smile, too. Like this little lion bag that’s perfect for carrying ALL the stuffs, all over the house, all day long. I can picture allll of the cute little kiddos I know rocking this line all summer long. (But arguably, one could rock the right set of fish-print any time of the year.)

LOVE. These Cute Nature-Inspired Kids’ Clothes

This collection was a tough one to narrow down, but I pulled together my fav tops, bottoms, jackets, swimwear & accessories below!

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15/ 16/ 17/ 18/ 19/ 20/ 21/ 22/ 23/ 24/ 25/ 26/ 27/ 28/ 29/ 30/ 31/ 32/

Printed Tees & Tops

1/ Fish Printed Tee – This with the matching sweatshorts…adorable.

2/ Tropical Printed Tee – Tropical prints are IN! Bonus points if you pair this with the matching swim shorts & hat.

3/ Zebra Tee – This one has the sweetest little tie-detail for some added interest.

4/ Tie-dye Striped Tee – This might be my favorite tee of the bunch. How cute with the matching shorts??

5/ Cheetah Graphic Tee – Cutest little cheetah graphic, ever.

6/ Cheetah Ribbed Top – The lettuce-trimmed sleeves are adorable. I’m having trouble thinking of other words because it’s just so… ADORABLE. UGH.

7/ Patterned Top – Again, THE SLEEVES. All of the prints in this collection are too cute, but the little sleeve details are killing me.

8/ Crinkled Blouse – Click through to see the teeny tiny bow detail on this one. That tropical print is pretty great, too.

The Bottoms

9/ Patterned Culottes – Culottes for kids…enough said. (You can pair this with the matching blouse for all the extra cuteness.)

10/ Shark Patterned Joggers – For all your shark-loving kids…this one’s for them.

11/ Tie-dye Striped Sweatshorts – Sweatshorts to match my favorite tee above!

12/ Fish Printed Sweatshorts – You can really pair these with any tee, thanks to all of the bright, fun colors. OR go all-out with the matching printed tee.

The Sweatshirts

13/ Giraffe Printed Sweatshirt – May have shed a little tear when I saw this giraffe. Dramatic… but I mean LOOK at it.

14/ Whale Shark Printed Sweatshirt – Honestly, my favorite part of this sweatshirt? The little yellow fishies.

The Jackets

15/ Satin Bomber Jacket – A satin bomber? For kids??? I love and want a matching one.

16/ Patterned Parka – The gold details and blush pink are a match made in heaven.

17/ Patterned Twill Jacket – I will also take one of these zebra jackets, please.

18/ Shark Patterned Bomber – Part of the shark pack. A pretty cool kid if you ask me.

The One-Pieces

19/ Patterned Modal-Blend Dress – The sleeves, the buttons, this COLOR. The perfect summertime dress.

20/ Patterned Jumpsuit – Just the fact that this is a jumpsuit for kids is adorable enough…but this PRINT is giving me life.

21/ Cheetah Patterned Jumpsuit – I reallllly love the color of this jumpsuit (and of course, the frilly details.)

The Swimwear

22/ Flounce-trimmed Swimsuit – Baby swimsuits are the most adorable things ever to exist. Again, I LOVE this print.

23/ Printed Flounced Bikini – A baby bikini… *sobs.*

24/ Fish Printed Swim Trunks – Fish print trunks…ooooh yeah, baby.

25/ Tropical Patterned Swim Trunks – …OR some tropical ones. Too hard to choose which I like more.

The Accessories

26/ Tropical Patterned Cap – Pair this with all the other tropical pieces for the most fun little look, ever,

27/ Bow-back Cap – This hat was already cute, but that bow really makes it.

28/ Knot-detail Hairband – I’ve been loving these headbands recently (for myself) so to see a kids’ version…how CUTE?!

29/ Lion-shaped Straw Bag – This might be my favorite piece of the entire collection.

The Shoes

30/ Glittery Sandals – Because who doesn’t love some glittery sandals for summer?

31/ Flashing Sneakers – Head-to-toe sharks? Yes, please.

32/ Canvas Slip-on Sneakers – Do they make these in my size?? H&M, I’m lookin’ at you.

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at these adorable clothes as much as I did. There’s even more on the website if you want to check out the full thing!


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